Oregon School Shooter Confirmed as Having Asperger’s


Adam Lanza was also on the autistic spectrum and so was Seung-Hui Cho. There is no evidence whatsoever that George Sodini, the Columbine shooters or Elliot Rodger were on the spectrum although they are often said to be. Rodger was a pathological narcissist, one of the Colombine shooters was a sociopath and the other one was depressed, and no one knows what if anything was wrong with Sodini.

His mother confirmed that he was an Aspie in online posts. As a boy, he was a “headbanger” – that’s not a metalhead but instead is someone on the spectrum who likes to bang their head against walls.

Chris Harper-Mercer, the shooter, had access to 14 guns. It was thought that those were his own guns, but as in the Lanza case, instead they were owned by his gun nut mother, a nurse.

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6 thoughts on “Oregon School Shooter Confirmed as Having Asperger’s”

  1. First, He did not exist.

    Second, not all aspergers who are those that are extremely fragile beings. Some can commit crimes (and specially high functioning autistics, higher non-verbal than verbal iq)


    Third, the fact that he was or not asperger, really matters **

    That if he really existed.

    ” normal people ‘can kill also, incidentally, they do so without any drop of awareness.

    Domesticated dogs can attack if their ”masters” order.

    hbd people on average have almost all the vices of thought that predominate within the conservative community. one of them is poorly understood autism.

    Now any act (if it really happened) this type (the president runs in record time ahead for television to talk about disarmament) will be because of asburguer.

  2. Your absolutely right Santoculto, that didn’t even happen, thanks a lot Obama, I voted for your ass, in the primaries, I shed a tear at your inaguration. I hate identity politics…gee thanks guys. As if the personal challenges Aspergers throws in your path weren’t enough. Instead of getting to suffer through it in silent dignity they had to come up with some bullshit label, and that label had to become popular and now I get to have it and I get to be part of some special race of loser serial killer basement dwellers? Some shrink tells me what I am like by reading from a book, unempathetic apparently. Actually I am empathetic to a fault, I have to be on guard from giving all my money and time away and being taken advantage of. That’s probably why I am on the “left”, though my shrink could even explain that one away as an abstract obsession, real feelings are for those that live authentic lives of white picket fences, wife, kids labrador retriever etc. Would-be revolutionaries are just a bunch of sad sacks with issues and something to prove…there may actually be some truth to that. Neurodiversity, join the movement!

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