Test to See if a Man Is Gay or Not


There are huge numbers of men in our society, millions to tens of millions, who would insist that they are not turned on by that female at all. They would also insist that a man who is turned on by this female is a “pedophile,” a “predator” who needs to be beat up, killed or imprisoned.

I have some news for you. All of you men who say that female doesn’t turn you on and say any man who likes that pic is a pedophile…guess what? You’re all gay! Every single man who thinks like this is gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay! Only a gay man is not aroused by that female.

We need to start attacking all these idiots running around screaming “Pedophile!” at every man who looks at a teenage girl. Next time a man says that to you, laugh in his face and call him a faggot. Tell him he’s gay. A homosexual. A queer. A nancyboy. A fruit. A swish. A girl. A woman. Tell him he’s not a man. We need to start shaming these men who are working for the enemy – the women.

Sure women say any man aroused by this female is a pedophile, but what does that prove? It proves that on certain subjects, the vast majority of females are dumb cunts. But you already knew that. Nothing to see here, move along.

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0 thoughts on “Test to See if a Man Is Gay or Not”

  1. A lot of this over 13 pedo accusation stuff is an excuse by feminists, puritanical Christians, alpha males (looking for any excuse for a fight) to start something.

    Note: This stuff is a recent development in human history as in the past people married at 14. However, in the past it’s always been sort of a shame for there to be an age difference in dating or marriage. However, it was considered natural, nonetheless, for an older man of any age to find a 14 year old attractive, and they certainly wouldn’t be shamed for just liking a 14 year old.

    If anyone thinks it was ok in the 50s for an older man to like any aged girl, then take a look at Jerry Lee Lewis, he was shamed heavily for marrying a young teen girl.

    1. I know a man who tried to shame me once (mock me harshly etc..) for suggesting I liked a young teen girl. However, he was just an alpha male full of pain cause somebody molested his sister (and it was a preacher doing it too) when he was a boy. However, for him to generalize and hate all men who hate young teen girls, is him just being an asshole. It’s kind of a like a black guy who had one bad experience with whites, so he hates all white people.

      1. He mocked me by comparing me to a doll (he saw in the store). We were walking in the store. The doll was wearing roller skates. So he said I was the doll, and said “EAT SHIT” 😆 You know, get it? Young teen girls like to go roller skating.

    2. The biggest problem with young teen girls, is it might be like dating a retarded girl.. What in the hell will you talk about? Imagine a phone conversation with a high IQ person and a young teen girl, or a retarded girl. It’s going to get boring quickly. 🙄

    1. Ha ha ha lol man
      Nice article… I think basically 40 n male is not equal to 40 n female..n that’s their basic problem.. Tick tock..

  2. I think any guy wanting to go all the way with the girl in question might have to talk to De Niro on Taxi Driver 😆 Just beware.

  3. Based on what I could observe, homosexuality could be due to a host of reasons:

    1)Biological/innate—I suspect a small % of popn like 0.2% are in this group. They’re the elite homos and a hi % of them might end up having sex change. Their biology and no one’s else. Its like a ‘race’ and deserve ‘respect’

    2)By prostate stimulus/trigger conversion(or due to impotency or castration). Many rape victims are known to become numphomaniac. Most are ‘bottoms’. Example: T.E.Lawrence. I suspect they are the hard core ‘evangelical’ homos

    3)By cultural heritage like sodom, ancient greek pederasty, southern afganistan ‘dancing boys’, Often ignored are the muslim arabs disallowed pre-marital hetero relationship.The usual arab homo apologetics is one is not fag if one is a ‘top’ and the top doesn’t ‘love’ the ‘bottom’ during the act. Man to man cock sucking is obscenity or masturbation, not real sex.

    4)Circumstantial gaiety: Like jail inmates,all male armies, ISIS men away from their wives, sailors… StarShip Enterprise has few women so the men ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’. (3)&(4) form the bulk of the bisexuals.

  4. She looks like a slut.

    Teen sluts are the best.

    Tightest puss

    Tight body

    Easy to impress

    Willing to do anything

    Loads of fun

    Easy to get

    Look amazing tweaking

    Love to please older men

    Keep secrets or do not tell the wrong person unless pressured.

    Prefer older men to their teen counterparts

    Not old, bitter, gross, used up hags

  5. I think you are missing the biggest irony and that is an actual pedo would not get a boner from that picture either. An actual pedo would have an AoA of 8 or at least under 12 otherwise they wouldn’t be a pedo. That would prove the hysteria isn’t about protecting children and never was. Its about protecting older women from competition.

  6. A hebephile is a person who is primarily attracted to adolescents, or children who have at least started puberty and have signs of adult sexual maturation, but are still young and developing both mentally and physically. Generally, this means teenagers and preteens between 11 and 14 years old.

  7. I would definitely be her friend (:
    Make her laugh and feel comfortable around me and be very warm and tactile.
    Also, I would establish myself and have her recognize that I am the authority figure in her life and find any excuse to spank her, and spank her regularly.
    She would grow very acustomed to having a warm , red bottom.
    She would be punished over my knee, barebottomed and or/ naked below her waist. She’d often be receiving a spanking on her cute bare tush and also her upper thighs.
    She would definitely squirm, cry out and kick her pretty feet. And who knows, I would probably be hard and ready especially with her naked hips writhing and squirming all over my lap and my cough …(;

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