By the Time a Woman Is 50 Years Old, a Man Will Have Tried to Murder Her

It’s not my place here to analyze men, but to say we are flawed is an understatement. No matter how bad I say women are, I honestly think we men are about 20X worse. I just don’t feel like analyzing men. I will let someone else do it. Maybe there should be women who devote themselves to the study of men.

The genders can’t really study their own very well. Feminists claim to study women, but their understanding of women is pathetic and self-serving.

The best articles I have ever seen on female nature were written by men. These men were often bastards, but the articles struck me as spot on.

The main problem with men is VIOLENCE. It is outrageous how aggressive and violent we are. ALL of the women I have dated recently aged 48-56 have either had a man try to kill them (been a victim of attempted murder) or had a man threaten to kill them. One was shot in the head by her husband. Another was raped and beaten so badly that she suffered temporary brain damage. She’s lucky to be alive.

Also most women ~ 50 years old that I know have been raped by men. It was mostly date rape, true, but one woman suffered a date rape that was far worse than most stranger rapes. Not all date rapes are relatively mild affairs.

Also most women I know ~50 years old have been molested as girls. In some cases, the molestation went on for years. Perpetrators were siblings and a friend of the father.

And all of these rapes and attempted murders were done to White women by White men. By all reports Black men are quite a bit more violent than White men. If this is how violent White men are to women, I shudder to think of how violent Black men are to women. It must be nightmarish.

I figure by the time a woman gets to age 50, one or more men will have molested her, raped her and tried to murder her.

That’s if she survives.

The violence we men commit against women, even the nonlethal variety, almost looks like a hurricane.

Men are probably even more violent against men than they are against women. I’ve already had one man sexually assault me (all he did was fondle me), and one another occasion, several men all tried to kill me.

What men do.

We try to kill women. We kill women. We rape women.


Because it’s what we men do.

Blacks create slums, Jews create anti-Semitism, and men molest, rape and kill women.


Because it’s what they do.

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17 thoughts on “By the Time a Woman Is 50 Years Old, a Man Will Have Tried to Murder Her”

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  1. That is perfectly ok. It will help me pay my bills this month. I still have $340 in bills, and I have $260 cash til the end of the month LOL.

    As long as you keep your word it is fine. A man’s word should be good. A White man’s word should be good. That is the way I was brought up. As you go through life, you will find few things as important as keeping your word. If you can’t follow through on a promise, then don’t make it in the first place. If you can’t keep your word, you should have a good reason other than just sloth or apathy.

    A man who keeps his word is an honorable man. Being an honorable man is VERY important. I try to be one myself.

  2. No no no, Robert, we don’t rape women, some of men do. Those also get to mate with them. The rest of us never have sex.

  3. If only men would mind thier own business, but everywhere they want to fight. 😆 Anything that moves, male or female.

    However, let’s be honest, women are pretty mean too. Violence, domination, brutality etc.. seems to be a part of being human.

    1. Universities amaze me at how peaceful they are, considering they’re full of testosterone filled males at the prime of thier lives, and also women in the prime of thier lives.

      Of course, prisons and the military are full of the same thing, and are full of violence.

    2. At the root, man (and woman) is just a viscous animal, hence, Jim Morrison’s proclamation of “The Lizard King”. 😆

    3. Note though, that anyone saying man shouldn’t be violent is called a queer, a worm, a nerd, geek etc..:lol: In other words, people embrace the idea that deep in themselves is this caged animal that needs release.

      All the great heroes, rock stars, American football players etc.. are put on a high pedestal, for having a big dick (in other words, hyper-masculinity etc..)

  4. The language of this post does sound a little overgeneralizing at times which does make for somewhat uncomfortable reading if one is a man who is not inclined to rape or kill women exactly. I suppose it is meant as “men as a whole” and am sure the author does not wish to include himself outside self-defense, but I don’t exactly see much of that in myself.

    Even this is not enough for the silly end of feminism where people will go overboard even when it’s a playful tap on the shoulder amongst friends.* And despite that, I might just hurt a fly, if I could catch the blighters… spiders are what I leave be**.

    Otherwise, the point is a pretty fair one. Here for example is an article in The Independent (a UK newspaper) citing a study in which almost half (well, 44%) of women in the UK and a third of women across the EU claimed that they had experienced “physical or sexual violence” throughout their life:

    Perhaps I’m biased, but I’d imagine the figure is slightly higher still in the US and vastly worse in some third world countries which shall remain nameless.

    *The incident I refer to I might have taken a little too seriously.

    ** Noting that they eat flies and that experiences with others’ paranoid arachnophobia has made me somewhat jaded…

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