October Is Bash a Violent Bitch Month


Please feel free to celebrate accordingly.

This is the 5th annual Bash a Violent Bitch Month. I am so glad that they finally decided to set aside a month in order to promote this activity.

Bottom line is:

  • If a woman hits a man – She gets hit.
  • If a woman steals from a man – She gets hit.

Obviously the main reason for a lot of horrific violent and criminal activity that modern women engage in is because they think they can get away with it. If a woman knew she was going to get hit hard if she hit a man, she might think twice. Further, if the punishment for hitting a man was that she herself gets punched, she might think twice about stealing from us.

I am hearing more and more stories about women stealing from men. You go home with a woman to her place, have sex with her and leave in the morning. Turns out she rifled your wallet and stole $29. She also tried to steal your pants, belt and sandals when you went out to the car in the middle of the night, and she locked the door and would not let you back in.

You have a woman over at your place on a first date. She says give me some money for some booze and food. You give her $25. She vanishes out the door, never to be seen again.

The only solution is to start hitting them over some of these serious transgressions such as assaulting men and stealing money from us.

Should you beat her up? I do not think so.

How many times should you hit her? One good solid punch ought to be all it takes. Hopefully, you won’t cause any serious permanent injury to her body.

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0 thoughts on “October Is Bash a Violent Bitch Month”

  1. I think maybe its okay to hit back within reason but I don’t agree with hitting for stealing. Violence should only be used in self-defence.

    Fines should be given for stealing. Fine her $30 lol

    1. Ever had a bitch steal from you? I have, in one way or another, including “buy me this dope and I will have sex with you” and then not delivering. Including that sort of thing, I have had four bitches rip me off, all of them on DATES! Amounts stolen were low – $20-30 each time.

      PS All four of those bitches were Blacks and Mexicans. Not that White women are above that shit; they do it too. Women from those lower races are particularly notorious for that sort of thing. AND YES THEY ARE LOWER RACES.

  2. I think the same goes with kids. They talk to you like your a dog, cause they know an adult won’t do anything without facing criminal charges, or getting beat up by their daddy.

  3. Are you telling us you somehow managed to live your whole life without ever hearing (and comprehending) the proverb “a leopard cannot change its spots”? The gist is thus: only idiots punch a dog for barking. It’s a dog, fool! It’s gonna fuckin’ bark. Same goes for black women. They are greedy, selfish, pushy, abused, worn-out, used-up diseased, terrible in bed, loud, obnoxious, and have no culture, taste, compassion, or intellect of any kind. We all know these are facts. So what are you doing? Why are you attempting to date them? You know they will steall. Why hit the nigger bicth for stealing? Why hit the dog for barking? It’s pointless; you’ll just hurt your hand. I suggest hitting yourself every time you get a hard on for one of these low-rent undesirables, as it’s you who who is making the mistake – not them!

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