Some Typical American Lies about Russia

Based on this article written by a US leftwinger here. The US Left’s discourse on Russia has been pathetic and disgusting. 100% brainwashed.

Yes, Russia lies a lot.

The US lies more.

Yes, Russia is homophobic, plutocratic, full or racists, corrupt and other bad things.

One by one.

Yes, Russia is homophobic…

Oh boo hoo. Poor gays!

Yes, Russia is plutocratic…

The US is arguably much more plutocratic than Russia and I would argue that Russia is much more socialist and pro-people than the US. The state at all levels spends an incredibly amount of money on public works, social programs and the people in general. The state plays a massive role in the economy – many of the largest firms are 50% state owned.

The Communist system in Russia was never completely dismantled and Putin is a former KGB agent who is nostalgic for the USSR, sorry that it collapsed and has a good opinion of the USSR. Furthermore, he has rehabilitated Stalin, Lenin and many other USSR heroes and put a lot of old Soviet holidays back in. Some plutocrat!

Yes, Russia is full or racists…

Russians have always been racist, even back in Soviet times. Putin dislikes the White Supremacist racists and has cracked down hard on them. I have been to their webpages and they hate Putin. Ironically, most of the Russian White Supremacists now support the Ukraine as they say the Ukies are true Nazis, and many have gone off to fight for what the Russian White Supremacists say is a Nazi regime in Ukraine.

The ideology of most Russians instead could instead be called pro-Russian Empire. The Russian Empire and the USSR always contained many non-ethnic Russians. Russian nationalist groups of this type often have many non-Russians in their ranks, including many Asiatics. The only limitation some of them place is they say you must speak Russian well and you must be a Russian Orthodox Christian.

Russian “racism” is more about language, religion, culture, etc. than about race, ethnicity or genetics. If you ask the people in these Russian nationalist groups if they are White Supremacists, they get very upset, and say, “No! We are not Nazis! We are Russian nationalists! Look at this Tuvan guy in our group. He is one of us, etc.”

Yes, Russia is corrupt and other bad things…

Funny the US never cared anything about Russian corruption when they had a pro-US regime in under Yeltsin, etc. in the 1990’s who were looting the place and giving all the booty to the West (mostly bankers in London, New York and Berlin) and the Jews (mostly in Israel, also Rothschild in the UK was heavily involved in stripping Russia bare).

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18 thoughts on “Some Typical American Lies about Russia”

    1. Most straight men are homophobes to one degree or another. You should have figured this out by now.

      I just don’t think persecution of gays is a good reason to hate some country or movement.

      Honestly I think it is very unfortunate that Russia and Iran treat gays the way that they do, but at the end of the day, it’s not that big of a deal. I am not going to turn into a Russia-hater or an Iran-hater because they treat gays poorly. It’s not that important of an issue.

      However, I do feel sorry for gay men in those countries, believe me.

      Here in the US GAY RIGHTS is like the #1 fucking issue. I know all these stupid Identity Politics lefties who hate Russia because “Oh boo hoo, they are not nice to gay people!”

      It’s crazy to hate a country due to a silly side issue like that.

      1. Treat badly is something… Kill is other very different thing.

        Homosexuality is not just about rights but physiological and mental necessity.
        Iran is other shit in the beautiful earth surface. Yeah, “they” are enemy of U.S., but it doesn’t mean that they are right or understandable about everything they do. People use primitive and wrong certainties to kill other people!!!
        Realize the rarity, fragility and importance of life!!! Specially non-sycho lifes!!!
        If you want human evolution you need put in the trash all this atavic magical thinking!!

        1. In this case look little understandable but rape them hardly would be more appropriate too, reciprocally better. A an alternative.

  1. Rússia is like a european Índia. A fake nation, a greater human farmer. Russian People suffer a lot in The hands of sucessive Ivan, The terrible’s and their blue caps.
    Its “elite” is a joke, a lot of russians are not just stupid but dangerous too. Every country are far to be perfect.

    ” Civil and worker conquests” made by old socialists are just a Little drop in a ocean/history of very disastrious “human experience”.

    1. In other words they try to stretch their sense of being over so many different peoples, cultures, economies and languages that the’ve incorporated a large dose of imperial romanticism and phony victimhood.

  2. If killing gays isn’t enough to hate a country then what is?

    Killing Jews? Killing poles? The disabled?

    If we don’t condemn Irani for violations of human rights then where do we get off condemning German and American crimes?

    1. There is a matter of magnitude also. Iran killed 2 gays last I heard. Iraq kills them all the time. Should we renounce our support of Iraq also?

      Killing 2 gays is not the same thing as killing 6 million Jews or 10 million Poles. Most countries kill people or let their citizens get away with doing it, sad but true.

  3. Iraq kills them too, and so do Palestinians. Lebanon beats them up. Egypt imprisons them.

    Look around the world. It’s full of countries that act like shit. You can’t give up your support of every country on Earth that acts bad.

    I am not saying not to condemn this, but I would not revoke my support for Iran and Russia for such a silly thing.

    Iran hardly kills any gays anyway. Last I heard they hung a couple of them, but they were accused of raping boys I believe.

    1. What do you mean we can’t give up on them?

      I don’t like political homosexuality, but I don’t see why we should divert social capital towards helping barbaric countries evolve into slightly less barbaric countries when we could send that time and energy defending and fixing the ones that already far ahead of them.

      1. Well countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia anyway.

        I don’t think Russia should be abandoned in the same sense, there not on the same scale and are in the right with Crimea and Syria.

      2. I am not talking about the USA. The US is never going to support Iran anyway. I personally would make alliances or support countries mostly on some metric other than barbarism, which is one of the less important reasons to oppose a country. Anti-imperialism and support for the Block of Resistance is much more important than supporting countries based on whether or not they bourgeois human right or not.

        The Dutch just issued a completely fake report falsely blaming Russia and the Donbass rebels for shooting down a jet. So the Dutch and all the rest of the West is complicit in covering up this crime as part of a false flag operation in a propaganda war with Russia. That is pretty fucking sickening, and the entire West is in on this fakery and framing. I would say that that is worse than how Russia or Iran treats gays. You have to look at things in terms of geopolitics and global power politics.

        I would support a lot of pretty shitty countries out there – even North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, Iran, the Palestinians, Belarus.

        Most countries are shitty in one way or another.

        The US started a Nazi-like war of aggression against Iraq for no good reason at all. It ended up destroying the country and now we are destroying the whole region. The war we started in Iraq killed 1.4 million people. Look at what the US and our pals did to Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Four failed states ripped into complete chaos piled high with dead bodies courtesy of the United States.

        My God that is orders of magnitude worse than Russia or Iran mistreating a few gay people. You need to see things in perspective and frankly, most countries are shitty if not evil on some level or other. You have to pick your poison.

      3. Political homosexuality is just another form of Identity Politics, and really all Idpol pretty much blows. For one thing, the Gay Lobby lies constantly like all Idpol groups.

        On the other hand, I think you should defend your people fight those who are attacking you or trying to screw you over. I do that with regard to women waging war on men. Everybody should support their kind really. But defending yourself via defending your people is not necessarily Idpol bull.

        The US has some serious geopolitical reasons for backing the Saudis and honestly we probably cannot pull away from them now. Personally I think this alliance is a complete catastrophe, but alliances are easier to get into than out of. Certainly the geopolitical gains from the Saudi alliance would take preference over their barbaric state.

        Geopolitics is a dirty game my friend.

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