CIA Flooding Weapons to Terrorists in Syria

Here (Jew York Times cheering on the terrorists like they have from Day One).

Apparently ever since Russia entered the war, the trickle of US weapons going to the Syrian terrorists had changed to a flood. The terrorists recently received 500 TOW missiles.

Basically this is turning into a US versus Russia proxy war, just like Afghanistan.

This is insane.

I cannot believe we are doing this.

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0 thoughts on “CIA Flooding Weapons to Terrorists in Syria”

  1. Its probably time to get out of the habit of using “we” when referring to something the US federal government is doing.

    Especially as, in this case, its not even the US federal government doing it. I’m willing to bet that no GS schedule federal employees are involved in arming ISIS or al-Nusra or whatever. Its probably all contractors and nudge-nudge-wink-wink private companies, and the people directing the policy are private wealthy individuals able to fund/ blackmail the leaders of the official government to look the other way. I should emphasize that this is not coming from any inside information, but after reading article after article about this stuff going back almost forty years to Iran-Contra, that seems to be how the US deep state operates (and speaking of deep states the Turkish one from which the name is derived is almost certainly involved).

  2. But the point is whatever American involvement in Syria is, there is no national debate on it and there is no way the American public could affect the policy, even if we knew what was going on, which we don’t. So using “we” in this context is inappropriate.

  3. Blame that bastard Zibniew Brezenski , NeoCons , NeoCon emablers like McCain, Graham and Hillary Clinton. Turkey and the Gulf countries are primarily pushing the US to support the rebels.

    Hillary supports the rebels and advocated for deeper US involvement and support for the rebels. Hillary also supported the Iraq war. Hillary is part of the War party. This is why I would never vote for her.

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