Feminist Control Now Complete in the UK (The UK Is Gone)


The UK is one of the countries on Earth where Female Rule is most complete. An outrageous new law has been passed that makes it illegal to insult or cuss out your girlfriend or wife. You will go to jail for swearing at your woman!

The UK is completely gone. There’s no hope.

All you smug guys better wipe that smile off your face. This is probably coming to the US sooner than you think. The feminists in the US want to a law like this in too – it’s been top priority for years now.

This is what happens when men let women take over: the women completely destroy the country by passing one insane law after another.

I am starting to think that females are basically totalitarian.

I can’t believe the British “men” put up with this crap. Is there one man left in the UK, or have they all turned into faggots? Disgusting.

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0 thoughts on “Feminist Control Now Complete in the UK (The UK Is Gone)”

  1. Bollox Robert and you know it. You are using examples of common domestic fights as though they are extremes. There has been a massive crack down on serious life threatening bullying and emotional abuse centred towards women, men and children.

    You are taking the article completely out of context.

      1. No you wont be taken to court merely for calling your gf a cunt, but if there is a history of bullying resulting in the partner developing severe mental anguish then that is targeted abuse. There is a difference.

        1. You must mean self-perceived severe mental anguish, AKA “bad feels”.
          The difference is what it is called.

        2. Hi Jacki, thank you very much for this. You know that I toally hate these men who do this, and you know very well what they do, however, this law will mean that the UK will be the first country to put people in jail for emotional abuse and cruelty and for simply being mean verbally and psychologically. As you well know, emotional and verbal abuse is chronic in many sexual and love relationships, marriages, with siblings, with parents towards children and with children towards usually elderly parents.

          Not sure if I want to put people in jail for being mean. That’s a big step to take. I guess I just think this is not a matter for the state to get involved in.

          On the other hand, I will not cry if these abusers are handcuffed. I would not want them to see a lot of jail time though. Give them 2-3 weeks and let them think about it.

    1. Robert is not extreme on feminist issue and he is right to the point. The court and state institution use one or two landmark ruling to set the tone and shape the way a country is run.

      Everyone know that.

      Once the ruling of support ex-fuck-mate is made in a court, the subsequent rulings need go back to precedent.

      Your elites want to corrupt you.

      White man land is fuck.

    2. Bullying and emotional abuse can be devastating as you well know. But is bullying and emotional abuse really life threatening? How is someone going to die from being emotionally abused?

  2. Don’t mistakes women or female and femmenazis. Even they also are being used as puppets but they are, on average, too stupid to realize it.

  3. I am starting to think that females are basically totalitarian.

    That’s a point Fred Reed once made about a decade ago, and he’s basically right.

    He also predicted that we’re eventually going to end up with the worst of both worlds. Men at the top of the food chain will continue waging wars and engaging in plunder; meanwhile, on a day-to-day societal level, women will impose stultifying boredom in the name of pleasantness and security. This passage says it all:

    They will if allowed impose a seamless tyranny of suffocating safety, social control, and political propriety. Men are happy for men to be men and women to be women; women want us all to be women.

    The United States becomes daily more a woman’s world: comfortable, safe, with few outlets for a man’s desire for risk.

  4. I guess it’s also illegal for a woman to insult her husband too then….although there is probably more to it than that. It probably has to be part of a pervasive pattern of serious abuse or something. Nobody will be prosecuted just for insulting somebody once or twice.

    Not that I’m in favour.

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