The Problem is Women, Not Just Feminists

Santoculto writes:

Don’t mistake women or female and feminazis. Even they also are being used as puppets but they are, on average, too stupid to realize it.

Yeah, the feminists put all this lunatic laws in, but they are doing so in the name of the women. These are the laws that the women want, let’s face it.

Look, go down the list of all the insane laws that the feminists put in to abuse men and turn us into second class citizens and an oppressed class living under female domination and female supremacy.

Now go find yourself a woman and rattle off all of these insane feminist laws. Every single woman you will ever talk to will always, always, always support every law that benefits women and harms men automatically, reflexively, without even a thought.

I dare you to show me one woman ever, anywhere who opposes these insane laws.

I used to think that the feminists were the problem, not women, but really almost 100

Even though 43

It’s basically war.

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0 thoughts on “The Problem is Women, Not Just Feminists”

  1. INDUCED war… average western women just want to be what men had been since centuries. To be like a men is a re-volution. But average women and men of all sexual varieties tend to be very stupid to realize that they are not hyper-superior than other.

    The problem is not women, are the men who use its women against you.
    Cowardice to say ”women are problem”.

  2. I was just looking over your posts on IQ.

    I’ll give Santoculto this, he is far more sophisticated compared to the White Nationalists trash I usually see. (See WN’s, is it so hard to think a little and see differences within a group?)

    1. So what David Duke gives a good impresson too 🙄 , but it doesn’t validate his ideology in the least bit. Hitler was a also incredibly smart too.

      On the other hand, you can invalidate, mock left wing ideology, by just listenting to the comments of some uneducated black people, which differs vastly from a left wing Phd etc…

      1. The smart WNs are the most dangerous. They’re like Dr. Evil on Austin Powers or the Joker on Batman Sick dudes who are into eugenics and other abominations. The smart ones need to go first before the hillbillies. 😆

      2. Note on racist forums like Stormfront, and other asshole forums full of bullies, they’re always on the lookout for stupid people. Especially they like to tear apart black people, are people who goof up somehow. They use the weakness to invalidate the enemy ideology.

        if your on Stromfront, and they don’t think your smart, they’ll call you black, and then rip you apart. If your smart, they’ll think your Jewish, rip you apart, but won’t be as easy.

      3. Stupid redneck crackers etc.. love blacks, because they can feel superior to them. They can’t do that educated liberals. Around liberals, they play the victim card and act like they’re the “white nigger”. 😆 Oh “Woe is me, I’m just a persecuted straight white man standing up to the smartass liberal elite and the Jews etc…” 😆

        1. Am I being too harsh on poor white people? An elitist prick perhaps? 😆 No, these people (at least the ones who have given over to extremism) are not very nice people They were like that before i started bashing their ethnic group, as harshly as they would blacks or Jews.

          Try to have an encounter with some of these trailer trash. See what the result is. You won’t like them, no more than you’d like a gang banger.

    2. Yes, thanks!!

      Average WN are highly distractible, any real goal, just lost your time with haterism.

      WN are also idealistic, they think ”they are superior”, typical coletivistic thinking, WN is not a ideology for help white people, but specially for irreal pride. WN look like a ideology of we are still, the culture of lamentation, a western/wailling wall.

      Lack of organization, lack of very good intelectuals there,lack of actions, look like ”American History X” movie or neonazis than people with realism/wisdom for start to act correctly.

  3. RationalMale basically argues feminism is a politicization of female mating strategies, just maybe catering to ugly women.

  4. Just wonder if you guys who fuck a lot of women think this is a waste of time.

    I would like to listen to your honest answer.

    Basically I could have go to a lot of party and flirt. After a while, I will really really tasteless. Having a quiet time where to meditate and withdraw from the whole world is far better than fucking.

    When I look at women, I sort of seeing visualizing them shitting, peeing or brushing their teeth. I really have no appetite to engage them, knowing that this draw a lot of my energy.

  5. Every ”cultural policy” today can be summarize such as ”revenge”

    colonized against colonizer
    sexual minorities against sexual majority
    women against men

    divide und conquer works like that


    1. thats the way they sell it. But why do Asian Americans who worked like slaves when building the railroads do not have the huge privilege African Americans have today? Why do Armenians have no lobby? Why do non-muslim minorities who live in regions where muslim slaughtered they way through the landscape not get any bonus today?
      having been colonized, conquered, murdered is not what makes some groups more powerful than others today. What makes them more powerful is the ability and will to use physical violence. But, yes, they sell it as revenge.
      But actually thats the humans do violence. Most people who beat up other people can – when asked – give reasons why it was from their point of view their right to do what they did, and that they only exacted revenge. And even when they do not feel like that, they say so.

  6. Feminizes are no problem at all in my opinion. Mostly they are just funny, something to laugh about.
    If there is a real problem, than it is feminism itself especially the three pillars of modern feminism:
    1) female (pseudo) work participation. female work participation is a problem because it makes women economical independent from men and thus alters the incentives of partner selection for them. Before female work participation women had a balance a trade off between sexy males and reliable males. Now they can ignore reliable and simply maximize sexy. It is pseudo work participation because most women do not work in fields where the contribute to society in a useful way. For example women who give their children to child care only to have the possibility to work in child care themselves.
    2 ) institutions which make it possible for women to leave their husbands with children, like child care, welfare, etc. Which is a problem for the same reasons like point 1)
    3) the war on feminine chastity.
    Most women today are actually feminists, because they approve the three pillars listed above. Often they say that they are no feminists, or that they even do not like feminists, but this is only because they take fame work participation etc. as given.

  7. step three is still quite blue I think. From there on the real intellectual journey only starts. And from there on the pain of understanding also starts. Step four is: to accept that parasites actually make sense in an evolutionary way simply because they exist. And the really bitter thing is: there is no other way something can make sense.
    By the way step 1 is even more blue than the blue pill itself. It is nothing more than an extreme gender equality position. The blue pill guys do still have the vague idea that gender equality is something that should be given out of some kind of chivalry. MRA guys have lost the last of pride, instead of chivalry there is only whining.

  8. Most women do not want to go to war with us. You see Jacki, the woman who comments here from time to time? She really objects to the idea that the stuff she favors hurts men. So she really doesn’t want to hurt men at all. But Jacki is not really a feminist. More an anti-feminist.

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