Deep State Failing Badly on Syria

The US Deep State encompasses the entire US government including the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and the rest of the Intelligence Establishment. In addition, almost all large US corporations are part of the Deep State. Nearly the entirety of the US ruling class, the rich, are part of the Deep State. Both political parties (yes the Democrats too) form two massive Deep State pillars. The Deep State also includes nearly the entire US legislative branch. There is hardly a US congressman around who is not a card-carrying Deep State member.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the Deep State is the media, and 100% of the US mass media has been part of the Deep State for a very long time now. That there is no dissident press in the US is shown by the fact that there is not one US newsmagazine, TV or radio news station or large US newspaper that is not a full-fledged member of the Deep State Propaganda Arm. If we had a dissident or opposition press in the US, it would oppose the Deep State project at least some of the time. But there isn’t one, so the US media is about as controlled as that of the USSR in the late 80’s.

The media is utterly essential to the Deep State project because they are needed to brainwash the American people to whatever evil the Deep State is up to overseas at the moment. That the entirety of the US media is full force on the same page with the Deep State message makes it a powerful force to challenge. The US media machine is one of the most efficient political-military propaganda projects in the last century.

With the media machine blaring the Deep State message and only the Deep State message, why would we expect even one American not to be brainwashed by it?

It’s not as if there’s an opposition media competing for space in the average American’s brain. There literally is no alternative narrative to the Deep State line in the MSM. None. Zero.

The only place you will find a rising anti-Deep State narrative is on the Internet. Sure, most of the largest Net mass media has been captured by the Deep State long ago. Even the Fake Left so called opposition press got assimilated by the Deep State. Fake Left Huffington Post, Vice and Buzzfeed are good examples. Whatever crazy US foreign policy the Deep State is pushing today, you can count on the US Fake Left to be marching right along.

And yet…and yet…

There is indeed an alternative press on the Internet. In fact, the only opposition media easily accessible by most Americans is on the Internet. So the Net has the potential to throw a huge monkey wrench into the Deep State propaganda project. This is why you are seeing the latest panicked ruling class projects to censor the net or even shut down the opposition press via Net Neutrality.

The Deep State and the US ruling class is starting to get frightened of the Net. An opposition media has arisen in America! Obviously the US ruling class and its Deep State apparatus will tolerate no easily accessible opposition press in the US. The Deep State propaganda project is premised on 100% control of the large US media and no opposition press at all. It’s the USSR model.

Yet one gets the impression that the ruling class and the Deep State are starting to lose control of the narrative they so carefully constructed.

A recent New York Daily News poll asked who Americans supported in Syria, Putin or Obama. Fully 96% of Americans said they supported Russia over their own country in Syria. What’s amazing about that is that 96% of these citizens somehow arrived at that position by rejecting the propaganda line of the whole US mass media. The notion that Russia is right and the US is wrong can only be found on the Internet.

Is the greatest propaganda machine in modern history starting to lose control over its subjects? Maybe so, and just a bit.

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3 thoughts on “Deep State Failing Badly on Syria”

  1. FACT: During WWII, the whole U.S. entertainment and news media was controlled by the OWI, which later became part of the OSS/CIA, which is why the whole US news media has remained controlled by the CIA to this day.

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