America Has a Special Mission to Bring Freedom and Democracy to the World

It is indeed true. America, that shining city on a hill, has a special mission to bring freedom and democracy to the whole world, at gunpoint if need be. America’s mission is to be the Humanitarian Bomber to the world in need, freeing people groaning under the weight of oppressive dictatorships so they can breathe the free air of freedom and democracy.

Before and after American intervention.
Before and after American intervention.

Before shows the horrible, evil, nightmarish world of oppressive dictatorship. This is before America got involved to bring light unto the world. Doesn’t that look horrible? Awful! Terrible! Those poor people need some liberation! On the right shows the the results after the great US (and NATO) intervention to remove the vicious dictators who slaughter their people and replace them with peace, freedom, democracy, human rights, gay rights parades, affirmative action quotas and radical feminism.

Look at how much better those countries look after US intervention! Isn’t America cool? God bless America! Land of the free! If you are suffering under a cruel dictator, just give America a call and we will send some humanitarian bombers to liberate you so you can enjoy peace, freedom, democracy, prosperity and human rights for all. Right now your country looks like those on the left. But don’t despair. You can look like the countries on the right in no time. Just give America a call today for a free Democratization Estimate.

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0 thoughts on “America Has a Special Mission to Bring Freedom and Democracy to the World”

  1. This is why I can’t be angry at the immigration issue currently happening in Europe. It still pisses me off, but I understand why people want to leave after America freedomed the fuck out of your country.

  2. At least with some in the media it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Do anything and you at least cause the loss of innocent lives. Do anything when you have no real casus belli and that is reprehensible enough. (The basis of the Iraq war, not to beat about the bush, was lies.) Do too little and not think it through and you get instability lasting for years. Do nothing, and yes you keep the murderous tyrants in power but you avoid the ISISes of this world from coming to prominence.

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