Why I Love Women So Much


Long, raving misogynistic screed.

Summary: Women try to make it very easy to hate them. AWALT* – All women are lying, cheating, self-absorbed teenage prosties that can AND WILL have their cake and eat it too.”

Now I have no idea if that is true or not, but I certainly hope it is. If women are really like this, then this is a demographic that is surely after my heart. Look how much I have in common with them:

Make it very easy to hate them: Not sure about this one. I actually try to make people like me, but it doesn’t work very well. It seems like an awful lot of people hate me, so I must be doing something right after all.

Lying: Oh Hell yeah I’m a liar! You got that right!

Cheating: Fraid so. Not always, and I can be monogamous, but I every new relationship I start up I develop a seven minute itch, a wandering eye and a penis with a mind of its own.

Self-absorbed: Yo!Did someone call my name? Good Lord am I Self-absorbed. You don’t even want to know.

Teenage: In my heart of hearts, I am always 22 years old. That’s not exactly teenage, but I supposed I could just as easily be 19 as 22.

Prosties: I never charged, but I have been called a male whore before. Compliments like that make me blush.

That can and will have their cake and eat it too: Yay! Having my cake and eating it too! Yummy. My favorite transgression.

I can’t believe how much I have in common with women. We should get along perfectly!

Moral to the story: Women are evil and so am I, so we should get along fine.

*”all women are like that” – a very commonly used acronym in the Redpill communities because redpillers are always saying that all women are this, that or whatever. I am actually not sure if you can say AWALT about much of anything. I would say AWALT – they have vaginas. Yep, all women have vaginas.

But then I got to thinking about recent SJW outbreaks on university campuses, including one that said that some privilege granted to women did not make room for “women without vaginas.” That’s an all-important demographic you know – women without vaginas. But then they bring up transwomen, and supposedly transwomen are wimmin too, except a lot of them are wymyn with penises. It all gets so confusing.

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0 thoughts on “Why I Love Women So Much”

  1. Women are on average OR there are many subgroups of women who are very empathetic specially if were compared with men, no comparison. I see it in ”animal” ”fighters” communities in facebook, few men there (and many them are homossexual). More women who are vegetarian and vegan than men.

    Men is more violent on average than women, no comparison again. Men is a nigger (thug-life) in sexes behavioural comparison like representative hypothetical white immigrants will be like that in Japan.

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