On Friendzoning

The thing about Friendzoning is you need to accept it. She says, “Let’s just be friends,” then say, “Fine, let’s just be friends.” Quit trying to have sex with her after she Friendzones you! Also you should come off as the sort of guy who does not need to be Friendzoned in the first place and could give a damn if a woman Friendzones you or not.

Also you can also act like she’s a complete idiot for Friendzoning you. The attitude is like this: “LOL! You just friendzoned me! Do you realize you just Friendzoned the hottest man on Earth, you fool?” Laugh at her when she Friendzones you. “Hahaha! You just Friendzoned me LOL! You don’t want to have sex with me!” Start rolling on the floor laughing your butt off. It will make her mad, but she will also think it is intriguing.

If you act like you don’t give a damn if you get Friendzoned or not, then this is negotiating from a position of strength. Also when women Friendzone me, they usually start fixing me up with their friends pretty quickly. So I do not mind being Friendzoned at all.

Although I will admit that when it seems like all women are friendzoning you and none are being sexual with you, that is a very painful place to be. I was in that place around age 18. So I sympathize utterly with men who complain about getting endlessly Friendzoned. It’s very insulting.

If you are Friendzoned, just say, “Fine, no problem, we are friends.” Continue to be friends with her, but maintain a strong sexual presence simply by your thoughts. And leave her the Hell alone! You’re friends, remember? Quit trying to get sexual with her! Women get intrigued by a guy who is ok with being friends and doesn’t even try to get sexual with them. What’s wrong with him? Is he already getting so much sex that he doesn’t want or need me? It’s an Abundance mentality.

This attitude of the Friendzoned guy where his attitude is, “Hey, I did all this shit for you, woman, now pay me with sex,” is so messed up. It is totally pathetic and it looks that way too. Don’t do it!

I do not know why it is, but even when women Friendzone me, at some point months or even years later, they usually try to seduce me.

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