What Should Bald Men Do?

What should bald men do?

  1. Get transplants?
  2. Wear a hairpiece?
  3. Just go ahead and be bald?
  4. Get some hair seeds, put them on their head, put some dirt over the seeds, pour some water on top, sit out in the sun and try to grow some hair?
  5. Find a bald woman, marry her and have kids who will grow up to be bald?
  6. Kill themselves?
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0 thoughts on “What Should Bald Men Do?”

  1. My head is shaved right now. Some guys suit it better than others. So, it depends on whether you suit it, your attitude and if you have the money for a hair transplant.

  2. If you have a decent shaped head shaved works.
    I unfortunately have a weirdly shaped head which is a bit small and broad shoulders, so with a shaved head I look like a mutant pea head.
    On the plus side it seems like I’ve gotten my maternal grandfathers hair loss pattern which is a slowly increasing widows peak and when he died in his 60’s he still had most of his hair.

  3. When I was in school I shaved my head once, but some guys kid me for looking like a punk, but that was in the 90s. Also, a lot of people at that time thought if you shaved your head, you should be doing push-ups. 😆 Is that a valid way to think?

    My math professor has a bald head, supposedly cause he has male pattern baldness, so to look cool, and have an army “leader” image, he just shaved it all off, and grew a beard to go with it.

  4. The irony being that a guy with male pattern baldness has more T, hence likes women more, but in much of history, women haven’t liked baldness.

  5. Metrosexual isn’t the same as hippy. Metrosexuals clean thier hair like a girl, and are in general, just too “clean” to be a man. A good example of metrosexual would be John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever Most metrosexuals now would be considered gay by most..

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