The Destruction of the UK under Feminist Rule (The UK Is Gone)


Unbelievably outrageous case. Hippie couple are together for 11 years and are broke wanderers the whole time. Husband takes off for Spain with another woman. Wife divorces him. During the marriage, they have two kids.

Years after the divorce, the broke hippie becomes a millionaire.

Ex-wife sues for 1.9 million pounds to get a big chunk of the money he made after they were already divorced.


The British are done. There’s not one man left in the whole place. British “men” should all just turn gay already.

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0 thoughts on “The Destruction of the UK under Feminist Rule (The UK Is Gone)”

  1. The article says she brought up their son with few assets. So in that case, for her sons sake then he does owe her.

        1. I didn’t realise that a child is entitled to have a large portion of his or her parents wealth. The only thing he owes is child support.

          Also regarding no men in Britain…obvious troll is obvious.

  2. If you read the whole article, you see she only got permission to sue. Granted that under most U.S. law, she wouldn’t have gotten that. It also indicates that she has little chance of getting nearly as much as she asks for.

  3. The UK was put on the fast-track to destruction under Margret Thatcher. She decimated the working class and middle class by her anti Union , pro business , anti domestic manufacturing stance.

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