Cop Killed in Possible Islamic State Attack in Australia


On Friday, October 2, a 15 year old male, Farhad Mohammad, showed up at New South Wales Police Headquarters wearing a black cloak and shouting Allahu Akbar. The first person he saw was Curtis Cheng, police accountant. The Muslim put a bullet in Cheng’s head.

This is looking like an Islamic State lone wolf attack. Police are investigating possible links to the Islamic State and Hizb ut Tahrir, a group that is about as bad as the IS.

This is the third such attack since September when IS issued its call to attack any American, European or Australian infidels its followers could find and to kill them in any way possible.

An Afghan attacked two Australian policemen with a knife and was shot dead.

A Muslim took hostages in a cafe in a crime that resulted in the deaths of two of the hostages.

Numerous other IS-inspired plots have been foiled.

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0 thoughts on “Cop Killed in Possible Islamic State Attack in Australia”

  1. Islamo appears to be a love-hate ally of white man and that is why white man elites are encouraging Islamo to terror the peasants.

    White elites bail out Islamo on a lot of occasions, including Islamo war with Othodox.

    When Serbia fight Islamo in Kosovo, the western Christian bomb Serbia. Now Kosovo is a land of rape murder and sex traffiking.

    When Paki Pedophile sold white teenagers into brothel after shoving their digs into vaginas, UK police sit by and watch until the whole things become a big scandal.

    It appears that there are powerful elites wanting to corrupt white man land into shit.

    All shit groups like Islamo, gay, feminist, free sex type are getting a free rein to attack virtuous people.

    Anyone who voice virtue today are deem as bigots. Try shout anti gay on roof top today.

    Patriots like Le Pen are being hauled to court.

    Seems that white man is getting into shit because your elites are back stabbing you guys,

    1. Thank you, and sadly, you’re right, our elites are helping the bad overrun the good. I never DID understand why Clinton ordered the bombing of the people that were trying to get rid of terrorists!

  2. Muslims have to leave. I’m not showing them the same mercy I would show African Americans. Anyhow, US whites share a blame of the problem regarding African Americans, but we (and other western nations) really don’t owe muslims anything. We just don’t need them here.

    1. Muslims US citizens for the most part aren’t that big a problem. Dearborn Michigan is hardly a hotbed of terrorism. I think this is because a lot of the Muslim immigrants to the U.S. tend to be upper middle class professionals and business owners vs the lower class and political (too radical for the Wahhabi’s) immigrants that go to Europe.
      Muslim ex-pats and visitors especially Gulf State Wahhabis are more worrisome. Conversely even radical Iranian Shia are far less dangerous.
      It’s a Wahhabi problem that is exacerbated by the wealth of the Arab Gulf States. Get off oil fix the problem.

      1. Islam, when practiced in it’s true form, professes Jihad and promotes an Islamic State. Upper class Muslims etc. are just practicing watered down Islam.

      2. Do you remember when they were throwing ROCKS at Christians in Dearborn? And then the TERRORISTS called the cops to have the CHRISTIANS escorted out!

        1. You mean when a bunch of nut job Christians went to an Arab festival in a successful attempt to incite violence?
          The Christians brought pigs heads on sticks and shouted vile things at the Muslims some of the Muslims threw trash and rocks at the Christians. Both sides were wrong with the major difference being the Muslims throwing things were mainly kids and teenagers the Christians were mainly adults. Adults should know better.
          EPAGH be careful responding to me because I will call you out on your bullshit. You have proven repeatedly to be at best willfully ignorant and possibly an out and out liar.

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