US Media Cheers on ISIS


This has been going on forever. I can’t count the number of times the US media has cheered for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria. It seems we just can’t give our terrorist pals enough love. One of the worst offenders is the most Jewish newspaper in the US, the New York Times. The Times regularly prints articles that cheer loudly for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria. These articles are often written by Jewish journalists. The New York Times has also run countless articles singing the praises of the Nazis in the Ukraine. Most of those articles were written by Jews too.

I am starting to lose all respect for Jewish people. If Jews are so debased, amoral, corrupt and depraved that they will even support Al Qaeda, ISIS and Nazis, it seems that these people have absolutely no morals whatsoever, which is coincidentally a longstanding anti-Semitic charge against the Jews – that they have no morals, no values, that they lie, cheat and steal and a lot worse, and that they are pretty much capable of just about anything.

It does not surprise me that the Deep State would lend strong support to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Ukrainian Nazis. After all, the Deep State is basically psychopathic. But I would think Jews would be above supporting their worst enemies, but I guess not.

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12 thoughts on “US Media Cheers on ISIS”

  1. “they have no morals, no values, that they lie, cheat and steal and a lot worse, and that they are pretty much capable of just about anything.”

    I don’t think you should generalise like that.

    All jews? most Jews? A minority of Jews? A small fraction of Jews? Jews in power? Some of the Jews in power? Sociopathic Jews in power? Some sociopathic Jews in power?

    Aren;’t most Jews just normal people living their lives without much power?

    1. Any Jew with any significant amount of power starts acting pretty much like this. A lot of Jewish businessmen act like this. Most all Jewish journalists in the MSM act like this. Most all Jews in the US government act like this. The Jewish state acts like this.

      You been around many of these people in your life? I have. The ones I associated with were very honest, and I met a lot of other Jews who were pretty straight up. But once you give them some power, watch out.

      Just about everywhere they have gone for the last 2000 years, people have been calling them them liars and crooks and saying that they lie, cheat and steal. It’s true that Jews are not common street thugs, but white collar crime is a Jewish specialty.

      I think if you took 10,000 randomly chosen Jews and compared them to 10,000 randomly chosen Gentiles, the Gentiles would be a lot more honest. The more you study these people, the more you observe the seeming ease with which they lie as if they had no conscience at all. I wonder why so many Jews seem to have few if any morals or values. Is it their religion? It’s probably one of the most amoral religions on Earth.

      What do you think of Jews who support Nazis, Al Qaeda and ISIS? Because Jewish Power all over the world has lined up 100% behind those three entities.

      I would actually respect a Jew who told me he hated Al Qaeda, ISIS and Nazis on the basis that they are virulent, possibly lethal antisemites. I like Jews who take on violent antisemites. I would shake his hand.

      But if I met a Jew who told me he supported Nazis, Al Qaeda and ISIS, I would walk away from him and never speak to him.

      They’re basically sleazy people who believe that the ends justifies the means and they are willing to use anything and anyone, including their most virulent enemies, to get what they want.

      Once again, you have much experience with these people?

    1. And with their traditional support for open borders and mass immigration into Europe, they may be inadvertently setting up the next one. Part of Europe are already becoming ‘too hot to handle’ for Jews. Yet one can’t deny the zeal in which Jewish leaders have pushed for this state of affairs.

      1. Jews are so STUPID. They have done this over and over and over, so many times. They always keep pushing and pushing until finally people have had enough, and there’s a pogrom or an expulsions.

        Some people never learn.


        1. Exactly, the dirty (jewish) job in the middle east to increase isisrael territory is completely amateur and primitive.

          They could improve quality of life of palestinians for reduce fertility rate and increase secularism. In few years the first results start show up, but not!!

          Other ”genius strategy” : eliminate white gentiles by mixing race and en masse immigration… at the beginning of this century they had mastered the ” America ”. White nationalists masturbated by Alicia Silverstone.

  2. I’m not about to comment on the character of Jews or of who is about in Ukraine. However it seems pretty obvious that none of the world powers are really interested in any real end to the conflict in Syria, or even in most cases figting ISIS. It’s just another proxy war between the West, Russia and between the likes of Saudi Arabia and Iran. More geopolitical chess games.

    1. What makes you think that Russia and Iran do not want to put a real end to the war? What makes you think Russia and Iran would not want to fight ISIS?

      What would be the rationale for Russia and Iran to not want the war ended? What would be the rationale for Russia and Iran to not want to fight ISIS?

      1. I don’t suppose Russia and Iran don’t want to fight ISIS. The thing is they are throwing all their weight (well, Russia certainly) behind Assad and I wonder how much good that is going to be if the West is so keen on getting rid of him and supporting the rebels. Note that Russia is making a big deal of fighting ISIS but is going after all of Assad’s opponents.

        What I am trying to say is that no-one ppears to be interested in a real solution. Of course if most of he rebel groups are, as you suggest, now mostly radical Islamists of one type or another anyway, then there obviously could not possibly be any real solution that does not involve Assad, and trying to negotiate some kind of settlement between his government and the rebels is ridiculous. But ultimately the interest of all sides is really about power games, not the good of the Syrian people as such. I doubt Putin is that big a humanitarian.

        1. Why shouldn’t Russia go after all of Assad’s opponents? Isn’t that rational.

          The only people trying to end the war would be Assad and his allies on one side and the rebels and Turkey on the other.

  3. Jewish scientist though have helped science a lot with their inventions so allthough jewish wars may kill people, jewish science is also saving lifes.. so I wouldnt say that jews are THAT BAD after all overall…

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