ISIS Threatens to Execute 180 Assyrian Christians


They are part of a group of 230 Assyrians captured in the Khabur River Valley in Syria in February.

ISIS-Libya has been killing Egyptian and Ethiopian Coptic Christians for some time now by execution, most of which were filmed. But ISIS honestly has not deliberately killed a lot of Christians in Iraq and Syria. Maybe a few.

So if they kill these Christians, this will start a new ISIS jihad against the Christians of the Levant and Mesopotamia.

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4 thoughts on “ISIS Threatens to Execute 180 Assyrian Christians”

      1. Yeah that is stunnning, isn’t it? You would think American Christians would support all MidEast Christians against Muslims and Israel but they totally have not even 2 @#$% about MidEast Christians.

        I figure it is because of the NeoCon brainwashing, Fox News being a prime culprit here, but also because evangelical leaders deliberately do not motivate their flock to consider the plight of MidEast Christians. Evangelical leaders are all co-opted by the NeoCons and the war party. Iraq invasion led to mass ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Christians. Israel suppresses Palestinian Christians too. Saudis are vehemently against Christians. Sunni rebels and ISIS are slaughtering Christians. Yet all these groups (except ISIS) and nations are allied with the American establishment.

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