14 thoughts on “Those Eyes”

      1. Robert ! Your justification is bad bad bad..Hilarious but bad.. Lol
        I was wondering if the eyes were real myself.. Where’d u get pic?

    1. I guess I must be a hebephile.


      Actually that is not true. Hebephilia was thrown out as a proposed category on the grounds that:

      a. It’s not a mental disorder.
      b. It’s not even abnormal!

  1. “And your eyes
    Your eyes, your eyes
    They tell me how much you care
    Ooh yes, you will always be
    My endless love”

    -the philosoher Lionel Richie

    1. “Sometimes I feel so happy
      Sometimes I feel so sad
      Sometimes I feel so happy
      But mostly you just make me mad
      Baby you just make me mad
      Linger on, your pale blue eyes
      Linger on, your pale blue eyes”
      – the late great Lou Reed

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