Crime: Eating a Hamburger. Punishment: Death Penalty

Man eats a hamburger. Outraged mob beats him to death for this heinous crime. Government defends the mob who beat the poor sod to the death.

India a such a wonderful modern country!

India…is a shithole. Bears repeating.

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10 thoughts on “Crime: Eating a Hamburger. Punishment: Death Penalty”

  1. Why do Hindus want to come to western nations in such large numbers, when they must view us as “cow serial killers” of the worst variety?

      1. Look at it this way,its good for the rest of humanity if 1.3 billion indians stick to a largely veggie diet. Some figures off my head:
        China produces about 610 million tons of grain but still need to import 80 million tons of soy and over 10 million tons of corn, just to produces 60-65 kg of meat/capita(about 60% of US figure. On top of that, beef, the US staple meat is a lot more carbon intensive than Chinese staple pork). Hey india produces 260 million tons of grain and is the world 6th largest food exporter. Praise Bharat. Imagine the additional eco damage if the hindus start to eat more meat

  2. In a poverty sticken place like India, or maybe even the US black ghetto, you can’t run away from crap like this. There is nowhere to hide, and white nationalists are saying “genetic background, not the environment” is the main source of evil.

    How can a 4 year old boy or that man’s wife run away from the area? Do they have enough money even to travel to another village? If they call the cops, considering how corrupt they are, how do they know they’ll do anything effective, or in time? How can they be sure they won’t be labeled a “tattle-tale” or “nark” and make the situation 1000 times worse?

    1. So many middle and upper class whites can shut off bad problems like they would an “on and off” switch. Not so in the case of poor areas. Myself, I am fortunate to be able to avoid people I can’t stand.

  3. And to think that Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley elites are sucking up to Narendra Modi. Can you imagine American business and political elites warmly welcoming Marine Le Pen or Viktor Orban, even though Modi makes the latter look like Bernie Sanders?

    Man, it amazes me just how much shit Indian Hindus get away with.

    1. True, the trendy elite kisses the ass of radical Islamists and especially Hindus (since Hindus only terrorize India 😆 ) Of course, it’s only a crime if the white man is intolerant and hateful, right?

      1. Iv’e always wondered. Why isn’t there outrage over the Hindu caste system and the untouchables, the same way as there was against Jim Crow? It’s a very hypocritical double standard.

        1. Same goes with northeast Asians, nobody gives a shit about the intolerance they display, instead buying into their line, “We’re the victims of US imperalism” Boo hoo. Crying face 😆 Always the white complainer is made to look like a cunt, cause he bitches about the place. But how is there, India , all these non-white places different than Jim Crow?

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