Hypergamy Experiment

The site used was Fling.

Here is the pic that was used. She is nice looking, but she is also fat.

My position on here is that most women can pretty much have sex anytime they want to. I get a lot of enraged responses to that on here, mostly from male feminists and women. They say it’s just not true. By the same token, a man cannot just go out and grab a woman anytime he wants to.

Incredibly, most women actually believe that any man can have sex anytime he wants to. Women are incredulous when I tell them that that’s not so.

One woman asked me, “Well, can’t you just go to a bar? I mean you could go to a bar and there are all sorts of women in there to get picked up. Just grab one of them. How hard could it be?” But there are men who spend years in bars and clubs and come up empty handed. A bar is no guarantee of anything.

This shows how solipsistic women are. Women think, “I can have sex anytime I want to, therefore, men can do.” They generalize their own experience out to everyone else because they are so self-absorbed that they can’t conceive of people having different experiences than they do.

Anyway, this experiment was made to show that women can have sex anytime they want to. A profile of a pretty but fat woman was uploaded to Fling. Within only 1 hour, she had already had nine men email her. Nine. In one hour. And some of them look fairly decent. By the end of the day, she already had 30 messages. 30 men to choose from in one day!

Hypergamy experiment. Click to enlarge.
Hypergamy experiment. Click to enlarge.

Indeed, I am told that some women get incredible numbers of emails on these sites. I met a Mexican-American woman on a dating site once. She was 60 years old, but she looked fantastic. I could not believe she messaged me back. She told me she had just joined two days before and had already gotten 200 messages from men. And she chose me out of 200!

Are you folks starting to get it? Women, just like female animals, have lots of options. They have all sorts of male suitors to choose from, just like female animals. This woman who had nine men come to her in an hour? Guess what? She can afford to be very choosy. Very, very choosy. As choosy as Hell. How choosy? She can afford to pick the best men out of the scores to hundreds who apply for a date with her.

By contrast, I assure you that if you put a profile up on these sites as a man, you will rarely get an email. I am getting some now, but those are from women my age when everything starts changing, and there’s a man shortage. Since men hardly get messaged at all, they can’t afford to be very choosy. I mean how many applicants are they getting? Zero.

You can also try to go wild messaging women or sending them emails. My friend told me that you have to send 100 flirts to get maybe one in return. So that was what he did. He sat there and sent hundreds of winks a day. And yes, he did get dates, but he’s also Chad, and he’s a huge asshole and a liar to boot with his rich parents’ credit card.

My experience on those sites has been similar. You have to give hundreds of likes to get maybe one response who’s not a scammer. For women in my area, I think I got one response. I had better luck with women overseas, but then you need a plane ticket.

Think about it now. If you are maybe getting one response to every 100 likes, exactly how choosy are you going to be? Not very. Hence we have the old adage that men will screw anything. That’s because they can’t afford to be choosy.

I have a hard time understanding why we even have debates about such things. It’s like debating which direction the sun rises and sets. It’s so stone obvious.

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9 thoughts on “Hypergamy Experiment”

  1. Women also think that men could have sex any time they wanted to do so because they only really talk with, listen to, and think about the most attractive 10 percent of men. And for them this is of course true. They simply ignore 90% of men, or better, they do not even ignore them, they never in their life notice their existence.

    Women of course do not like to hear that they could have sex partners by simply stepping out on the street because this would reduce their alleged success. Today many women just want to be exactly like men: they want to work, be competitive in sports, drink, have fun, and they want to cheered on when having sex with someone like men do.

    Without contraception they would of course understand quickly that they are the ones who should be cheered on for NOT having sex with someone (in other words or classical feminine chastity).

    1. No, I don’t think they’d understand that at all, they would whine that not letting them get an abortion–punishing someone ELSE for their bad decisions–is “oppressive”!
      I say this not out of some “hypothetical” but an argument that’s been raging for the last 20+ years.

      Indeed, the main cause of the butthurt in Hobby Lobby’s case was that their bosses wouldn’t pay for ABORTifascents!
      “My Body My Decision” is the usual battlecry, but they forget there’s another body in the mix that ISN’T theirs that their decision will very much negatively impact–and was their decision to cause in the first place!

      1. To a point that is sad but true. I never get why the so-called “pro-choice” crowd always seem to think that abortion is all about a woman “choosing” what to do with her body. Except in cases of rape, which is by definition is non-consensual, then assuming she knows all about sex and its potential consequences, a woman has already chosen to do something with her body. She can choose if and when to have sex and, if “protection” is available, then there is no cause for concern.

        As regards the Hobby Lobby case, whilst I wish the courts on both sides of the Atlantic could be as acomadating of reliious freedom on the institutional level, it’s debatable whether the contraceptive methods in question really were “abortifactant” by any stretch of hte imagination- there are certainly some medical experts who would tell you point blank otherwise, for example here (noting of course the author of the linked article displays personal biases of her own):


  2. Do you think that maybe a lot of those Men were burnt (repeatedly or not) by the women like the OP?
    And therefore, whether “rationally” or not, want to treat women the same way they were treated.

    Do you think they might be disqualifying — subconsciously or otherwise — Men that DO want them? I seem to remember a certain Seinfeld episode taking that to the next Level with some bald woman rejecting George for — wait for it — BEING BALD!

    Read this article for a breakdown of how women project their decisions and their decisionmaking criteria onto the Men, so it’s always the Men that are being unfair.

  3. If you can’t be bothered looking up the article, the last paragraph OF the article sums it up neatly:

    Ultimately, the problem is with women because women are responsible for their own life and sexual choices. Women want equality, don’t they? Women want equal wages, don’t they? Well then, they need to accept responsibility for their bodies and stop blaming men for who women choose to have sex with.

  4. There are certainly plenty of good common sense reasons for hypergamy in females compared to men, that I can see:

    Seeing as the male sex drive is pretty consistent over time, as compared to the woman’s which varies over the menstrual cycle, as is his general fertility (which likewise varies for the woman in pretty insistent fashion), then we can see that if a man wants to satisfy his sexual desires, he can’t afford to be as choosy; conversely, perhaps women cannot afford not to be in terms of mating success due to the opportunity costs involved.

    That the women are the ones to get pregnant (with associated risks to her life and health) and end up bearing the brunt of childcare presumably adds to this; the potential costs add to a desire for greater rewards.

    However I’d like to see:

    How much this is affected by culture. Wikipedia seems to suggest a mixed response from studies as regards ‘gender equality’ in societies, but I’d imagine there is a lot of cultural legacy from the times of greater “patriarchy” when women needed to marry “up” in order to secure a better future.

    Plus there is the whole romantic fantasy element. It’s as if all too many women seem to be indoctrinated into thinking they must pursue the “Mr. Darcy” type (handsome, very rich, bit of a jerk but with a hidden kinder side), and this gets even worse when you’re talking about literature which is a million miles beneath Jane Austen, let alone the fact most people miss the point of what the book was getting at somewhat (I think).

    We need to know if any bias is being introduced from research being done on dating sites. Whilst they’re a good way of evaluating how people behave with this sort of thing in the “real world”, and whilst old stereotypes about the sort of people who use dating services are less relevant than they once were, are such people looking for certain things or have certain standards far more than those who stick to finding a mate in meatspace?

    How this is affected when you consider other metrics than looks? Again there is a certain lack of realism in judging someone based on a few static images; in reality, you’re judging the way they talk, act, their mannerisms, personality, a whole host of things.

    As to the girl in the photo linked? I’d say she was quite attractive but probably not the greatest beauty in the world; whilst she certainly isn’t thin, I think it might be a stretch to call her “fat” as such (though one cannot tell when all the pictures stop at chest level not waist level).

    Unless of course your definition of “fat” implies “has more meat on her than the average Victoria’s Secret model”. Would she be the sort of person I’d go for based on that? A strong possibility. Though based on my beliefs, of course I’d not be one to go for every woman I met even if I was inclined and capable of doing so.

    Yes, my standards are fairly broad in that regard. Perhaps this proves the experiment somewhat right.

    I do wonder why being “fat” has to mean unattractive though – that’s a cultural trait. This is perhaps largely a function of modern Western society – as I understand, in those places where many people are poor and underfed, “fatness” is seen as more attractive, as presumably it indicates well-fed => healthy and higher status; whereas here being underfed is not a concern and instead being overweight is a sign of poor health and presumably laziness/low morals and low status.

    And there is the tendency of media and society to push certain types of models as the ideal, which no doubt influences the opinions of some somewhat.

  5. This is a comment I made on CH.

    I looked at the study. (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/ad/ad362.pdf) Here are the relevant results:

    males 30-34, number of sexual partners:
    0: 2.8
    1: 10.7
    2: 6.9
    3-6: 28.5
    7-14: 21.9
    15+: 29.2
    median: 6.4

    females 30-34, no. of sexual partners:
    0: 1.9
    1: 20.5
    2: 9.4
    3-6: 38.8
    7-14: 18.0
    15+: 11.3
    median: 3.8

    30% of men have had over 15 female partners. The study doesn’t give us enough info about the upper end. We can certainly conclude that most men aren’t getting much action and that there are probably some men who are getting a hell of a lot. (This is actually consistant with the other data I mentioned. Probably 15-20% have had between 15-30, leaving 10% over 30 and most of that 10% will be 30-50.)

    As for the women, only 11.3% have had over 15 sexual partners. Conclusion: most women aren’t slutty and then there are 10% who must be having sex with an awful lot of men. (Alternative interpretation: they are lying in the study).

    If this data can be trusted, does it show female hypergamy? The bottom 90% of women have less sex than the bottom 90% of men. 70.6% of women have had under 6 sexual parnters compared to 48.9% of men. 88.6% of women have had under 14 sexual partners, compared to 70.8% fo men. It actually shows a top bracket of women having sex with a larger share of men.


    here is the other data: its just an internet survey but it broadly matches the data in your study, for male and females.

    p.s. it would be nice if some of the quantative rigour of hbd blogs was brought to this subject.

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