What Works Best, Loving Women or Hating Them?

I can’t think a worse woman-repellent than hating them. I was in a phase like that for a period of my life, and it was nothing but massive fail.

On the other hand, a lot of men say that beta-orbiting and white knighting doesn’t work either. So the question is, where is the golden mean?

I do not know the answer. I have always told myself that I love women, and to be honest I truly do. On the other hand, I do not put up with any crap from them at all, not even 1

I do not beta-orbit. That’s just stupid. What are you, retarded?

I don’t white knight. How ridiculous and pathetic. What are you, a male feminist? Whose side are you on? Bros before hos.

Most women think I am sort of a bastard, so I don’t even get any requests to beta-orbit or white knight women.

Don’t be a slave to women. Don’t be a little puppy dog. It’s needy and pathetic.

Always act like you are operating from a position of strength.

There is nothing wrong with being a nice guy. I have been one most of my life. The only problem is being too nice!

For instance when you have a girlfriend or dating thing with a woman and she ends it and says lets just be friends, say, “Ok, see you later then, I am out.” She will typically flip and say “Whoa! I cannot believe you just said that! You just want to fuck me! If you can’t fuck me, you don’t even want to be my friend!” Then just say, “Yep that’s about it,” and walk right out of her life like a complete bastard.

Some mottoes:

  • I’m a nice guy, but I can also be a real bastard.
  • I love women more than anything on Earth, but I can also be a real prick if you mess with me.
  • I can be the best boyfriend you ever had, and I can also be your worst nightmare. Your choice, baby.

Don’t put women on a pedestal. Women are flesh and blood human beings not all that different from you in a lot of very basic ways. We’re both just timebombed mortal meat sacks.

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0 thoughts on “What Works Best, Loving Women or Hating Them?”

  1. What works best in womanizing in my opinion is to go fuck a lot of women and more will come to you. I have observe decent boy who girl spurn like a piece of shit.

    Once this guy got a woman, he acquire some sort of aura, and more will come.

    It is like you got some evil energy.

    The other important thing is to invest in bodybuilding and that not only build your health but give you a lot of self confident. Nothing attract woman more than self confident.

    Down the list is probably getting yourself a nice guy. Women are shallow and they equate nice car with wealth, never mind if you get into debt.

    Once you fuck them, even if they know the truth later, they will more likely to stick to you and it is even possible to groom them to peddle ass, to take all take profit in pimping them.

    Sexual grooming and pimping women is especially easy if you target high school kids.

    That is why I think it make sense to criminalize sex with underage girls.

    In short, what I want to say is the best way to get women is to project power, and evil aura.

  2. Right, playing “hard to get” is the way to go. Like that advice on that movie Dazed and Confused” I saw. That one dude said, “If she wants to do something, then say no, Say maybe later. It works everytime”.

  3. No, the Burt Reynolds type stud (born in 1950) I mentioned in another thread, gets tons of women, and his whole life due to being social and nice to women, not being a woman dominator or an asshole.

    1. Sorry, meant to say “No, the Burt Reynolds type stud (born in 1950) I mentioned in another thread, gets tons of women, and has his whole life.”

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