The Reality of the Incel Situation and the Benefits of Game

Steve writes:

Like I’ve said before, I feel sorry for these guys. Just like some men are so handsome, many women will like them regardless of game, there are men who have tried a lot and not had success, maybe never even kissed a girl or found a girl who was attracted to them. That is why they resent game and they have a point, in regard to themselves.Its certainly not impossible for them to meet someone but they often have developed a very negative attitude, let their presentation deteriorate and are really down on themselves. They need a different sort of coaching to PUA I think. Something gentler, more encouraging, more realistic for them.

However, a lot of what they say is wrong. They have a distorted view and exaggerate to an extreme when they say that only the top 10-20

The standard PUA line you see on the Internet is utter shit. Although there is good stuff to be learned there and I do go them from time to time learn, those sites are all run by the biggest assholes on Earth and they are very intimidating. I usually can stand to read maybe one article before I want to vomit or smash the screen.

On the other hand, the incel sites are full of some seriously maladapted men. Their main problem seems to be rage. Most of them are mean as snakes and they don’t grant anybody anyway leeway. They seem to attack everyone around them. Also their notions of what an attractive man or woman is are insane. There are women I would call 10’s who these incel clowns insist are 6’s. In other words, these are the pickiest men on the Earth when it comes to women’s looks, and honestly, these are the men who logically have the least right of all to be picky. They can’t get laid with God’s help, but their standards for an attractive woman are worse than a modeling agency. Ridiculous.

Really most to all men could use help or techniques to help them attract, get and keep women. Hell, I could use some myself.

Game Works

I am always reading this stuff to try to up my Game, and trust me, Game works! At least for me it does. It’s not all down to looks! There are times when I am low, miserable and down and just hate the world. My looks are the same as ever, but when I go out with that mindset, I can’t get one woman on Earth to even acknowledge that I exist.

I have no idea what I look like anymore, but I am probably not attractive to most young women. Nevertheless, if I add some killer Game to whatever my looks are, the whole world changes and even high school girls start checking me out. It is the utter opposite of the situation above when I am a ghost.

Nevertheless I think there is some base level of attractiveness above which Game can work and below which all the Game in the world is about useless. Game probably acts as a “force multiplier” and adds (or doesn’t add) to whatever you start with.

It would be nice to have some sites up to help guys get girls that were not run by PUA dicks or incel psychos.

Even the incels say that most of them could get a woman if they only set their standards low enough. Most of the guys on the incel sites say all they want is a looks-matched woman. In other words, there are guys on there who are objectively 5’s and 6’s who say they would settle for a 5+ or 6+ woman, and they can’t even get that. They say the best they can do is a 3. I hear this stuff all the time. These guys could get hambeasts and landwhales, but they don’t want them, and who could blame them?

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4 thoughts on “The Reality of the Incel Situation and the Benefits of Game”

  1. Fuck incels and thier problem. Should innocent people have to die 🙄 because of their “loser” status? – What did the people on the link I just gave do that guy? Some of these people were practically saint-like, but they had to die (or get wounded or become motionless from the neck down etc..)

    I hate to say it, but the feminists are right on this one. It’s definitely an entitlement mentality. So much so that they’re so uptight (because they can’t live up to the “Snoop Dogg” image) that they feel like they have to make people who have nothing to do with their fucking problem pay.

    People who live so much in a dream world are ridiculous. It’s like those guys on that movie “Airheads”. This rock band which holds a record company hostage cause nobody will play their record, but this is a million times worse, and not cool at all.

    The world is full of real problems, besides dumbasses who can’t get laid.

    1. A lot of these alpha males are incredibly stupid. I know a story of one of these kind of guys who died from playing Russian Roluette 😆

      I mean, How stupid can you fucking get? 🙄 Well, at least these chums were taking thier own lives and not church people, the elderly, random college guys etc.. Thank goodness for that.

    2. So people should try game to cure them of being an incel? Really, well, what will happen if they don’t? Are they going to throw a temper tantrum and kill a bunch of nuns? That’s what’s been happening lately.

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