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  1. He was drunk off his ass. Of course men can be irrational and illogical.

    Females don’t value the rational, logical thing anyway. They think that’s boring, like Captain Spock. Females love emotions, the wild ride. Logic need not apply.

    Anyway there is usually some crazy “logic” working no matter how bizarre and counterintuitive a female seems to be acting. Female behavior usually only “appears” crazy. There’s typically some crafty or convoluted reason for just about every “crazy” behavior of theirs. I have finally gotten to the point of figuring out women’s what I call crazy logic, but it took me decades. There’s a reason for most things.


  2. You don’t have the faintest understanding of women or men at all now do you? You think men and woman are the same and it’s not possible to generalize about either sex!

    1. Almost every woman you meet talks exactly like you. In fact, I am starting to believe that women have almost no understanding whatsoever of what it means to be a woman or what being a woman is all about. That is because some of the truths about female nature “look bad” even if they are not bad, and women can only discuss the good side of women, and few women can discuss the downside of women. I have known a few women who understand female nature well, but they are not feminists. In fact, they are actively hostile to feminism. The more hostile a woman is to feminism, the more she will understand female nature (and for that matter, male nature) and the less likely she will be to believe that the sexes are the same.

      It IS possible to generalize about women. I do it all the time, and I am correct.

      This is what I have noticed in life. Women, male feminists and men with little experience with women usually start yelling, “Don’t generalize!” every time you try to discuss female nature. Usually they say something like there is no such thing as female nature.

      However, I have known some men who had vast experience with women, including having 100’s of female sex partners. I would assume that they understand women very well. Usually these fellows will endlessly regale you with all sorts of generalizations about female nature.

      So the men who know women best of all describe women in the most detail and generalize about them the most.

      The men who have little understanding of women describe them poorly and refuse to generalize about them.

      I would think that that guy who knows them very well is onto something.

      Your whole agenda on this site is to say there is no such thing as female nature and women are pretty much just like men. This is the feminist line. You are a feminist, so you have ideological reasons for taking this line.

      I also notice that you always defend the women and you also seem to enjoy attacking men a lot. Once again, this is due to the fact that you are a feminist.

      Thing is, you’re wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

      The only way to gain any understanding about anything is via a generalization. If you refuse to generalize, you will never understand anything about anything.

    2. The only thing I ever gain from reading your posts is that as a female, it is obvious that you have almost zero understanding of female nature, assuming you even think it exists. Why you would want to be a woman and not even understand your own gender is so beyond me, but ignorance is bliss.

      1. You say it’s impossible to generalize about either sex

        When did I say that? Generalization is necessary and essential, every single day of your life! If you don’t, you will be lost, stupid, confused and angry (because you don’t understand why people act the way they do) your entire life. It won’t be fun. The only way to understand people is to generalize.

        The only way to understand women is to generalize. I am not particularly interested in men, but I think I generalize about them too, else I could not understand them well. Any woman who refuses to generalize about men is an idiot!

        I do not know if you understand yourself. I doubt it because you say female nature does not exist. But most women have zero understanding of themselves. A woman cannot understand herself until she understands female nature. You think you understand yourself, but I am dubious. Obvious your behavior is rooted in female nature, but you seem oblivious to this, so how can you really understand yourself?

        Then how can you truly know the nature of women?

        Women don’t know jack fucking shit about themselves. Sometimes I think women understand men pretty well though. Women refuse to analyze themselves because it would be too painful to see themselves objectively.

        I have read quite a bit, and the people who invariably seem to understand female nature most perfectly and immaculately are MEN. How fucked up is that?

        Most of my career has been spent dealing with women & their sexual & reproductive lives but I don’t understand women?

        Apparently you haven’t learned a thing. If you don’t understand female, nature then you don’t understand women, period. Perhaps you know their anatomy, but you can’t understand them psychologically until you acknowledge that female nature exists. You say it doesn’t exist, so, yeah, you don’t understand female psychology one bit. But almost all women are like this.

        Well then how can you possibly know the true nature of men in sexual & romantic relationships?

        I am not interested in learning about men. What for? But I understand them pretty well. For one thing, I know the rules of something called Man World, which most of you women will never get.

        I understand my gender pretty well, and I have a rather low opinion of us, mostly due to our aggression and violence. I can mostly relate to male nature to the degree that I display it in myself and see it in others, and I acknowledge that a male nature is real.

        I am not very interested in it though because it sucks, its ugly, mean and vicious, and besides I am not very interested in men. I am mostly interested in women. Men mean nothing to me. I am not the one who should be studying men. Women should do that.

        Since I acknowledge that there is a male nature and a female nature, I am already miles ahead of you, as you say there’s no such thing.

        After reading Mr What is this Man Doing Wrong’s screed you don’t think men are just as irrational & illogical as women?

        Yes, men value logic and rationality more and females disparage it, preferring the world of emotion. However, if you follow a female through her day, you will see that most of her behaviors are based on logic and reason.

        The fact that you can’t even figure out that men value logic and reason over emotion and women the opposite shows me that for all your degrees and travel and whatnot, you’ve hardly learned a thing about the nature of the genders.

        Yes men act kooky and nutty, but as female behavior is more rooted in emotion, and emotion is de facto anti-rational, women’s behavior will be more driven by emotions than cold logic. Men’s behavior will be driven more by cold logic than emotions because men disparage emotionality.

        Honestly, I felt that that fellow was being very rational. He read all the books, talked to everyone he could talk to, studied everything, and he’s still failing.

        He is going about this whole thing in a rather cold and logical manner, and he is still failing, which is really upsetting to him. I do not see a lot of craziness in his behavior. He’s as rational a fellow as is out there. He’s just mystified why logic and rationality don’t seem to be working here.

        I’m using your own logic right back at you – and I bet you really don’t like it.

        Not at all. Men do a lot of stupid, irrational shit, but they will tend to be more logical as they disparage emotion and value cold reason. I am not saying logic is better than emotion. They are two ways of looking at the world. But one gender values one, and the other values the other. You say nothing upsetting to me because you are always wrong.

        Maybe you need to do a little introspection.

        I do it every day, all day long.

        Maybe you need to listen to other people’s viewpoints, perspectives & ‘ideologies’ (even if they don’t match yours) a little more closely.

        Of course I do this all day long every single day, and I adjust my beliefs accordingly. Yet by doing this, I come to realize that some folks are just wrong. Others are correct, and I adjust my beliefs all the time, perhaps even daily. This is a male logical way of going about life, constantly testing beliefs against evidence and contrary theory.

        Without posters that air their differing viewpoints, perspectives & ‘ideologies’ your blog becomes just dull repetition.

        We are pushing a line here.

      2. And why, pray tell, would having 100’s of female sex partners lead you to assume these men understand women very well? (I just know I’m going to be sorry I asked.) That may give them insight on how to charm women into having sex with them – but not necessarily any great understanding of women.

        See? You don’t get it. The men who understand women the best of all are those who have had the most experience with them. Even my own mother agrees with that. That’s because my Mom is old-fashioned and believes in ancient wisdom, which conflicts with the feminist ideology you espouse. No man understands women better than these men.

        Has it ever even crossed your mind the what ‘female nature’ is like when a woman suffers a miscarriage or has an abortion? You think those men having 100’s of female sex partners have any great insight on any of these uglier aspects of being a woman? Do you realize how events like these influence your ideology of ‘female nature’?

        This is an important question but honestly it is not relevant to me because I don’t need to know things like this in order to get along with women. The feminists might actually be able to tell us something about female nature if they research female’s reactions to miscarriages or abortions, EXCEPT FEMINISTS SAY THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FEMALE NATURE. That is your line: female nature does not exist. Hence you are an ideological feminist.

        I do know that many women (and even their male partners) mourn after a miscarriage, and some go into deep long-lasting depressions. It’s almost along the lines of a major stress like death of a loved one or divorce. It can be a very extreme experience. Abortion – I am not sure. I have known a number of women who have had them, even multiple ones, and they were all defiant, had no remorse and acted like they would do it again. I don’t think they mourned those fetuses.

        But that’s a good subject for feminist research because they might actually tell us fucking something for once. When researching how women react to the loss of a fetus, they will uncover important things about female nature even though they deny it exists. The problem is that feminist ideology is going to produce a paper that says most women feel no guilt after an abortion because their ideology is going to distort their findings.

        The only thing I’m getting from reading your posts is you have a rather superficial view of women & human nature in general.

        Oh no, I understand women better than you will in 20 lifetimes. It’s too bad. You could learn this stuff, but your ideology won’t let you.

        I think I have a pretty good understanding of human nature. After all, I have been studying it intensely for decades now and probably most of my life. I think deeply about human nature every single day, and I bet you don’t.

        Perception is reality for most people- I guess you’re one of them.

        Of course. We become wise and learn truths about people and women through observation, looking for patterns, and attempts at analysis and theory formation. You probably don’t even do that because you say there is no such thing as female nature.

        Collecting more and more information, in most cases, just reinforces our judgment but does NOT help to make it more accurate.

        Not at all. My beliefs are probably more up for grabs than anyone you will meet. It’s all up for grabs all the time, and I test many of my beliefs every day, and I bet you don’t.

        I am a bit worried about you.

        You worked as a physician for many years, yet you reject the idea of generalizing about people. Generalization is the backbone of medicine. How can you possibly do your job as a doctor if you refuse to generalize? You might be able to be a doctor, but you would never be a very good one.

    1. Reminds me of something less extreme.

      I was driving in the left lane of a oneway street. A van made a lefthand turn from the right lane directly in front of me. I braked so hard the tires smoked. The fat broad driving the van parked off the street as I stopped. I called her something.

      She went off. Screamed, “Do you know who I am?!!” and other unhappy nonsense. I decided I had had the desired effect and went away happy.

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