There’s a Reason for Almost Everything People Do

There’s a reason for almost everything. That people often do things for no reason at all is one of the biggest lies about human nature. Think about that: most everything human beings do is for a reason, and in a sense for a logical reason or at least one that conforms with their own logical system. Sure, maybe it’s crazy logic, but crazy logic has its own set of rules like any other logical system.

The problem with women is that if you don’t understand them, at least some of their behavior seems insane, evil or both. And indeed on the surface, it is not unusual for female behavior to seem insane or even evil or malevolent. Men who see this shake their heads at the crazy behavior and simply conclude that women are nuts. They are outraged at the evil behavior and conclude that females are diabolical at least some of the time.

Both of these are misconceptions.

From a lifetime of studying women, I now conclude that most female behavior, no matter how nuts it seems, is actually done for some logical reason. The problem lies in figuring out the weird logic behind it because female behavior is often bizarre, erratic, convoluted, counterintuitive, hypocritical, and/or contradictory. However, even most of this apparent “irrationality” actually makes sense when you finally start to figure it all out.

Much of what looks evil, wicked or malevolent about female behavior is probably not intentionally done this way. I concluded a while back that most female “evil” is simply due to women following their programmed biological imperatives. She only appears evil when she is acting like a lower mammal, but her behavior is no more evil than that of a female seal or female elk. In other words, they usually aren’t acting evil on purpose; instead, they are just behaving unthinkingly on a very primitive level like lower mammals.

The problem is figuring out the crazy logic or the primitive atavism that is driving any woman at any particular time.

There is a danger to seeing women as crazy. Most men, exposed to the bizarreness of incomprehensible female behavior, simply throw up their hands and conclude that women are insane. They usually start hating women to some extent too, probably due partly to that reason. Low level misogyny seems extremely prevalent among men. I see male clients all the time who display it.

Of course concluding that women are diabolical is likely to make a man pretty misogynistic. Often the same men who think women are lunatics also feel that there is some diabolical about them, and this only increases their misogyny.

Once you realize that the lunacy is simply a wildly convoluted logical system, and the evil is simply a female human acting like a female sea lion, a lot of the confusion, rage and hatred that many men feel towards women can dissipate.

Game and Redpill theory already goes into female “evil” and usually concludes that that “evil” is about as unthinking as the “evil” of a female bird. The problem is that despite that, a lot of redpillers waste a lot of ink going on and on about the evil nature of women. Much of this analysis is exaggerated or flat out wrong. Worse, it tends to accuse women of deliberate wickedness. I do think women act deliberately malevolent at times, but I do not think that is their basic nature, and male deliberate evil causes vastly more societal problems than female malice.

In future posts, I will go into female nuttiness, give you some examples of it, and show you how I analyzed this craziness as actually having logical reasons behind it.

I would like to conclude by reiterating my principal point here. Most human behavior, no matter how nuts, is being done for some sort of a logical reason the logic behind which is often internal to that individual. Sure you can point out how the behavior is ultimately stupid or irrational, but the motivation behind it was some sort of a logical system.

Few things happen for no reason. There’s a reason for almost everything. Maybe a bad reason but a reason nonetheless.

I will now leave you to think about this for the rest of the day if you wish. It is an interesting idea to contemplate.

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0 thoughts on “There’s a Reason for Almost Everything People Do”

  1. Some things that came to mind straight after reading this. Feel free to criticize or show if I’m missing the point.

    Some of this rather depends on what value judgements one forms about following one’s “base nature” as I’d think of it*. If it’s simply the result of unguided natural processes, then one cannot make any judgement either way. It simply is. If however you see some aspects of it as being flawed as the result of sin (like us evangelicals) you can.
    Likewise, if you suppose that the essence of humanity is to rise above one’s “base nature” (basically how I am inclined to think apart from any Christian beliefs) then you can start to see there are some aspects of our base natures that, whilst they may operate on underlying principles which make some sense, those principles are not always the best we could be if we were able to overcome them.
    It behoves us therefore to differentiate which are normal, necessary parts of human nature from those which are not, those parts we can (or ought to if we could**) rise above. And, if we believe in such, which bits are in line with the perfect will of God and which bits have been marred by sin. It’s easy to assume that all the parts of human nature we don’t like are automatically “wrong”.
    I’d agree that women do tend to be emotional over logical in ways men are not, typically; however, they can certainly not be said to be incapable of rational independent thought. Likewise, men can be emotional in their own way and not immune from the effects of the base nature.

    4a. Could it not be said that women need to understand the nature of men as well as men that of women?

    4b. With respect to the differences between genders, I think it’s necessary to deliniate what parts are caused by biology/are “hardwired” and which parts are due to cultural factors, learned responses, whatever. The mistake of the radfems and their ilk is to assume that it’s all due to the latter; it seems another common mistake for those opposing them is to assume the opposite.

    That is, the animalistic side of things; the part of us that is driven by instinct; the subconscous, the “lizard brain” as opposed to the neocortex, etc.

    ** By which I mean those parts we are not capable of changing without divine intervention.

  2. Maybe it is evolution. The fact that women act this way actually proves that it has payed out to behave that way in the past. Because otherwise they would´t have the traits which make them act that way.

  3. She only appears evil when she is acting like a lower mammal, but her behavior is no more evil than that of a female seal or female elk.

    Women are animals, and therefore should have no rights.

    Women are subhuman.

  4. Still we continue with ”all is the same”, just give them the light of reason and everyone will can improve himself and their thoughts.

    Explain extremely well and everyone will can understand it.

    Rationality or ”make curves become a lines” is a essential human transcendence guideline.

    ”Irrational people is a irrational thing”


    Difference between ”rational” and ”logical”.

    Rational is a human moral thing, logical is just how ”things” work, logical is hierarchically crescent and coherent.

    Rational is a moralized logic by human perspective.

    All systems are perfect if they work. Perfection is just what works.

    Rationality is a plus of human consciousness, what ”will” can do work better.

    Human vision and brain can look and think reflectively about things and change the systematic chains while non-human animals just act inside this great scene of life. Human, metaphorically speaking, can be as ”theatre director” and be aware about it. Human being can have in its hands the space and time via abstract knowledges and change the dynamic of reality.

    Women was ”created” by have kids, love them and live inside on a social system where men maintain. Men have a border psychology= understand the weakness and utilities of others. Women have a ”village center” psychology= understand and embrace the gifts-and-similarities. Human beings are heirs of social system that are not theirs. ”Mitigate” is a word of order for them.

    Again, rationality is not synonimous of ”intelligence” but wisdom, extremely rare and singular human gift.

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