On Incel Women

Steve writes:

There are also women who are not getting laid or in relationships throughout their 20’s. Yes, you may say they could offer themselves up and get laid easily but they don’t have that kind of personality or the desire for one night stands. There are incel women but they don’t make a fuss about it like testosterone fueled incel men. Men are more prone to rage.

I do not have a lot of sympathy for incel women. Incel men pretty much say they just want to have sex with a woman, period, and their requirements for such a woman are rather low. There is a Reddit sub called Foreveralone Women, and if you go there, you lose sympathy for them very quickly. It is just the typical female complaint of “no good men.” Also I would argue that an incel woman has probably not experienced a lot of rejection by men. I doubt if she has approached 3,000 men and got rejected by all of them. Yet incel men often wrack up huge rejection numbers.

Incel women could get a man any time they want to but only for their pickiness. Lots of women go without sex for long periods of time. I have known women who went without sex with up to 7-8 years and I dated a woman not too long ago who had not had sex in 4 years. It’s quite common actually. Most women going long periods without sex don’t seem to really care all that much. It sort of bugs some of the younger ones, but it’s just not the same thing.

Basically, women can go without; they do it all the time, and it’s no huge deal. Men can’t. Incel is much more painful for a man than for a woman.

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21 thoughts on “On Incel Women”

  1. I think the key here is the “incel” moniker, for very few women are involuntarily celibate. Any woman can forsake her ethics and get laid without having to put out any “roses” for payment.

    There are, however, men who are truly involuntarily virgins…they simply can’t find biters.

    Most women who are celibate are only that way because of religious and/or moral values. These are probably the “good” women who men overlook because they generally don’t play up a “hooch” appeal either. A lot of the women might not be comfortable with their femininity either, but not getting laid is largely a matter of choice. They are happy to live without sex, as you pointed out. Hooking up is not their impetus, unlike men.

  2. No, I wouldn’t agree. Lots of incel women are incel due to being overweight and/or having serious mental or physical problems.

  3. I have to chime in. Because of the risk of pregnancy and the greater risk of picking up sexually transmitted diseases, women are much less eager for sex than men are. Any commentary on the war between the sexes that ignores this is somewhat retarded.

  4. I agree with Jason that there are involuntarily celibate women due to being overweight or having health problems.

    You are saying they could offer themselves to men but some women just don’t have the personality to do that- they are shy, introverted, they wouldn’t dream of going on tinder or to a nightclub. The constraints are internal in the form of inhibitions and shyness, not external. Due to their below average looks or obesity, they aren’t approached and handed opportunities.

    Even if women don’t care so much about sex as you claim, they do care about love and some of these women would prefer not to be single.

    Maybe the emphasis for women is more on the relationship/love aspect. In that case, no need to feel sorry for them for their lack of sex but you could feel sorry for them for their lack of love or lack of a relationship.

    Many women can not get the relationship they desire.

    In any case, whether you apply the moniker ‘incel’ to them or not I don’t care and whether you feel sorry for them or not I don’t care. My main point was this:

    Just as many women are going without sex as men.

    Also, I reiterate:
    The idea that 50th percentile women (number of sexual partners) are having more sex than 50th percentile men due to alpha males monopolising them is not true. In fact, it might be the other way around.

    1. Steve, you are borderline White Knighting.

      Women want love as much as men do.

      I don’t think you’ve been to da getttto lately, either.

      I cite the gettto a lot because that is one laboratory where one can observe unqualified female human nature in progress.

    2. There are almost zero incel females for the simple reason that men will pretty much screw anything female. There are fat women all over this lower class town where I live, and the overwhelming majority of them seem to have a man.

      Never met a woman who could not get a man due to a physical problem unless she had cerebral palsy or something, but those women can’t screw anyway. I have known many women with very serious health problems. I have known quite a few who were on disability. Not one of them had the slightest difficulty attracting men. Men don’t care if a woman has some chronic health problem. They don’t care if she’s on disability. They will just screw her anyway.

      OTOH, women make a very big deal about unhealthy men and in particular disabled men. If you meet a lot of people on disability as I have, you will find that the women often have partners or spouses and the men often lack girlfriends or wives. A man will hook up with a disabled woman. A woman will not hook up with a disabled man, not really.

      Incel women for all intents and purposes either do not exist or are rather rare.

      1. Probably the disabled men can’t get any cause they don’t have any money, not cause “supposedly” the disability makes them weak.

        1. Well yeah but women on disability also have no money, and they get men.

          Men are concerned with money and security. They just want sex.

        2. Well yeah but women on disability also have no money, and they get men.

          Sorry, meant to say men are not concerned with money and security (from women). They just want sex.

  5. The problem is women are only attracted to Chads. An average, thin young man has about as much sex appeal to women as a 90 year old woman has to us. We don’t even register as “guy.”

    So I can sort of see how a 20-something female would end up “incel” (unable to find a Chad) if she were obese or something. Of course this could easily be fixed by getting down to a normal weight, at which point she’d be bombarded with more attention (including attention from Chads) than she can handle.

    After 30 though, the game changes. For the first time in a woman’s life, she no longer commands the constant stream of desirable attention she so craves. And with each passing year, it becomes less and less, until one day (around 35), she’s as invisible to Chad as us male dregs are to her.

  6. Women is no more incel than men statistically. If a man fuck, he needs to find a women. So mathematically, it takes 2 to tango. Every male fucker must have a female fucker.

    The reason why women appears to be more sexually restrain than men is because women sexuality is far more fatter at the tail of normal graph.

    20% alpha male will fuck most female. Similarly 20% of hypersex female will fuck most of the male.

    The rest of the male and female remains more or less under sex. Some male and female opt to go volunteer virgin.

    While male may be force into incel involunteerily, but on another POV male has far bigger access to sex than female. It is always easier for men to procure sex. Similarly it is far easier for women to get laid if she wants to give herself away.

  7. You don’t seem to understand how dangerous one night stands can be for women. You can get yourself killed, raped, and robbed by letting in the wrong man. When a man is alone with you, you are at his mercy. If you don’t have the social skills to vet a man, then you either take a dangerous risk or stay celibate. Most of the takers seem to be the frightening ones. I don’t value sex enough to take that risk.

    I don’t care about looks or career stuff, and I’m not a flirt, but if you frighten me, I’m going to run. Weight isn’t something people can change easily, but pretending to be a nicer person is simple and something that women do for men all the time. Asperger’s is forever though, even if you’re 24 and skinny (like me).

    1. Still you have the peace of mind of knowing that there are all sorts of men out there who would have sex with you if you only said yes to them. Most men even in a temporary incel state don’t even have that peace of mind. Even when I was in temporary incel phases, I could not really look out at the world and see all these women who would have sex with me if I only asked. Instead it just looks like a whole world that is rejecting you.

      It certainly seems that way at my age, which is 60. When I go out and around these days, the basic perception I get is that no female on Earth wants to have sex with me. I guess it’s not true, but that’s sure what it feels like. Not a positive feeling at all. And I used to be the it boy. I had women and girls (and men) after me constantly. At age 24, I had three offers to be a male model. And now look. I pretty much can’t have sex with God’s help. I guess maybe I could but not with anyone I would want to have sex with, that’s for sure.

      1. It seems pretty apparent to me that there is no solution to the incel problem. It doesn’t matter whether they’re right or wrong. And it doesn’t matter whether society’s treatment of them has been right or wrong. There has simply been too much cognitive dissonance drummed up within these individuals the past 3-4 decades that there’s only one course of action in response to them in their aggregate: duck.

        My fear is that eventually more and more intelligent, right-Bell Curve individuals will start to fall into this toxic spiral. We haven’t seen anything like it before, but the real “Revenge of the Nerds” will be something truly horrifying—maybe unfathomable just because of how difficult it will be to stop once it starts. This an area ripe for radicalization. Remember, we’re dealing with something maybe even more root-level than fundamentalist religion: biology.

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  8. There’s no such thing as a Incel woman. Technically it’s Volcel as any woman can find multiple partners at the drop of a dime. Simply put, men have a high sex-drive and women have a low sex-drive comparatively.

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