This Site Is Like a Newspaper


Ed writes:

Robert, I appreciate this is a big topic for you, but you keep doing these super long posts that are harder and harder to digest! Please make a few post you your own with some points!

It really is best to see this site as a newspaper or newsmagazine. I am mostly concerned with traffic now as I am finally selling some ads. Do you read every article in the New York Times? Do you read every article in a newsmagazine?

I eventually want this site to be something like that. It’s already at the point where I do not expect you to read everything that is up here. Pretend that Beyond Highbrow is the New York Times.

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  1. Happy that you’re able to make money finally through your great site man, Richly deserving. For some people, they get what they want only at their twilight years. Nobody bothers going through each and every page of newspapers these days considering the flies, cooked up stories and all other vapid stuff it carries. Blogs like this give what people want. Stay fit and healthy Robert. Keep up the great work.

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