Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks Has Been the Norm All Through Human Evolution

Steve writes:

A society where 20

Yet apparently at least statistically, this is what is happening on Ok Cupid. 80

If you think it’s complete nonsense, why don’t you go on those dating sites and see how you do? Ever been on a dating site? I have been on lots of them. Hint: Dating sites are the biggest cockfests in town.

I have always known that of course 60

So 60

There is some general truth to Alpha fucks, Beta bucks. When I was in high school, I looked around and said, “You know what? This is crazy. 10

Yet we keep on hearing this. Someone on Spearhead said they had just gotten out of law school. They said most of the people there were going back to school, often in their late 20’s to early 30’s. They said that over the course of the time they were there, they witnessed almost all of the best women cycle through about 15

This sort of thing is true as sort of a “general truism.” You out and talk to some men sometimes. The more experience a man has with women, the more he is going to agree with Alpha fucks, Beta bucks. The men who don’t agree with it often don’t have a Hell of a lot of experience with women. Who should I listen to, the man who has lots of experience with women or the one who has little?

A society where 20

You say that a society where 40

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0 thoughts on “Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks Has Been the Norm All Through Human Evolution”

  1. I don’t think that’s always true. A lot of it has to do with social connections. Even the wimpiest, nerdiest guy around might get a hot chick if he goes to church, or in some way is socially connected.with everyone. A lot of guys don’t get women cause they’re loners, in the total sense.

    For instance, I saw the FB profile of some hot girl at college one time. Her boyfriend didn’t look like anything special. I don’t think any of those college guys are that special, even the ones who “blend in with the cool look”. They’re just not muscular, and they’re not overtly talented or funny.

    Anyone care to debate?

    1. My guess the girl met the guy at church, or some college or high school function. Perhaps the guy knew the family, who knows. However, he didn’t seem that superior to other men.

      Actually evolution doesn’t favor the strong individual, but rather it tends to favor those who are “socially minded”. For instance, let’s say you had a guy who liked the local college football team, and one that didn’t. People would like the conformist, no matter what his look, and he would have more friends, and chicks.

      1. Look on social media, Facebook etc..? Who rambles their mouth the most and is the most popular? It’s conformists. People who conform to whatever is popular. Who’s unpopular? The guy who posts Communist propoganda in Tennessee. 😆 or fascist propoganda in San Francisco.

        Who gets the girl? Guys whom people trust and isn’t strange.

    2. This one guy who was born around 1950, has gotten chicks for most of his life. He isn’t exceptionally muscular or meathead. He’s just very social. He likes the local sports team. He likes southern stuff (which helps him in the south). He smokes and drinks, which isn’t good for you, but helps out in the bar scene. Finally, he’s very funny, but that isn’t necessarily a requirement to get women, but helps tremendously.

      So evolution favors him, not some weird muscular guy who looks like Fabio. 😆 That seems to be the case. Nature favors the social guy, he’s able to “blend in with the enviornment better”. He’s more fit for the environment.

      1. And note, and let Be-ast take special note, the guy popular with women I mentioned is not an asshole by any stretch of the imagination. He’s just very social, and his “nice” feature only helps getting women.

    3. You keep mentioning muscles but haven’t said anything about these guys’ faces. Face is like 90% of the equation (and most guys suck at rating male faces).

  2. That has not been the case and in Africa and reportedly in Papua also. In primitive agricultural societies in those places, my understanding was that the chief and his gang up buddies/pals tended to monopolize the women or the best women. What the rest of the men got, I am not sure. Your argument does not seem to be true in Africa and Papua.

    I would say in those places, the chief would allocate females to his gang of ruthless buddies/friends who probably used aggression and power to keep the rest of them in line. These are the guys he had to provide women to in order to keep them loyal. His Republican Guard, if you will.

    In the Paleolithic, 40% of the men made harems and locked out 60% of the guys with nothing. How could they have done that if as you say, in order to stay in power, the Alphas have to distribute a woman to each man?

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