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They are claiming that they are better than Sluthate, but I am not so sure. So many posters there seem angry. It almost seems as if they hate everything. The general vibe of both sites is one of contemptuous hostility, apathy, boredom, depression, hopelessness, futility and I am not sure what else, but it is a lot worse on Lookism than on Sluthate. A vague sense of suicidality lingers over both sites. It seems like they just want to tear everything down to the lowest common denominator, and they don’t see much value in anything. I go there, and I want to leave due to all of the anger and negativity.

If these guys aren’t getting any women, it’s not doing them any favors to be so pissed off like this.

If you want to know why I go there, I am getting really into this Game stuff now. Yes, you can go to standard Red Pill/Game/PUA sites, but the crowd there is so awful that it feels like a punch in the face. I do not like the hyper-aggressive, super-competitive, bragging, ultra-macho, snarky, mean, vicious cockbreaths that infest those sites.

You can also go to PUA gurus’ sites, but those also bother me because I don’t like to read sites written by Joe Cool who’s got his shit together and has life dicked. Hyper-confident, cocky super-optimists get on my nerves. They hardly seem human.

I would actually rather read Game stuff at the incel sites because those folks are mostly just pitiful, and they don’t seem too aggressive or arrogant. Yes, they are pitiful, but they are also humble.

Those of you who couldn’t care less about the subject of male/female relationships might want to leave because this is something I want to explore for a while now. Not just Game but the whole dynamics of male/female romantic sexual relationships, what each gender likes, what attracts and turns them on and even more importantly, what turns them off. How to succeed and blow it with women and why things work or fail.

Women’s minds are all about relationships, so they might find interesting fodder here. Of course, I am mostly interested in how men can get women and not the other way around, but I suppose female commenters can discuss what they like or don’t like in a man.

I have long felt that there needs to be Game for Women or Women’s Game sites, all about what men are like, what we are all about, what we like and don’t like, how to turn us on and off, how to blow it or succeed with us, etc. I know young women who tell me that they have been failing in relationships with men forever, and they haven’t a clue why. At Game for Women sites, women who are having problems attracting or keeping good men around could lay out their situation, and the other women could brainstorm to try to give them some good advice.

I would rather write about this than the toxic race stuff that gets people screaming racist at me all day long. That’s very tiring, and there’s not much to be done about America’s racial problems anyway except maybe quit importing more of the problem. Beyond that, I throw up my hands like I do about a lot of things.

Most societal problems have no real solution!

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17 thoughts on “New Incel Site: Lookism”

  1. Good news, Robert, since I found your blog googling “incel” a couple of years ago. You write very well about this and other subjects.

    1. Right on, man. I am very interested in the incel phenomenon although my life has been sort of the opposite. Nevertheless I do go through Incel periods, even now, of certainly months, so in a way, I get where these guys are coming from.

      1. I have my Incel periods too and this is one of the reasons why I’m interested in the subject and in Game also.

  2. I still say a lot of it is from social connections. Some of these guys with thin women are total dorks; they only get women via church, school etc.. I mean, imagine if you were a Jehovah’s Witness. Since they can’t marry outside thier church, the supply of thin women would go up exponentially.

    1. Incels have no social life that would involve some women. They won’t go to a church or other social gatherings where many women are present. Incels also won’t work out.

      Well, there is some exceptions, but as with the Oregon shooter, he was kind of a gun nerd. Sure he did macho things, but the general vibe from him was “retarded” or overgrown 10 year old. One thing that would improve his image would be growing some hair on his head, and occassionaly dressing like a stylish 18 year old. Of course, he might still be able to get by with no hair, but the clothes are very important.

      1. If guys went around acting like “Dumb and Dumber”,:lol: do you think they’re really going to meet thin women? They might get some laughs from them, but no real dates. Please.

  3. One can always meet thousands of thin women in the Phillippines. However, WNs are against racial mixing. Of course, you can always try Russia.

    I think even those women though, even though they would date an incel, would demand that people like Oregon shooter, would dress more “like a man”, I mean, apart from wearing military clothes. I mean, dress up with stylish clothes form a department store, but not stuff that’s too gay looking.

  4. I saw this one really tall and muscular guy get a turned head “look” from a girl at community college. The guy who got the look didn’t look like a kid, the way the oregon shooter looked.

    1. I don’t know if the guy was muscular. He was dressed in sports team shirt (not a jersey though) and some shorts, but he was very large.

    2. I get turned heads from women to this very day, even from young women around 18-23. It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. They usually try to ignore me afterwards for some reason though.

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