0 thoughts on “Male Sexuality Vs. Female Sexuality”

  1. Women like men who are behaviourally adaptable, romantic, dominant, self confident, empathic and fragile in the right moments.

  2. Guys are always calling each other pussies and losers. In that case, why is everyone claiming women are these ultra-snobs?

  3. There may be truth to this in terms of attraction but in practice 20% of men are not monopolising 80% of women. A society where 20% of men have a harem and 60-80% of men aren’t getting laid is a complete fiction.

    I can’t find data but I would guess that 60 or 70% of men aged 30- 35 are in a relationship and that 70 or 80% of men that age have had several sexual partners.

  4. I actually found some good data from a pew research study.

    Ages 30-49:

    54% are married or in a committed relationship for more than 5 years.

    25% are married or in a committed relationship for less than 5 years.

    That is a full 79% 30-49 year olds in a relationship.

    It is 58% for 18-29 but more than that will be getting sex.

    I’ve always said, based on observation, it is total bullshit that 20% of the men have 80% of the women and now I have the data to prove it.


    1. this shit never made sense to me. Its logical that roughly an equivalent percentage of men and women will be in relationships and people will roughly pair off with those of the same level of attractiveness.

      Monogamy is still the general rule.

  5. I like girls with huge tits anything smaller then DDs don’t do it for Me unless She has really huge nipples or large areolas! I want some research done on what percentage of women have big tits like this.

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