0 thoughts on “Putin or Obama, Choose One”

  1. Of course the President bows to His Majesty. Only ignorant conservatives think that this is something new.

    Now Abdulaziz al Saud on the other hand, well, that’s hardly Obama’s fault. Every President since (and including) FDR has been the Saudis’ bitch.

  2. Obama is the promised warriror in Shiite Islam, the lieutenant of Madhi the Islamic messiah,’Obama’ literally means ‘He is on our side’, OR he might be the islamic messiah himself. I jest to call him ObaMadhi or ObaMua’Dib. Look he converted to Christianity during his late 20s obviously not out of religious conviction but rather for political career advancement purpose. Some facts:
    1)very few children of muslim fathers convert to another religions.
    2)People who do genuinely convert went through lots of mental trauma and even threats from muslim fanatics. Sure didn’t happen to him
    3)Converts from islam to Christianity have NO habits of calling the Koran the ‘Holy Koran’ like he does.
    But then,no big deal; crypto muslims exist in spain, same with crypto jews in ottoman empire.
    I predict he’ll revert back to islam after he retired from the US presidency.

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