Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex

Male and female attractiveness ratings by gender from an OK Cupid study.

The OK Cupid survey showed that 80

Beatrix stated that if 80

However, based on attractiveness ratings, this does not seem to be the case. As you can see below, women are far pickier about men than men are about women. Men don’t seem to be very picky at all. If you talk to single women aged 35-50, they will tell you, “Men will fuck anything. Sad but true.” I have been told that by 3 separate women so far, ages 35, 44, and 50. So it seems to be a common belief at least among women of that age. Of course, many of us men have known this forever. A lot of men will screw just about anything that moves and probably a lot of things that don’t move. Even males with a heterosexual sexual orientation can be quite indiscriminate in who they have sex with. Heterosexually oriented males are known to have sex with men, teenage girls, little girls, old women, animals, and God knows what else.They will even screw inanimate objects like fleshlights. Hell, a man would probably have sex with a hole in a wall if he could figure out how to do it.

I once saw a very weird video of a man having sex with a melon. Of course the melon had a hole cut in it. The Arabs supposedly have a saying, A woman is ok, a man is better, but a melon is divine. But that may be a joke.

I guess they are just looking for a place to stick it. A pole needs a hole.

However, human females are much choosier, mirroring the behavior of non-human female animals who are often quite choosy in picking their mates and choosing out the mates that seem better than the competition. If non-human female animals act this way, why should we expect human female animals (because humans are simply animals at the end of the day) to be any different?

How males rate females on OK Cupid. Explanation of
chart: For instance, the first statistic shows that
males on OK Cupid rated 6
as anywhere from a 1 to a 2.3 on an attractiveness 
scale. Everything else follows from there. As you 
can see, women are far pickier about looks than men 
1-2.3   6
2.3-3.6 16
3.6-4.9 18
4.9-6.2 20
6.2-7.5 19
7.5-8.8 15
8.8-10  6

1-2.3   27
2.3-3.6 31
3.6-4.9 23
4.9-6.2 12
6.2-7.5 5
7.5-8.8 2
8.8-10  0
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0 thoughts on “Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex”

  1. on one hand thats just nature. sexual selection works by females selecting males, it is not symmetric, never has been. Many people today misunderstand that, as they think it were a symmetric market. This misunderstanding is nice for women, as it makes them look like winners on a market where they in reality could never loose. Also the downsides of being a women on this market (birthing and raising 5-10 children) have disappeared in the modern world, but the advantages have prevailed.

  2. When I was in high school and college, it wasn’t so bad not having a lot of money. Even then there were a sizable number of quality girls who were not preps and who would consider me suitable to date. Even back then the girls from wealthy families avoided the guys who came from less money then them; I simply wasn’t good enough in their eyes. After college things changed quite a bit. I’m pretty good at getting the initial date with rather attractive women, but after a few dates things trickle off. I’m not good enough and it comes down to money. They see me Toyota Corolla and are not impressed. They ask fishing questions like, “what do you do?” “How big is your place?” All these questions are meant to determine my net worth and earning potential so they can figure out if they want to date me or not. I know what women want. Tony Montana was right. Yes they would like a good looking guy but if you don’t got the dough they walk. Women want to mate with power and power is money in today’s world. Montana: “In this country, first you get the money, then you get the power, and then you get the woman.”

    It’s not like all women are avoiding me are this way just the women I want, the attractive ones. I myself am in the top 2% of male looks for me age group, and am finding out the top 25% of women put much more relative weight on the size of my pocketbook. The women who are interested in me tend to not interest me much, and the women who I am interested in aren’t interested in me. So here I am, an incel.

  3. Look, this is madness. They show men and women groups of the opposite sex and ask which ones they find attractive. Both sexes vote and the answers are tallied. You say this study is invalid because it is based on self-reports. Excuse me!? Whenever we want to discover how groups of humans feel or think about anything, what do we have to do.



    According to you, this study design (asking humans questions about how their thoughts and feelings about things) is INVALID because it is “self-reporting.” Well fuck. Let’s throw out half of all social science research then. Because almost all social science research is based on “self-reports of one type or another.”

    If you say it’s invalid to ask humans questions and write down their answers, how they Hell do you expect to ever test questions about how humans think and feel about different things?

    You can’t.

    I can’t believe you even wrote this answer. This is one of the stupidest comments I have ever received on this site, and the competition is pretty tough.

  4. Firstly, this is how women rated men’s looks, not which men they contacted or ‘chased’. Actually, I saw another blog entry about this and apparently they were contacting men they didn’t rate highly on looks. This might actually show that women don’t value looks as much as men and other things are important to them, such as earnings.

    Secondly, clearly more than 20% of men have girlfriends so even if women aim for the top 20%, a lot of them are actually partnering or hooking up with men in the bottom 80%.

      1. Lets add men’s income into the mix. Then we’ll see how picky women really are about looks.

        You realize that a study on a dating site paired an ordinary man (a 5) with Chad, a 10 male model type. Chad was said to be unemployed. Average guy always had a job and an income. He started out at $30,000. Women consistently chose Chad the bum over the hardworking Average Guy. They kept moving Average Guy’s income up to see when he would match Chad’s appeal. How much would Average Guy have to make before women would pick him over the hottie derelict? $50,000? Nope. $75,000? Nope. $100,000? Nope. 125,000? Nope. 150,000? NOPE. They had to push Average Guy’s income up to $200K before women picked him over Chad. I think this whole thing that women prefer guys with a roll is sort of a big lie.

        I’ve seen some hideous men married to some gorgeous women (think Donald Trump) & it wasn’t because the man in question had a lovely personality.

        Besides that I think Trump is quite handsome for 68 years old, what you say is old news. Of course I agree with you. Of course women marry for money, especially as they get older. But in the Game community, we are saying that those women are “settling.” There is also the question of whether they really love those guys. If you marry him for his roll, do you really love him? There’s also the question of how much sex these guys get? You married him for the cash. He’s not appealing at all to you, or worse, as you say, he’s flat out ugly. How does she keep fucking him every night when he doesn’t even turn her on? I don’t get it.

        This is what women want ideally: Chad, with a bankroll, and with lots of other great attributes. Unfortunately guys like that are rare.

  5. This is, after a fashion, why Feminazis exist. Men will pander for pussy, women can be pretty intensely unpleasant people and still get taken care of if they put out.
    It’s all ‘allowed’ by men, though, who are economically far more effective than women. Most women, deprived of men, would starve; most men, deprived of women, would be almost the same.

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