Iran and Russia Supplying Hezbollah and Syria with Advanced Arms

Iran has supplied Hezbollah with the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system. Photo here. That is a very good weapon, the best AA Hezbollah has ever had. They also supplied them with a P-800 Oniks anti-ship missile. It looks like this.

Hezbollah already has anti-ship missiles which they used to sink an Israeli boat during a very dramatic Hezbollah broadcast at the start of the last Lebanon war.

Nasrallah was giving one of his broadcasts (the Israelis never could figure out where he was hiding) when suddenly he said, “Look above, into the sky. Watch the Israeli ship burn.” The video then panned to the sky where a missile arced across the night sky. The camera followed the missile out to sea and showed it hitting a ship and setting it on fire. Nasrallah made that announcement at virtually the very minute when the missile sunk the ship. It was the first that the world learned of the ship sinking. Nasrallah had announced the strike almost in real time. Everyone who watched was absolutely stunned. A Chinese missile was used.

It has now apparently been verified that Russia has indeed supplied Syria with two S-300PMU-1 (SA-20B) missile launchers (four battalions). Here is what they look like. It is an amazing weapon, one of the best on Earth.

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0 thoughts on “Iran and Russia Supplying Hezbollah and Syria with Advanced Arms”

  1. This kind of bothers me. More war and nations supplying arms to other nations. Proxy wars. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do not like it when the West does it either.

    Given my particular Christian beleifs I am inclined to want to stand with Israel, but at the sam time many of the things they seem to be doing (forcing Palestinians out of their homes in order to build settlements, disproprtionate responses to attacks from Hamas etc.) do not help matters in practice. I dare say this is one area where I might not be in agreement with Robert.

    Whatever is right or wrong, I can’t exactly seeing this end well.

    (BTW I presume you mean the 2006 war when you refer to the Lebanon war, Robert?)

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