Looks Versus Money – Which Matters More to Women?

A study on a dating site paired an ordinary man (a 5) with Chad, a 10 male model type. Chad was said to be unemployed. Average guy always had a job and an income. He started out at $30,000. Women consistently chose Chad the bum over the hardworking Average Guy. They wanted to see at what income level women would finally pick Average Guy over Chad. They kept moving Average Guy’s income up to see when he would match Chad’s appeal.

How much would Average Guy have to make before women would pick him over the hottie derelict?

$50,000? Nope.

$75,000? Nope.

$100,000? Nope.

125,000? Nope.

150,000? Nope.

They had to push Average Guy’s income up to $200K before women picked him over Chad.

I think this whole thing that women prefer guys with a roll is sort of a big lie.

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0 thoughts on “Looks Versus Money – Which Matters More to Women?”

  1. It depends on culture.

    In East Asia, it is definitely monies more important than looks. The East Asian women having high IQ is extremely calculative.

    Very few people are super model type, so this chad guy fetch a $200,000 premium. Also you may want to dress Chad like a beggar and put him side by side with some Joe, with expensive suite/

    But somehow the 2nd generation of USA East Asian girl also pick up white man culture, and they tends to de-emphasize material wealth.

    However my friends from China Manchuria told me that White Russian women in Siberia like to marry Chinese. They are sick of drunkard Russian man.

    Another reason is women in white man land have not suffer enough hardship. 2 couple can stay married, stay unemployed and fuck and the state got to support you.

    In East Asia, these 2 scumbag will get starve to death among the despise of all their relative and friends. People in East Asia society know the importance of monies and hardwork.

    Hence those who have look at no capability or monies are despise.

    The culture has made East Asian women far more pragmatic in choosing spouse in white man culture.

    1. Creaders has a point. Without the socialist system supporting people when they’re down, you’ll find women will choose the richer more hardworking guy over the unemployed “cool” guy.

  2. To rephrase from another comment on another thread (without copying it), men are rejecting the overweight and girls who are not “girlish” enough, so isn’t it only fair?

    1. All of those women who are getting rejected for being too masculine (Who are they? I never meet them.) or fat can get laid any time they want.

      In my hood, most women are ugly as Hell, landwhales are so common you need a harpoon just to walk outside, and a lot of these women are so hard and tough that you would think they just got out of jail or prison. All or almost all of them are with guys, or if not, they can get one anytime they want.

      The guys around here will literally screw anything that moves. Some of the most hideous, disgusting, repulsive hambeasts, ratchets and landwhales around here find some guy who is willing to be with them. The guy usually doesn’t look like a million bucks either, but around here, it’s barely possible for a woman to be so ugly she can’t get a man.

  3. It really rare for a woman to marry a man with less wealth than her (and to even date him, but the odds of that are somewhat more common). The equivalent would be like asking a man to marry a fat woman. It happens, but it’s rare. At least that’s my observation.

  4. I am familiar with this study but it has serious flaws, most women on dating sites don’t bother reading men’s profiles so they don’t know exactly what they make.

    Also unemployed != loser because even 1 percenters worth millions are occasionally unemployed when they lose their 2 million salary a year cfo position.

    It could also mean unemployed but have lots of money from parents.

    Beauty strongly correlates with wealth, especially amongst men.

    You won’t see 6 foot tall muscular white guys with defined features and proportional faces working at Walmart.

    The politically incorrect truth is that the poor and the wealthy have been so segregated in america that these 2 groups are most likely genetically different.

    The average height of chads is probably 6’2″ while poor white male is around 5’8″, average height of female chads is 5’9″ while poor white females are under 5’4″. Wealthy white females also have a much higher leg to body length ratio.

    I live in nyc where chads and poor whites live side by side.

    1. Actually the so called “ugly” are tired of being called that way. They now take pride in being average, hence the “Larry The Cable Guy” redneck stuff. Society has given them the finger, so the so called “degenerates” are giving them one back. 😆

  5. This is true for young women – under 30 maybe. Once they realize that life is a struggle they place money at a higher position. It’s more women working than welfare that is to blame – they think their “career” obviates the money of a man and they’re putting off having kids so….they can entertain the idea of Mr. Cool broke guy for a while. This is why the time to find your wife is either early on (high school, college) where kids will smash the ridiculous dream of writing ad slogans (or whatever movie is popular with women nowadays) before it starts. Or you wait til their 30s when they realize that their boring job sucks and maybe having a “life-fulfilling career” isn’t that great of an idea.

  6. Some BBWs are hot. Generally the cellulite, not the shape, tends to be a turnoff. Some guys actually chase so called land whales on purpose. I know one guy who threatened to dump a girl cause she lost weight. 😆

    1. One thing for sure you won’t find massive tits or a big ass on thin women usually. If you did, iot would look out of proportion and weird anyways.

  7. That has been my impression for a long time. It is wrong when people complain about gold-diggers. There are few gold-diggers in western countries. No, feminism has actually destroyed the most important pillars of patriarchy some decades ago in western countries.

    Women work nowadays (even if it is mostly pseudo-working), the welfare state and health care (which is another word for the Beta drones) take care of their children with Alphas who cannot or do not want to pay. Women in western countries always choose the man with bigger wrists, bigger hands, deeper voices over someone with money. Gold-diggers are actually the nicest of any women.

    It is similar with corruption: I have no problem with corrupt politicians, policemen etc. I have a problem with people who refuse to get bribed but stick to their idealistic principles (because mostly those idealistic principles turn out to be really bad). People like the Nazis or Islamists can not get bribed; they believe in what they do and are happy to suffer in a material sense as long as they can reach their immaterial aims.

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