43 or 14?

14 or 43, which one is it?
14 or 43, which one is it?

One of these females is 14 and the other is 43. Which one is 14, and which one is 43?

14 or 43, which will it be?
14 or 43, which will it be?
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0 thoughts on “43 or 14?”

  1. It’s obvious by the babyish faces that they’re 14, even with any breast development. I certaintly could never see them as being 43. I’d be taking a wild gamble to even say they were 30 or even 18.

    1. The Asian woman is 43, that’s just how a lot of east Asian women roll. They look 16-24 until their late 50’s then one day they look 60+.

      I don’t care for East Asians because we have always been at war with Eastasia.

      1. Right possibly the Asian could be in her 40s, but a white woman would never look that young in her forties. No way. I saw on this Chinese dating site, that most of the women in their forties all looked 18.

      1. huh? I just don’t find asians attractive. This is my order of attraction

        White chicks
        Biracial black and white
        Black American
        Asians / Eurasians (basically the same thing really in terms of looks)
        6 Black Africans (Ethiopians and Eritreans don’t count as black african)

        For black americans this is the type of black chick I would fuck.

        It’s just that most black women are fat and don’t look anything like Porsha Williams.

        1. It’s like you didn’t even read the post. Black americans look way more gracil than their african counter parts. The have smallers jaws and little prognathism, it’s still there but not as much as the west africans.

  2. Look, # 1, the lady who is more curvy, is older, and # 2, the doe eyed girl, is younger. Why is this difficult or a problem?

  3. It is difficult or a problem because you just came up with the wrong answer, that’s why! The female you said was 43, the first one, is actually 14. The female you said was 14, the doe eyed one, is actually 43.

  4. 14 is 14 plenty of those but i don’t think miztani is a typical 43 year old asian woman, but a highly unusually young for her age one. how about pick average 43 year old korean japanese women.
    im sure there are 43 year old white women who also look young for their age.
    do you think there is something genetic w east asians?

  5. Asian woman dont look that young at all, she looks like 40 years old what she is. Obviously asian ageing is a bit different than white ageing.

  6. I’d say the Asian girl is 43, you can tell by the skin on her neck, and around her collarbone. Her face alone could pass for 24 yrs old. The white girl could tell me she was either 14 or 18 and I’d believe her. Goes to show you that nature made girls ready for sex at 13 or 14, but mankind has overuled nature and made it 16 or 18 yrs old. Worst of all, people make you feel like some kind of pervert for finding a young teenage girl attractive.
    I can see society wanting a 16 or 18 yr old limit, as a girl could not take care of a baby in today’s hi-tech society. You need an education, to get a job and provide for the child. In the old days, it was OK- as life on the farm was different, as women stayed home and tended to the family.

  7. More proof that white women age like shit. A 40 year old Asian woman looks like she is 18, whereas a 18 year old white girl looks like she is fucking 40. I guess all those years of smoking, drinking, eating fast food, and riding the cock carousel catch up pretty fast to white women.

    Asian women eat wholesome home cooked food and don’t drink much or smoke. That’s why they still look good.

    1. Very true what you say about Asian women- they look very young for a long time, and a lot has to do with lifestyle, as most eat home cooked food, and most don’t drink and smoke, and are not overweight generally. This all adds up to good health, and youthful looks- unlike the Western white women, who’d I’d say are 70-80% are overweight, and some hugely.
      If you want a nice young girl-say 18- 24, just go to the Philippines, as they don’t care about age, and you can have your pick. It’s poor there so it’s a trade off- young female company for money and security. Good deal both ways.( win-win) I know a lot of American and Canadian men that have moved there and are very happy with their ” very young girlfriends”

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