Oscar Wilde on Women

If you want to understand female nature, the last person on Earth you should ask is a woman. She will only give you a list of self-serving lies, if she even admits there is such thing as female nature at all (most feminists, including my own mother, reject the very concept). That women are incapable of even examining and understanding themselves is utterly pitiful, but there is probably a logical reason for that, as there’s a reason for almost everything.

The most brilliant insights into female nature that I have ever read have come from men.

And few men have understood women as well as Oscar Wilde. At first this seems senseless. How could a gay man possibly understand the tiniest thing about women? They don’t even have to deal with them. However, when we realize that there has been a longstanding alliance between women and gay men going back a long time, it all starts to make sense. Wilde knew many women well. As we know, gay men often have many close female friends. He was also very close to his mother.

One of my favorite quotes from Oscar Wilde about human nature is this:

“Women always want the best.”

– Oscar Wilde

Now, if you plug that quote into some of the things we are talking about lately such as female hypergamy, mass movements towards male involuntary celibacy, Alpha fucks/Beta bucks, and Game, Redpill and PUA Theory, doesn’t that quote start making a lot of sense?

I will leave you to contemplate that.

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0 thoughts on “Oscar Wilde on Women”

  1. “If you want to understand female nature, the last person on Earth you should ask is a woman. She will only give you a list of self-serving lies…”

    Question is, is this unique to women? I think it is a part of human nature (or, to my mind, sinful human nature) to tend to self-justify, to overlook one’s own flaws so as to validate ones own decisions. This can also be extended to whatever group one is part of (can include family, nationality, etc.) It is the rare exception that can truly step back and self-examine.

    Perhaps it is a trait that appears more in women, I don’t know. But it’s certainly not unique.

    1. I am not sure. A lot of women understand men very well. My mother understands us very, very well, and she is always interested in learning new truths about men. She also seems to accept that there is something called Male Nature, and it’s like she has spent a good part of her life trying to figure us out. If you talk to a lot of women in her generation, they pretty much have us men down pat. But my mother is adamant that there is no such thing as Female Nature. So Male Nature exists but Female Nature doesn’t. And she has a 150 IQ.

      Do younger women understand men? I don’t know. But women I have dated and known around age 44-52 seem to have us men figured out pretty well. Way better than they have figured out women.

      But my Mom is a feminist and she would probably object if you said men were better than women on any variable. She only recently, in her 80’s, she finally admitted grudgingly that yes, women do tend to be more emotional than men. She really did not want to admit that either. I guess the evidence just became such an avalanche that she could not deny it any longer.

      Women only want to believe there is a good side to women. They refuse to believe there is any down side to female nature. That’s just not acceptable, and that’s when they accept that female nature even exists at all.

      I think maybe they are afraid of going back to the old days. Because you know, traditionally people believed that there was a female nature, and a lot of discrimination against women was based on that.

      Obviously, modern women do not want it getting out that women are less logical and more emotional than men because these reasons were often given as a valid basis to discriminate against women in the past. Also women fear that if employers start to believe that women are less logical and more emotional than men, then they will feel that women would be lousy hires for that reason and they will discriminate against women in hiring.

      This is all just psychological defense on the part of women, denying that they have a nature and blinding themselves to it.

      100% psychological defense and politics, 0% science and fact, just like so many things in life.

      How well do men understand men? Honestly, I am not sure. I think I understand my gender pretty well, and trust me, there is a good side to men, and there is this vast ugly side too, just like with women.

      Probably either sex mostly needs to understand the opposite sex. Men need to understand women, and women need to understand men so they can along with the other gender. How well men and women need to understand their own gender is uncertain. What is the benefit?

      Most people don’t want to understand themselves and why they do things. Most people do a lot of stuff for stupid reasons, fuck up a lot in life, and have a lot of dumb, self-serving irrational beliefs. People don’t want to see how they fuck up, and they don’t want to challenge the lies they have built their ego defenses out of. It’s just too painful. Often devastating.

      1. So women understand men better than women while men understand men better than women. If true, the conclusion: men are simpler and easier to understand.

  2. “She will only give you a list of self-serving lies…”

    Only if you consider that it’s not her self that’s being served. She tells you what she’s been taught to believe which she has been taught for someone else’s benefit. Even so, the benefit often becomes illusory over the long term.

    “…mass movements towards male involuntary celibacy…”

    Did you mean “voluntary”. Granted, it’s a sour grapes sort of voluntary.

  3. ” That women are incapable of even examining and understanding themselves is utterly pitiful, but there is probably a logical reason for that, as there’s a reason for almost everything.”

    Can the eye see itself?

  4. I never said I wish to be treated like a God. Why would I wish that? When did I ever say that? I am certainly not deserving of any special treatment. Why would I be? I would be perfectly happy if the people I meet casually day to day were even friendly to me. A lot of them are not even that.

    1. I never said any such thing.

      Absolutely not. Although probably 99% of men on Earth would love to be treated like a God by women. You are clueless about this too because you are clueless about all of this stuff. Why would it be pathological to enjoy what 99% of men would enjoy.

      I don’t women to treat me like a God at all. Why should I?

      However, I have had some girlfriends who fell made crazy head over heels in love with me, and yeah, they more or less worshiped me like a God.

      That’s what it is like when a woman is crazy, wild, nuts, head over heels in love with a man. She often worships him like he is some sort of God. Not only that, but I am convinced that deep down inside, most women wish to fall so madly in love with a man who is such a fine specimen that they will worship him like a God. Women’s ideal is a man who they can worship like a Godhead. That’s the romantic ideal of the female.

      All this stuff is part of female nature so of course you haven’t figured any of it out.

      And those girlfriends who nearly worshiped me like a God, yes, I did enjoy it. Of course. Who wouldn’t? But honestly I would just settle for a woman to be nice to me at this point. That would be fine.

      I do not wish for women to defer to me at all, but most men do want a woman to defer to them. That’s simply traditional normative masculintiy or patriarchy or what have you. There’s nothing unusual about it at all. That you think men wanting to be deferred to is exceptional shows just how clueless you are.

      It works better if she defers to you. Sad but true. But I often let her pick the restaurants, etc. The problem is that when you defer to her, she might start disrespecting you as a man and she will turn into a bitch because she will think you are a wimp. So if you want your woman to respect you, not turn into a bitch and think you’re a wimp, maybe it would be better if you made decisions on things like where to eat and whatnot.

      But like an idiot, I often let women make choices like that.

      You haven’t even figured out that relationships work better when the woman defers to the man because you think that is pathological.

      All of this shows just how clueless you are about all of these things.

      You literally do not know what the fuck is going on regarding male female relations at all. You are out in space somewhere, fantasyland.

    2. You’ve said a few times that you wish to be treated ‘like a god’ by women & the be ‘deferred to’ by women also.

      LOL! By ordinary, everyday women who are not my girlfriends?! LOL! Why should I wish for them to treat me like a God? I mean it might be nice, most any man would enjoy this, but why would I expect ordinary, everyday women to treat me like a God. How ridiculous. Girlfriends, I don’t know. But adoration is a very nice part of any love affair and I must say that it feels quite nice to be adored by my girlfriend. You act as if this is some sort of pathology!?

      Why would I expect ordinary, everyday women to defer to me? I mean it might be nice to live in such a sexist society, but our society is just not like that. You can hardly expect the women you meet day to day to defer to you. That is an outdated sexist notion, and I am not a sexist, nor am I a male chauvinist. I do not believe that men are superior to women. When did I ever say that I even wished for women to defer to me? I can’t recall saying that, and it’s not something I would say as I do not subscribe to that outdated patriarchal bullshit.

      1. HOW DOES IT FEEEEEEL? How does it feel?

        To be without a home. Like a complete unknown.

        Like a rolling stone!

        You’ve gone to the finest school all right, Miss Lonely
        But you know you only used to get juiced in it
        And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street
        And now you find out you’re gonna have to get used to it…


        Sorry, irrelevant. Got carried away.

  5. Why are women not properly answering men’s questions about their own nature? Because they have a different body, a different brain, a different language. The mental universes of both sexes barely coincide. As a result, my guess is that females cannot give ‘essentialist’ answers for the very same reason very few of them are able to joke. Because it’s asking distance over the object. And some violence too.
    Females tend to empathy. All the jobs they want to do are in direct relation to people. Males like systems: mechanics, business, politics, sports.
    That’s also why females may not differentiate between joke and outrage, between essence and existence. They do not generalize, but they enforce every generalization of Political Correctness. The behavior of a feminist girl, as always, is there to empirically prove that you can’t cross genders no matter how hard you try.
    As you say, female logic does exist, but, to put it simply: – we are lost in translation.

  6. It would be nice if some of the quantitative rigour of hbd was brought to bear on manosphere/game concepts such as female hypergamy. As I pointed out elsewhere, the studies I’ve seen on number of sexual partners of men and women don’t vindicate the theory that a small percentage of men are monopolising the woman. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Also, Oscar Wilde never let the truth get in the way of a witty pronouncement.

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