US MSM Says the Kurds Bombed Themselves in Ankara Terror Attacks


I knew the MSM was evil, but I never knew they were that bad.

“Suspects in the bombing are the PKK and ISIS.”

The people protesting were all Kurds, supporters of the Kurdish HDP. The HDP is the Kurdish party in Turkey, and while they try not to openly support the PKK as that would be illegal, the HDP is not anti-PKK at all, and most HDP supporters are probably strong supporters of the PKK. The PKK strongly supports the HDP.

So the Kurds bombed themselves. They bombed their own people. Their own supporters.

Just how retarded do we think they are?

Listen to professional Deep State liar Peter Bergen, a CNN “foreign policy analyst.” Bergen is one of the top foreign policy analysts in the entire US, famous across the country. Listen to this lying propaganda mouthpiece, who is incredibly one of America’s top foreign policy experts:

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen said there was nothing about the attack that would point to one group over another as being responsible.

“I think that from what we know, it appears to have been a suicide bomber,” Bergen said. “Both groups have deployed these in the past.

“I will say that when we’ve seen ISIS attacks, they have tended to be in the border region along the Turkish/Syrian border. This is of course in the capital, Ankara, in the middle of the country, so that’s something to think about. And again, go back to the context of this rally. It was at a rally to protest the war by the Turkish state and Kurdish separatists.”

Bergen says the Kurds bombed themselves.

Later in this insane article, CNN says that ISIS may have committed the attack as a way of getting back at the Turkish state:

But some observers had predicted Turkey might be subject to terrorist attacks because of its newly aggressive stance toward ISIS.

In an interview with CNN in July, Esra Ozyurek, chair of Contemporary Turkish Studies at the London School of Economics, said that attacks in Turkey, or the absence of them, would indicate whether ISIS was being hurt by the strikes originating from Turkey.

“If Turkey’s really hurting ISIS, then there will be attacks,” Ozyurek said.

But Turkey isn’t hurting ISIS. Turkey is backing ISIS. Turkey is ISIS’ rear guard, where ISIS fighters go for rest and relaxation before returning to the front. There are ISIS training camps all over southern Turkey. ISIS has many large stores in southern Turkey where weaponry and all the supplies needed to run a state are stored before they are driven across the border. Scores of trucks full of ISIS supplies cross the border from Turkey into ISIS territory every day.

ISIS has engaged in two major attacks in Turkey. Both were suicide bombings against the worst enemy of the Turkish state, the Kurds. How does ISIS show it’s rage at its Turkish state supplier by slaughtering the state’s worst enemies, the Kurds? This is lunacy. By attacking the civilian base of the PKK, ISIS is giving a huge boost to the Turkish state by attacking its worst enemies.

If ISIS was really mad at Turkey and wanted to get back the state, they would attack some apparatus, structure or formation of the Turkish state. They wouldn’t attack Turkey’s worst enemy!

How stupid do these people think we are?

CNN is simply part of the Deep State propaganda apparatus. Whatever CNN says, you can be assured that the US state feels the exact same way. US intelligence probably put out the lie that the Kurds bombed themselves.

The rest of the article is sickening. First it excuses Turkish extreme support for ISIS, saying that the Turks did not want to go after ISIS too much as long as ISIS held scores of Turks hostage. That had nothing to do with it. Turkey has been supporting ISIS from Day One. In fact, ISIS is almost a Turkish project right now. Fully 1/3 of ISIS members may be Turks.

The article then lies and says that Turkey has taken a new hostile stance against ISIS. This is ridiculous. Of course they haven’t. The evidence for this was that Turkey let the US use its Incirlik Base as part of America’s fake war against ISIS.

But that was a quid pro quo. Turkey demanded that the US support a “no fly zone” in northern Syria, a longstanding Turkish demand. This no fly zone would soon be filled with ISIS and Al Qaeda, and in fact much of the proposed no fly zone is currently controlled by Al Qaeda. This would be part of the de facto invasion and occupation of Syria in an effort to depose Assad, a longstanding Turkish goal.

There is no new Turkish hostility towards ISIS. ISIS appears to be a Turkish project for all intents and purposes. Bizarrely, we are allowing Turkey, one of the closest US allies, to run ISIS at the same time as we are waging a fake war against ISIS. We and the Gulf states are now arming Al Qaeda as an additional part of the project.

Does geopolitics get any weirder?

Now that I see what the US MSM says about this attack, I can hardly wait to see what the Jews say. Last time the Kurds got bombed by ISIS, the Jews at Debka informed me that the PKK was responsible. They bombed their own people! Debka is the voice of the Israeli Mossad, hence it is the voice of Jewish power around the globe.

Now that I think about it, there is no way that this attack happened without the assistance of the Turkish state. Turkey was thought to be involved in the last ISIS suicide attack against Kurds near the border, and many Turkish police in south Turkey work closely with ISIS.

Observe the behavior of the Turkish state after the attack:

  • Kurds trying to get back into the site to rescue the wounded were tear gassed.
  • A line of ambulances heading to the site were stopped when Turkish police blocked the street they were accessing the site through. There is a photograph of rows of Turkish police blocking the street with a line of ambulances backed up waiting for the police to clear the street.
  • Kurds who were trying to carry away the wounded as ambulances were blocked were assaulted and beaten by Turkish police.
  • Kurds then began rioting because the police deliberately blocked the ambulances. This led to fights between Kurds and Turkish cops.
  • The Turkish state shut down a lot of the Internet after after the attack, especially Facebook and Twitter. It’s as if they were trying to not allow any discussion of this attack that they were obviously in on.
  • The Turkish media is completely controlled by the Turkish state. Reporters who step out of line and criticize the state are quickly arrested and sentenced for fake crimes like “insulting the Turkish nation.” The entire Turkish media blacked out the story and carried on as if nothing happened. That is very suspicious behavior and suggests that Turkey was in on this attack.
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0 thoughts on “US MSM Says the Kurds Bombed Themselves in Ankara Terror Attacks”

  1. I support Assad. I could never believe the lie that Assad bombed his own people when he wants to win the hearts and minds of the Syrians.

  2. Dear Robert

    The problem with the Turks seems to be that so many of them have a pasha mentality. They want to be boss rather than subordinate, and they find it hard to conceive of relationships between equals. In Turkey itself, they have long refused to recognize the Kurds as an equal, albeit smaller nation. What are they afraid of? There are about 60 million Turks and 20 millions Kurds inside Turkey. There is no way that the Kurds can be a security problem for the Turks.

    Neither do 22 million Syrians pose a threat to Turkey. Unfortunately, Erdogan is the ultimate pasha. He is a power-hungry man, and he prefers a Turkey-dominated Syria to a Syria that is a friendly but fully sovereign neighbor. Whenever people give priority to power rather then security, they will cause harm. We are all entitled to security, but none of us is entitled to power. Turkey doesn’t have a security problem, but it is a power-obsessed-country. Too bad.

    Regards. James

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