Facts Versus Ideology

I have finally noticed something. There are many times when facts and theory (or ideology) clash. In other words, the facts reported on the ground (by some) go completely against one’s own theory about life (one’s ideology). In this case, humans must make one of two decisions:

  1. My ideology is wrong and the facts are correct.
  2. My ideology is correct and the facts are wrong.

Humans will tend to choose 2 over 1 in most cases.

Almost all humans will do just this. I think men may be less likely to do this, but women are notorious for this sort of behavior. Women have this idea of how life is supposed to work, and it’s pretty much a fairy tale. But they believe in it because it makes the world comfortable enough to live in without a whole lot of anxiety.

To discover that the world does not work that way at all and instead is the complete opposite of their fairy tale world is very upsetting and makes the world seem like a very scary place that frankly most women don’t even want to live in. They figure it’s not even worth it to live in such a shitty world, and if that’s the way the world is, they would just as soon kill themselves.

All and I mean all Identity Politics people engage in this exact thinking. That is because all Identity Politics people are ideologues.

Liberals are also notorious offenders because they don’t want to believe that ugly reality goes against their pretty liberal ideas about how life really is.

Liberals are always telling you that what you have seen right in front of your face all your life is actually not even true at all! Apparently your eyes have been lying to you! Instead, to discover the truth, we have to have a bunch of social science liberals conduct some dumb experiment. This experiment then somehow manages to prove that everything you have been seeing all your life as obvious truth is flat out wrong. Everything you know is wrong!

Women do this same thing. Women are always insisting to others that the others’ eyes have been lying to them about the obvious patterns they have observed over a lifetime. The truth instead is whatever fake dreamworld that woman has cooked up in her head to avoid the pain of life.

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0 thoughts on “Facts Versus Ideology”

  1. I would agree that there are men who live in dreamworlds, but when do you ever hear a man say that about himslef? Like never. Do you have any idea how many women I dated who told me, “I am a dreamer. I love to dream. Don’t crush my dreams! I need my dreams.” I mean I cannot count them. So women like to be dreamers and I have nothing against that at all. Women don’t seem to want to accept the cold hard nasty brutality of life, and instead want to see it as something a lot more pleasant.

    On the other hand, you will hear a lot of guys saying things like, “Life sucks. Life’s tough, man. Life is hard. Life’s not fair. The world is an ugly place. People suck.” Men seem a lot more willing to see the world as a nasty jungle and at some point, they are more or less ok with that.

    Sure, a lot of men stay perpetual adolescents. I have no problem with that. Sure they’re not facing reality. But is a perpetual adolescent a dreamer? Not really.

    How often do you ever meet a man who has an utterly unrealistic view of life and human nature? I do meet some, but it’s usually a liberal or a male feminist or someone like that. Some successful men think everything is easy and moronically can’t understand why it isn’t just as easy for everyone else as it is for them, but they are not so common, and most men consider them to be extreme assholes.

  2. What about the people that deny Moslem Cult terrorism?
    Or the people that want to pretend savage refugees don’t rape the women and children of their betters who naively let them in?
    Or the people that believe Blacks&Mexicans are NOT more violent than whites in “safe” America?

    Or for that matter, womens’ self-delusion, and outright public lies, about what kind of Men they want, and the subsequent frustration of Men who rebuild themselves around what the women SAY they want–then see the women go off with the animals they claim to hate?

    1. You could easily put poor whites coming into a home and “politely” raping a place (sneaky, sweet-talk behavior, theft) and indeed it happens in my family all the time.

  3. What about the ones who lie that America’s success has nothing to do with being a white, Christian, heterosexual country?
    If everyone is equal, then Mexicans should be coming here as a vacation, not breaking the law and risking DEATH to sneak in. What made their country WORSE, if not their demonstrably WORSE culture?

    Or all the African countries that the scum are fleeing by the MILLIONS?
    CLEARLY the equals of the peaceful European countries they are trying to bring war and poverty to, right?

  4. SJWs mean well, but I think they’re just surrounding themselves with good non-whites, ignoring the bad ones. But that’s not saying SJWs should become Nazis – but rather should quit playing identity politics, something which white-washes certain poor whites or poor non-whites who don’t deserve it. I mean, I cannot say ghetto blacks are good, nor white weasels who do pills and are into identity theft.

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