What Attracts Women 3: Ext. Red Pill Remix

Incredible video. Guess what? Looks matter to women!

Towards the end they do an experiment on Plenty of Fish using male model pics. They do these experiments all the time over at Sluthate and the results are extremely interesting. Furthermore, they tend to very replicable!

So the made the POF fake profile using Chad, and boy does Chad look good! He’s a 10 if there ever was one. Almost as soon as the profile goes live, he’s getting messaged by women, over quite attractive ones. They were coming in at about one every 10 minutes.

They then asked the question of whether Chad needed Game, confidence, money, status, or any of that. They deliberately made him screw up horribly in conversations, made him act excessively forward and gross, more or less asking women to fuck, made him into a moron who couldn’t understand big words. One woman listed five personality traits that were mandatory in any man. Chad then says he fails on four out five. The women responds that the list isn’t set or anything like that, and he’s fine anyway. Suddenly her must-have personality traits all vanish into the win. She gives Chad her number and makes a date for the weekend. Every woman he talks to gives him her number pretty much.

Moral to the story: If you truly are Chad, you don’t need much of anything else. You can have lousy Game, a crap personality, the brains of a slug, act like a perverted, creepy jerk, be dead broke, have no ambition or prospects in life, and guess what…?

None of it matters!

Because if you are Chad, you really don’t need personality, Game, brains, tact, decency, money, money, ambition or prospects. In other words, you don’t need jack! Women are willing to overlook all of your shortcomings because your killer looks trumps them all.

However, I would say that if you are not Chad, any or all of that stuff may well come in handy. I always thought it was personality, confidence and Game that got me women, but maybe it’s not true at all. Nevertheless, I think there is something going on there because I doubt if I’m Chad anymore if I ever was. So if you’re not Chad, gather all the personality, Game, confidence, status, fame, power, money or whatever else you need and add it to whatever looks you have. Based on my own experience, I think that you could increase your SMV significantly.

In other words, Chad doesn’t need any of this stuff but the rest of you (us?) sure as Hell do.

In the middle there is an excellent section about Game fraudsters who sell the idea that looks don’t matter and all you need is Game. In one session, they don’t even tell a man with an obvious facial deformity (Crouzon’s Syndrome) that maybe he should lower his standards a bit due to his looks problem. Nope! Mr. Fucked Face can slay like the rest!

Video then follows (apparently shot in Spain) of the poor schmuck’s progress running Day Game and trying to meet women. He fails horrifically. An interview afterwards shows him nonplussed, confident and feeling great.

That video is pathetic. It’s sickening the way they sold this poor sucker a bill of goods. They got his hopes all ratcheted up for nothing at all.

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  1. Everyone already knows. Looks matter to women, no matter what some in the pua community say to sell their stuff. Although looks matter less to women than men.

  2. Looks do matter a lot. If you are good looking, you’ve got a much better chance of getting dates and getting liked by women. Its obvious. But then if there are two men of equal looks, the one who is better at talking to women will be more successful.

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