The Definition of the US Deep State

A lot of people are wondering what it is. This article by Philip Giraldi also comes in handy in describing what the Deep State is.

I would define the Deep State as:

  • The foreign policy establishment of the United States

That’s it.

The following are euphemisms for the Deep State:

  • The National Security State. Unfortunately, a better description would be to say that the Deep State grows out of the National Security State like a hatchling from its egg.
  • The military-industrial complex

Unfortunately, that encompasses an awful lot of America, including those listed below.

  • 100% of the US media, including all of the newspapers, newsmagazines, and TV and radio news stations.
  • Most of the Executive Branch of the US government, including the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA and all of the rest of the alphabet soup of intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy, the National Security Council, US embassy staff all over the world. The Treasury and Justice Departments would also have to be included.
  • The entire Legislative Branch of the US government. Almost all Congresspersons are full-fledged members of the Deep State, with few exceptions. If you don’t join the Deep State, you probably cannot get elected.
  • The judiciary, although their principal role is hard to pin down.
  • A wide variety of foreign policy think tanks or stink tanks including the Brookings Institution, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Atlantic Council, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, the Rand Institute, etc.
  • The Democratic and Republican political parties. Neither party can go against the Deep State, and in general, both parties support the goals and actions of the Deep State to the hilt, with the only debate being that the Republicans do not feel that the Deep State is aggressive enough. The inner core of both political parties is made of powerful members of the Deep State.
  • The US military and associated institutions such as war colleges and the colleges and universities of the various branches of the US military. The US military is an essential cog of the Deep State. I should note here that the US military is profoundly politicized and ideological and always has been. It’s not supposed to be politicized at all, but if you think the Pentagon is apolitical, you are dead wrong. The Pentagon has an ideology and an agenda and it is drilled into the head of every soldier. As you move up into officer ranks, it only gets worse.
  • Various “private” mercenary and intelligence gathering companies. Often these are private in name only as they have deep ties to the state, often to the point of being CIA fronts. They work very closely with the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies, especially the CIA.
  • Defense contractors, i.e. large defense corporations such as Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, etc.
  • The various police agencies of the United States
  • Lobbyists
  • Large banks (banksters)
  • The financial industry (Big Finance)
  • Wall Street (one of the principal pillars of the Deep State)
  • The Federal Reserve Bank
  • Many US universities and many foreign policy experts at those universities. Certain universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, etc. are simply pillars of the Deep State and have been for decades if not longer. Georgetown should be called the University of the CIA.
  • Most of the large corporations of the US. The foreign policy of the US is designed for one thing and one thing only: to benefit large corporations and the US ruling class (the 1%). In other words, the corporations more or less run our foreign policy and our foreign policy is run for them and not for the ordinary people. The Carlyle Group and Halliburton are two of the worst examples of corporations that are simply cogs in the Deep State.
  • The ruling class of the US. The American rich, the 1%, have long been one of the main pillars of the Deep State. Bottom line is that if the ruling class opposed the doings of the Deep State, the Deep State would have to change a lot of its behavior. The Deep State does a lot of the nasty things it does because the rich like it, and those actions are undertaken to benefit the ruling class and not the ordinary people. In some cases, the ruling class even make foreign policy decisions, for instance, the plan to invade Iraq was agreed to at a meeting of very wealthy Americans and politicians including Warren Buffet, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These rich people have a lot more power than you think.

The ideology of the Deep State includes:

  • The “Washington Consensus”
  • American exceptionalism
  • Maintenance of the status quo
  • US imperialism
  • Anti-Communism, anti-socialism, anti-Left
  • Anti-nationalism or opposition to nations pursuing independent policies

I believe that the Deep State concerns itself mostly with foreign policy and does not bother much with domestic issues. However, if you go against the Deep State like Kennedy did, you may just end up with a bullet in your head. Or your plane might crash, like what happened to Paul Wellstone. Or you might have anthrax mailed to your Congressional office as in the case of Senator Daschle. Like the Mafia, the Deep State has a way of terrorizing you and making you obey.

US domestic policy is also run by a cabal, but it is not nearly so all-encompassing. Bottom line is all of the folks listed above tend to also agree on the basic contours of US domestic policy. However, it cannot be said that all of the US Congress is part of some Domestic Deep State because there is a lot of disagreement on domestic policy in Congress. Even the Executive Branch and the political parties tend to differ quite a bit on domestic policy. US Domestic Policy is not so much a singular entity as the Deep State is for foreign policy.

The Domestic Deep State is simply the ruling class, the large corporations and the federal government and media that back their project to the hilt.

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4 thoughts on “The Definition of the US Deep State”

  1. The Deep State is communist. Our Deep State supported Stalin and Mao. Now they will never do anything that threatens the plutocrats at home, but they absolutely love to side with communists when it comes to foreign policy.

    The only reason why America fought the Soviet Union was because the Axis forced it to. In 1945, Hitler wanted to ally with the United States against the Soviet Union, and what do you know, by 1950 it was a reality.

    The United States let Mao have China by ordering the Nationalist forces to have a ceasefire and by cutting off their aid. There were over a 100,000 Japanese troops left in China, because Japan had made a secret pact with the NatChi under the auspices of the “White Group”. This is how the KMT was given Taiwan as a strategic holdout. Do not tell me that this did not happen, because my great-grandfather was one of the many thousands of Kempei who went undercover to make this a reality. He was in Manchuria fighting a war that the American public had been told was over. That war, as a matter of fact, did not end until April 29th, 1952, and it is a testament to the monumental ignorance of the American people that they do not know that the peace treaty which ended that war was signed in 1951! Sorry, monumental ignorance + brainwashing by our lovely CIA-controlled media.

    The American Deep State preferred Mao to Japan and the KMT, and it was only because of MacArthur and the Bataan Group that the United Nations fought against the communists in Korea. MacArthur had a deep disdain for the OSS/CIA and he wouldn’t let them poke around in Northeast Asia. This is very similar to Admiral Boatwright’s attitude in Don’t Go Near The Water, a well-justified contempt for the shysters who later became “Wisner’s gang of weirdos” and provide you with class acts like Anderson Cooper, CIA agent! These guys had such close ties with the Soviet Union that William Donovan got an NKVD agent to finish the job on Patton, after the car crash failed to get him, because Patton wanted to do for Germany what MacArthur did for Japan. And what did MacArthur do for Japan? He became a loyal servant of His Majesty! He had long been a massive weaboo and he intended to use the Korean War to retake Manchuria for Japan. Dean Acheson explicitly called for Japan to reoccupy Manchuria and take back its empire in the south! Of course, the rest of the Deep State still opposed Japan, so they opposed MacArthur’s landing at Incheon. Eventually, Truman realized who MacArthur’s true master was, and fired him. However, Showa Tenno still succeeded in his secondary goal of keeping Korea divided and weak.

    During the Korean peninsular conflict, the exact same Japanese biowarfare experts who are so reviled for their use of biological weapons in China were deploying the exact same weapons against the communist on behalf of UN forces. None of the scientists were ever tried, because the war crimes tribunals were all a farce. Nobody in the royal family was ever tried. Everyone who was executed was a scapegoat.

    During May and June of 1947, a scientist from Fort Detrick interviewed the staff of the Japanese bioweapon program, the most advanced in the world. On June 30, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a report which said that it was possible to depopulate vast areas of the Earth’s surface with bacteriological weapons.

    Unfortunately, I am getting sidetracked into too many digression which there is not adequate space to expand upon here. Suffice it to say, the U.S. government supported Mao since Evans Fordyce Carlson was first dispatched to help him out. This support continued for quite a long time, in fact Brzezinski said that he used his connections with the CPC to help out the Khmer Rouge. Maybe the US was fighting communism by supporting the bloodiest communist regimes there ever were, to make it look bad! The important differences are not ideological, they’re geopolitical. The United States fought the Viet Minh because they were trained by the Nakano School and supported by the undefeated IJA. There were at least 10,000 IJA troops still there fighting the French in 1950. What the U.S. Army was doing in Vietnam was losing WWII all over again. They tried to bomb the Viet Minh into submission, and it failed, just as it had failed against Japan two decades prior. This is the Deep State’s biggest secret, the obscene idol they keep in the heart of their innermost sanctum.

    This has been rambling, but only because it has left so many things unsaid. Those would not fit into a blog comment.

    However, a few more points:

    -FDR was the biggest friend the Soviet union ever had.

    -Wilson dispatched Trotsky to Russia.

    -the Naxalites are supported by the CIA. Communism and civil war for thee and conservative plutocracy for me.

    -the CIA loves to fund the culture war pseudo-left and shitty Boomer dadrock and feminism because these are all masturbatory substitutes for real change. Real change was sabotaged, e.g. COUSML.

  2. That is every single institution of USA government. It is good to narrow down to the core elites of deep state. I would say they are

    1) Elite generals
    2) Elite politicians
    3) Elite bankers
    4) Elite homeland agency officials

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