Alpha and Beta Males and Why Women Blame Men

The guys who use girls for sex are the Alpha males

who are either:

1) Alpha males with the dark triad of mild sociopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism, so it’s in his nature to be confident, charismatic, dominant, and get what he wants – sex


2) Alpha males who are simply attractive men with generally good faces and are generally muscular and over 6′ tall. So in this sense, even if he doesn’t have the Alpha personality, he still ends up using women for sex simply because women throw themselves at him and he doesn’t actively manipulate them into bed. This Alpha male simply has a ton of opportunity for poon and doesn’t have the self restraint to say no (granted it’s tough to say no).

So even if he’s a nice guy, he obviously can’t commit to the 3-10 or so girls a week that throw themselves at him, so girls get hurt. It’s worth noting that in this instance of the attractive Alpha, the man is not manipulating women to have sex with him. The women are voluntarily sleeping with him and pursuing him hungrily simply because he is attractive and tall.

The women are being shamelessly shallow in this instance, and it is nobody’s fault but their own when they get hurt. 90% of women cannot throw themselves at the top 10% of attractive men and expect them to commit to all of them.


On the other hand, Beta males – guys who are less attractive, less charismatic/dominant or don’t have the dark triad, have a harder time getting females. So they learn to hold onto one woman since they don’t get individual women that often. These guys do treat women well. Women sleep with the Alphas casually, not the Betas. So the claim that Beta males use her for sex is ridiculous. The guys who do want relationships are not users of sex. Nope, nope, and nope. Sorry ladies.

However, women use rationalizations to convince themselves of why the nice guy Beta male is somehow not a good guy. Whereas the Alpha actually wants to use her, and the woman lies to herself pretending, “Oh he’s probably a good guy deep down…” because she really badly wants the Alpha in the most carnal of ways.

The Beta male shows clear signs of loyalty, love, honesty, and she convinces herself he must be a creeper if he’s too affectionate or otherwise that he must “secretly be a player/jerk” even if he’s shown absolutely no reason for her to logically think that.

In fact women use very specific word choices to rationalize men they find attractive/Alpha vs. men they find unattractive/Beta. Even if the two men have exactly the same personality and behave in exactly the same way, if one guy is uglier or more of a Beta in general, women will call them this vs that.

Hot/alpha guys are “confident.”

Ugly/beta guys are “cocky.”

Hot/alpha guys are “intelligent, learned, cultured.”

Ugly/beta guys are “nerds, pompous, dorks.”

Hot/alpha guys are “funny, witty.”

Ugly/beta guys are “overcompensating, annoying, weird.”

Hot/alpha guys are “sexy and charming” when they make a move.

Ugly/beta guys are “creepy and stalkerish” if they make a move in the exact same way.

NOTE: By ugly I mean having an unattractive face or being short. Short oftentimes will do it right there. Very ugly or fat are often instant DQ’s. As a side note, it’s funny how women flip out about men being shallow regarding fat women, but women are also shallow about fat men. They say “I need a fit man who can protect me.” Uh, protect you from what? We live in a civilized society with advanced weapons a fat person can still use.

And women DQ and judge short men too.


When other girls sleep with hot/Alpha guys and get used, they do not want to blame the Alpha male specifically. To do so would mean she would have to admit to herself that her choice in men was bad and that she should lower her physical or dominance/Alpha standards to have a chance at keeping a man. Women don’t wanna do that. Not. One. Bit.

So what do they do? Instead, they like to lump all men together. And since women are like dogs in the sense that they naturally attack the weakest members of a tribe, women instead choose to lash out and take all their anger and frustration out on the weak, nice, passive men who can’t defend themselves, the Beta males. The Beta males get blamed for everything.

Even though the Betas wouldn’t dream of using a woman for sex and would love nothing more than to cuddle and love one woman, women still harshly judge the Betas. Women also judge the Betas because it makes them feel less guilty for rejecting them. Women don’t like to feel shallow and mean, so  instead they will deflect the blame onto the Beta even though the Beta has done nothing wrong.

They will use what Alphas do as an “excuse” to reject the Betas. Women use Beta males for emotional support, attention, and money. In essence, just like alphas use women for sex, women in turn virtually rape the Beta males by stealing/manipulating their time, attention, money and resources.

Ultimately, the problem is with women because women are responsible for their own life and sexual choices. Women want equality, don’t they? Women want equal wages, don’t they? Well then, they need to accept responsibility for their bodies and stop blaming men for who women choose to have sex with.

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0 thoughts on “Alpha and Beta Males and Why Women Blame Men”

  1. Dividing all men into alphas and betas as defined by this article is a ridiculous over simplification.

    I think this article contains a lot of stupidity.

    Its like it was written by somebody who likes to reduce things to simplified mental systems and rules, yet doesn’t have a good grasp of real people or social life…like an aspie.

    1. …I think at the least, there should an attempt to set out more categories and sub types, like lion of the blogosphere did. Even people who just use just beta, often recognise high beta and low beta.

      One thing I applaud this article for is recognising that a lot of so called alpha male behaviour and attitudes that are advocated by game sites are actually narcissistic and sometimes sociopathic. Not always or in every aspect but there is a crossover. Not that narcissists are the only type of guys that can get laid a lot…again, more categories needed.

      1. There are I think 5-6 levels of Betas. They are well thought out and the guys have put a lot of work into them. The psychological analysis looks pretty good to me. Delta and Gammas are two of them.

        There are two levels of Alphas – Alphas and Sigmas. There is also a lot of talk about True, Pure or Natural Alphas and “Synthetic” Alphas, which makes a lot of sense to me.

        I almost think Omega should be broken down into more than one part also.

        Sure Alphas can be assholes. Pretty much goes with the territory. I think I am a good person, but you should talk to some of my ex-gf’s. Some of them will tell you I am evil, the worst man on Earth, narcissistic, sociopathic, utterly lacking in empathy, on and on. I don’t agree with any of those characterizations, but ultimately, I really do not care. Just keep the women coming.

  2. I wonder how many self designated betas are in fact omegas. Anecdotally, I am the classic beta, and I have always been able to attract reasonably attractive females in the 6-8 range, occasionally higher. I look at sites like Sluthate, and I just can’t relate to what they’re talking about. It just isn’t that difficult.

    1. You are absolutely correct.

      Betas can can absolutely get women. 60-70% of men are Betas. Your father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather, best friend, the guy next door, they may all well be Betas. Betas are just “ordinary, everyday guys.”

      The guys who can’t get laid to save their lives are Omegas.

      I can actually relate to the pain of the guys on Sluthate because even though I am supposedly a notorious player, I have had also had quite a few incel periods of weeks to months and in one case, 3 years. So when they talk about being incel, I get it.

      1. Sluthate… No offense, but I can’t help but wonder how many of them are latently gay and creating excuses for themselves. Not to mention the obsession with other guys’ looks, and the (almost) ogling of “Chads.” Another anecdote: I knew a guy in college. Decent looking, smart, a little socially awkward, but quite likable and a good conversationalist when he was in the zone. But he made such a huge deal about how no women would look at him. We all felt sorry for him. We tried to get him together with women, but somehow it never went anywhere. So I see him at the reunion 20 years later, with his boyfriend. I know anecdotes are not data, but….

        1. I have never known one single gay male who even pretended to be straight. I knew some before they came out, but they just seemed to be guys who had absolutely no interest whatsoever in females. When we brought the subject of girls or women, they would act bored or try to change the subject. Later both of these guys came out as gay.

          I figure the # of gay men on Sluthate is about 0%. Those guys are absolutely obsessed with heterosexuality and getting women. I have never met a single gay man who was obsessed with heterosexuality or getting women. Most gay males act like females are invisible or else they actively dislike them.

          As far as the obsession with looks, well “looks matter to women” is the latest rage on those sites, so that’s what all of that is about. Some of those guys are having facial surgeries! The continuous posting of pics of goodlooking men is the subject of a lot of “fag jokes” over there.

    2. Yeah. I could have written that about myself. There have been females interested in me throughout my life, including some attractive and very attractive ones, and I’ve received numerous compliments about my looks.
      Yet do I have alpha male attitudes or behaviour towards women?…not really, I don’t think so. I can’t even be bothered trying to be. I want to be myself. I don’t want to be contrived or manipulative. I figure I can do just fine.

      I know guys who are not much above average looking and they are getting laid all the time. If you socialise, have normal social skills and you are decent looking and you have the drive and balls to make it happen, its not that hard.

      I’m waffling a bit here. I just wanted to say I agree with your comment. Average guys can do fine. Even below average looking guys can find a girlfriend.

      I realise it can be very difficult for some guys who never seem to ever get females interested in them and have tried and been rejected many times… but like you said, they are more the omega types. Even they can probably make improvements and get a bit of success.

  3. Well i can certainly Blame the Career women of today why so many of us Good men are still Single today when we Should Not be at all do to their Greed And Selfishness now that they carry around Everywhere they go Unfortunately since they are so very Power Money Hungry too.

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