Beta Uprising

Just like unrestrained economic liberty and for similar reasons, sexual liberality produces phenomena of absolute pauperization. Some men make love every day; others five or six times in their life or never. Some make love with dozens of women; others with none. It’s what’s known as ‘the law of the market.’ In an economic system where unfair dismissal is prohibited, every person more or less manages to find their place. In a sexual system where adultery is prohibited, every person more or less manages to find their bedmate.

In a totally free economic system, certain people accumulate considerable fortunes; others stagnate in unemployment and misery. In a totally free sexual system, certain people have a varied and exciting erotic life; others are reduced to masturbation and solitude – Michel Houellebecq

Pic related. Actually no matter how insane this seems, something like this has actually been validated on dating sites.
Pic related. Actually no matter how insane this seems, something like this has actually been validated on dating sites. In this photo, they are only going for the 8-10’s. This seems extreme. I saw another one where the women were going for the 6-10’s that seems a lot more realistic.

Study after study has found the 80-20 ratio. For instance, a study on a dating site found that 80

The remaining 80

It’s not stated, but probably the 80

The pic above is related. However, it suggests that men who are 5-below have no women after them or available to them at all. I am not sure if that is exactly the case. However, many men who are 5’s and 6’s in looks say the only women available to them are say women who are 1-3. These men state that they are looking for women who are at the same level they are or even above. The men who are 5’s and 6’s say that they do not want to settle for uggos and landwhales who 1-3, and why should they? I believe they do have a point.

Anyway, discuss.

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0 thoughts on “Beta Uprising”

  1. But why should they force innocent people to pay (for thier frustration)? They go out and randomly kill everyone in sight. thinking they’re getting even at “society”?

    Now don’t get me wrong, some assholes exist out there, but there not targeting them specifically, cause they think everyone including kids and the elderly are all “in on it”, via some strange genetic theory they have.

    1. That’s what sociopathic reasoning, common to white nationalists, muslim extremists and the like, leads to. Random killing, enslaving men, women, and children, genocide (whether you believe in the holocaust or not), etc..

      1. But all revolutions don’t lead to a better world. I mean, I’m not drooling in excitement over a possible Jihad. Did Communism produce a better world? It did do some positive things, but was Communism needed to produce it?

        What extremeists want to do is use terrorism, plain and simple. They’re not targeting thier enemy, but going after the innocent.

    2. Study after study has found the 80-20 ratio. For instance, a study on a dating site found that 80% of women were chasing only 20% of the men. These were probably the top 20%. The bottom 80% were simply being ignored.

      A lot of factors play into this. Lack of physical fitness, which is easily solved by the incel and sometimes an old guy, money problems which can be harder to solve.

      Nonetheless, it’s not justification for mass murder of innocent people, most of whom had nothing to do with the little bitches’ problem (talking about the incel). Why should me or anyone else fear going to school, cause some idiot with a chip on his shoulder against the world just might open fire???

      1. “The more people you kill, the more revolutionary you are.” — The Great Helmsman

        “Judgments passed upon [the revolution] from the point of view of what is normal, of normal religion and morals, of the normal understanding of law and economics, are all of them ludicrous and pitiful. The malevolence of those who made the revolution cannot but repel, but it cannot be judged solely from the point of view of individual morality.” — Berdyaev

        So long as you continue to judge the revolution by your hypocritical bourgeois standards, you are opposing the liberation of humanity. Of course we will have to kill millions of people and send them to camps, but after the initial period of Absolute chaos it will all work out fine, I promise. Just trust me, please.

  2. The Pareto principle is nature’s formula. To disrupt nature’s formula requires a lot of unsustainable resources. In the past those resources were from colonies and wars. Not today. Most of them are spent. We can’t escape the 80-20 rule.

  3. This post brings to mind a recent outing I had with coworkers. As the night progressed and inhibitions lowered, we got to discussing who we’d bang from work. Unsurprisingly, the guys listed pretty much every girl.

    As for the girls – well, I knew they’d be much more discriminating, but even I didn’t expect this – they only chose ONE guy. And they ALL unanimously agreed on that one guy. Jesus, I guess we’re at the point where women aren’t even bothering to hide their hypergamous ways.

    Oh, and the guy they chose: 6’2″, early 20’s, underwear model physique, and REALLY cute face. So yeah, that’s how high the bar is nowadays.

    1. Hypergamy has never been hidden except in today’s times. North-East Asian families make their matches on the basis of the suitor’s wealth. That’s also what we used to do. It’s very eugenic. Now it’s also based on sexual compatibility, entertainment capacities and validation in a society filled with counter-culture. It’s much more dysgenic.

    2. I suppose this 80-20 thing has been pretty good for me in my life, but OTOH I have had some long periods of celibacy or relative celibacy of up to 2-3 years, so I can feel the pain that these guys feel.

      But I also know what the feeling is to be That Guy. It’s honestly sort of frightening some days. Sometimes I would almost start shaking with fear. I walked into the Rainbow nightclub in LA at age 24, and as I walked in the door and into the club, I looked out at the crowd and I swear to God every single woman in that room was looking straight at me with dagger eyes. And a lot of them looked great. I felt maybe the way some stars feel when they can’t handle being famous. It seemed too much and a bit frightening and I actually started shaking with fear at all that attention. It was unnerving.

      So while this stuff has been fairly good for me, it’s been really terrible for my brothers and it doesn’t seem like it is sustainable.

      1. What I have heard is that any and all of these women can get a man if they want to. There are hardly any women too ugly or fat or whatever to get a man. Men will screw anything that moves, literally. There are now groups called Women Foreveralone which take off on the male Foreveralone incel groups. These are basically female incels. But these women are only incels because they can’t get the guy they want, not because they can’t get any man at all.

        It’s just not the same thing. If indeed it is true and a fairly high % of women are targeting the top 20% of the best men, then my statistics, there will not be enough women left for the rest of the men. Suppose 50% of the women were targeting the top 20% of the men. That leaves the bottom 50% of them targeting 80% of the men. And I hear a lot of 3.5 women on their profiles say they want a White man, at least 6 feet tall.

        At Sluthate, they show profiles of women who are no more than average attractiveness, maybe a 5, saying that they are tired of all these lousy guys coming after them. Then they describe the man they want, and it’s Chad.

        I don’t understand why you deny that this stuff is occurring. It’s seems as clear as air to me. I figured this out back in high school. In high school, I looked around and said, “Damn, 10% of the guys are getting 90% of the girls. LOL that’s pretty damn funny!” So my solution to that dilemma was to vow to be one of that 10%. And if you go by my history, maybe I succeeded, I have no idea. It seems like maybe I did.

        You don’t believe this stuff because of IDEOLOGY. Your ideology prevents you from noting many obvious facts. Instead of noticing the obvious, you just say these facts are not actually occurring, they’re not even there. You are only happy in a world that looks like how your ideology tells you the world should be. You don’t want to live in a world where your ideology gets turned upside down.

        PS, almost all women are like this.

      2. Anti-Chad? Oh Hell no. I guess I am Chad. Or I used to be. Or maybe I still am. I have no idea. Thing is, how many men my age are Chad anymore. I mean sure, a lot of them used to be Chad, but are they still at age 55?

        I suppose maybe we ought to say if someone is Chad for his age group. A man in this 40’s could be Chad for women around his age, but a lot of young women would look at him and say, “Ew, he’s an old man, yuck.”

        Women my age tell me I’m Chad. With younger women, it’s more up in the air, but I can still get really hot young women aged say 23-29 in the last few years.

        By this age I am probably an acquired taste though considering my age. There are still a lot of young women who act like they are not interested in me at all, and they also act like i am not attractive.

      3. See Beatrix this is how you deny the basic nature of life because it conflict with your ideology.

        Most any woman can have sex any time she wants to because men will screw anything that moves.

        It’s simply not true about men. Men simply cannot have sex anytime they want to. It doesn’t work that way. Women are far pickier than men.

        You deny this which shows you don’t even understand basic things about males and females.

        A group of male incels formed a group called Foreveralone. A bunch of women took the meme and made their own group out of it on Reddit, the Foreveralone Girls or something. If you go to the group, you see, yes these women are very lonely. But after a while, you lose sympathy for them. Turns out they can have sex or probably get a date anytime they want. It’s not that these women can’t get laid or get a date to save their lives, but more that they cannot find a guy who meets their standards, which are not that low.

        You forget what I’ve done for a living. I’ve done & read & published lots of research on who, when, & how many times certain ‘persons’ get STD’s. It’s a public health thing. And cootie bugs don’t lie. Those 10% of guys getting the 90% of the gals are usually whom you can trace those nasties back to.

        Ok you admit the obvious, that female hypergamy is a real thing. Then why do you keep saying it isn’t?

        On the other hand I’ve also seen certain ‘hot chicks’ who seem to have a penchant for spreading the ‘gift that keeps on giving’- lets say about a third of the 9’s & 10’s are doing about 80+% of all the guys.

        You admit that sluts are real, so we are on the same page here.

        Women deemed unattractive are often treated like crap – and I’m sure you can at least mildly empathize with the misery of being treated like crap.

        I am sorry that they are treated like crap but I am not familiar with their experience. I can more than mildly empathize because I have been treated like crap a trillion times in my life and sadly it continues to this very day. A lot of people refuse to even talk to me. I start talking to them, and their response just says, “Look I am shutting this conversation down right now!” I also get called “creep” a lot, especially now that I am older. Creep just means “an unattractive man who is acting friendly/showing sexual interest in men. Now that a lot of women see me as unattractive, I really get the creep treatment.

        I do not know what life is like for an unattractive woman. Why don’t you tell me? I live in a neighborhood where most of the women are ugly as sin, and typically they have a man with them who typically looks about as good as they are. I am simply not familiar with the problem of the unattractive woman because I have never read anything about her plight. Is it so bad that huge communities are forming for unattractive women? I haven’t seen one.

        A lot of your other intelligent posters have left, you need intelligent posters on your blog to keep readers interested & participating.

        It doesn’t matter who leaves. There are usually quite a few commenters on here, and usually quite a few of them are really smart.

        I would appreciate not being attacked like this when I ask you something that makes you ‘uncomfortable’ or challenges your views.

        I like it when people say things that are uncomfortable or challenge my views. That’s the whole idea of the site. And actually, I try to make myself uncomfortable all the time by challenging my own views and asking myself if they are really correct. How many people do that? And I change my mind quite a bit too. How many people do that?

  4. True… if we factor in all age groups. But for people under 30, the 80-20 rule still holds. When I was in college, I honestly found it difficult to spot a girl I WOULDN’T date and have sex with.

    1. You were willing to screw anything that moves and has two breasts. This is the way most men are. A lot of older women aged 35-50 have told me, “Men will screw anything.” Unfortunately, this is sad but true.

  5. What if a man is dirt poor, has poor looks, poor physique, along with inadequate social skills. I guess these people don’t even count. Low man on the totem pole. Bottom scrum of society.

    1. Colleges, high schools etc.. are full of cliques, your either in them or not. If you try to get in them, but your not welcome, you’ll be called a faggot, pussy, etc.. 😆 Try being friendly and speaking up in a class full of smart-ass cliques. They’ll bash you like you commited holy murder.

      The biggest thing they wonder is, “Who are you?” , “Who the fuck are you?” Kind of like the military where you have to earn rank or be called a maggot etc..

      1. Gyms are like that too, full of cliques. If you go to one they look at you like your a worm. 😆 Maybe that’s why incels don’t ever go to any, hence the never improve on an evolutionary sense.

  6. Male incels with dysfunctional personalities might only have few options.

    A.Conform to society’s rules.
    B.Turn Gay
    C.Get lucky(Lottery)

    Elliot Rodgers was born into wealth,and that didn’t help either.

    1. Oh poor Eliot 😆 Talk about bullshit 😆 A rich guy can get any woman they want, any size type of look, or location. That guy was just a psycho, plain and simple.

      Plus with money, the women will come after you. Hasn’t anyone seen movies or shows about winning the lottery.

    2. Supreme gentleman

      Hi. This is Elliot Rodger. I would like to say that the fine young man who conducted this operation followed the Day of Retribution plan to perfection. He was also a supreme gentleman.

  7. No I banned you. You are spamming the blog and you routinely post your obsessive posts about misogyny on any and all threads including those that have nothing to do with the subject of your comments. It is a violation to continue to post off-topic comments in threads that have nothing to do with the subject of your comments.

    Also you said you would donate $120 to the blog, and you never did it, and that really pisses me off. I hate when people say they do something and never do it. That is niggerish as Hell and I cannot believe you did that. You think you have elevated behavior but you act just like some moral generate from the ghetto.

    1. Ok, I will unblock you after I get the money. If you are sending it PayPal, it just goes right in. Thanks. I desperately need it. I have a lot of expenses over $1,200 or so, and I just don’t have the money free at all. I didn’t even pay all by bills last month.

      Beast QUIT POSTING OFFTOPIC COMMENTS. You really need to quit doing that if you want to stay unbanned.

    2. Yes, you just would not stop promoting rightwing shit on here. I kept telling you over and over, but you just would not stop. You are not allowed to promote conservatism as a general principle for a basic politics on here because this is still basically a liberal-leftwing website. That is, I am still liberal-Left on 85-90% of issues.

      Also you promised to donate to the site last month and you never did that. I hate it when people make promises and don’t follow through on them. It’s niggerish. You’re acting like a ghetto nig, and you hate these people. You are acting like the people you hate.

    3. Sure I mean just comment like all the other commenters are commenting. No promoting conservatism as a general political principle. I am simply against it. But outside of that, you can pretty much say anything.

  8. Homosexual incels

    Has a gay man ever killed for lack of dick?Not likely.They’re constantly offered sex.Oxymoron.

    None of these Incels would of gone on these rampage killings if they were gay.A heterosexual man,in most cases has to take the initiative,when it comes to women,unless you are among the select few alphas,when women magically come onto you.These incels don’t even try or put in any effort.

    When I worked in a gay part of town,I was constantly hit on by men.Strangely it gave me huge confidence boost,though I wish it was women who were coming onto me,but they’re not wired like men.Men are the aggressor,usually on the attack.

    Sometimes having the wrong biology makes one into killer.Sometimes it’s neglect,abuse and lifetime of embitterment.With new phenomenon known as incel killers,now being the wrong sex preference makes one kill.

    1. Incels won’t lift one finger, or weight 😆 to be more physically attractive. They’re too chicken to talk to a cat. No wonder they don’t get any. Please.

      1. It doesn’t take very long to gain muscle either, unlike what you heard. But incels won’t do even one push-up.

      2. To Jason Y:
        Incels won’t lift one finger, or weight 😆 to be more physically attractive.

        Disagree, George Sodini apparently routinely worked out and his photographs portrayed a man who was in good shape for his age (48).
        Photographs of Chris Harper Mercer also show a man in decent physical shape, he claimed in his dating profile that he routinely did aerobics and lifted weights.

        For most women, a guy who’s physically fit does not make up for a problematic personality or possible mental illness.

        1. You might have a point there for some of them. Obviously, it’s a multitude of factors. As the late comedian George Carlin said, “Confidence can only be obtained by repeated success.”. No I mean, sucksess. 😆

          It might just boil down to lack of confidence, and contrary to the self esteem movement, as Carlin said, you simply have to win before you gain any.

          Could it be the self esteem movement has told people they’re somebody, when reality says they’re not?

        2. The problem is that confidence comes from repeated successes, however, in order to have repeated successes, you often need to have confidence! This circular argument keeps biting its tail. The problem with this tautology is that it also seems like a Catch-22.

          How do you get confidence? Lots of successes!
          How do you have lots of successes? Confidence!

          You can’t have one without the other, but it takes one to get the other. You can’t win.

  9. Iv’e not seen the incels can’t get women. They just can’t get skinny women. The 20/80 rule is only assuming BBWs aren’t factored in.

    1. Nope! 80% of ALL of the women on the website were going for only 20% of the men, probably the top 20%. That may well have been top 80% of women, so most women 3-10 were all going for the top 20% men. No doubt there were some fatties in the top 80% of women.

  10. You might find this article interesting, Robert, as he makes points very similar to yours. I don’t like a lot of what goes on over at counterpunch , but they do have some very edifying articles.

    Relevant passage:

    If the neoliberal revolution initially focused on the privatisation and corporatisation of the public sphere, it quickly moved to exploit our sexual lives. Indeed, as traumatic as the dislocation of work has been, the transformation of sexuality has arguably been more profound, as our most intimate acts and most secret yearnings have been reframed market terms.

    The PUA subculture with which Rodger was obsessed perfectly exemplifies desire as experienced by the neoliberal, entrepreneurial self. As Neil Strauss’ bestselling book indicates, PUAs understand sexual encounters as ‘a game’, a competitive engagement between antagonistic and atomised individuals that necessarily produces winners and losers. Each rational agent must calculate profits, losses and gains; each bears sole responsibility for the outcome of chosen actions, irrespective of whatever external constraints they face.

    This is why Libertarianism is a profoundly retarded ideology. At the end of the day, I’d say that possessing a little less “freedom” is worth greater societal stability and harmony. Humans are social animals, and were not meant to be this atomized and “free.”

    1. Even in libertarian socities people would bond together in groups. Why do you think we have corporations? So basically libertarians want corporation socialism as opposed to government socialism. They want a “dictatorship of capital”, as Marx claimed.

  11. Pride definitely plays a factor. Some conformity is fine, but some is degrading and stupid. Of course, conformity is needed by incels to get the women they so desire. One example of degrading is black people lightening their skin they did back before the 1960s.

  12. I will have to go ask about that, but last I heard most women were not complaining that there was not a single man in sight who would have anything to do with them. If 90% of the men were after only the top 10% and would have nothing to do with the bottom 90%, then your theory would be correct. But a look at the world shows it does not operate that way.

  13. I have heard of estimates that off all human males ever born only 50% reproduced, while for human females the number is higher than 90%. Of course this also has a lot to do with higher male mortality, but still not getting women is something which happened to males a lot. The neolithical revolution and patriarchy seem to have helped the majority for the time between 10 000 b.c. up to 1970, but since than it is the old story, like between 200.000 b.c and 10.000. (Though quite contrary some people say that the neolithical revolution made things worse for betas, not better, as the new emerging warrior caste could build up huge harems, something hunter and gatherers could not do)

  14. I think this is only true on internet or maybe in statistics, if you leave internet and go check out your neighbourhood you will see that many ugly and poor men have girlfriends unlike that sexual revolution pics tells you. Obviously they would have hard time on internet-dating sites, because in those sites there surely is that sexual-revolution pic-stuff-happening, but in IRL many girls just marry or date their friends from their friend-community even though those men are not that ALFA.

  15. The problem is that confidence comes from repeated successes, however, in order to have repeated successes, you often need to have confidence! This circular argument keeps biting its tail. The problem with this tautology is that it also seems like a Catch-22.

    How do you get confidence? Lots of successes!
    How do you have lots of successes? Confidence!

    You can’t have one without the other, but it takes one to get the other. You can’t win.

    I sort of understand that argument. In other words there has to be a first step. For instance, in Cuba, the government put the people on a “revolutionary mode”. They were told they could do things more than picking sugar cane. That pushed some of them to study to become doctors etc.. However, they wouldn’t have took that first step on their own. They didn’t have the confidence to do it.

  16. Again with the incel killing thing, sure they do go after snotty, snooty assholes/bitches who deserve to die, but on the way they kill innocent people who had nothing to do with it. They were just going to class. It’s not very fair or just.

    What if someone had put you in a wheelchair due to gun fire, or had killed someone you loved dearly, all because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time? You’d be singing a different tune.

  17. If incels want to get back at elitist bastards, then why not target things where there is a 99 percent chance of killing only the target group? Maybe they could invite them to some party (as a trick or bait).

    1. Then again though, I’m against violence. Don’t quote what I said and use the advice. I regret what I just said. Really.

  18. Are you sure the picture is abolutely correct? The 1950s had nerds just as today. Hasn’t anyone seen American Grafittii ??

  19. This is disorder. This is HB10 chaos. This is death.

    Order is the barrier that holds back the flood of death. We must all of us on this train of life remain in our allotted station. We must each of us occupy our preordained particular position.
    Know your place. Keep your place.

  20. Betas are definitely targeting the wrong people. However, it is true though that sometimes so called “Christians” can be liars. Often, despite the clean image, they can be as intolerant and mean as a Nazi. How much do you want to bet that a lot of Christians in Tennessee (ones going to church all the time) bully people? How many do you think are prejudiced against black people?

    1. Nonetheless, you can’t tell who are the liars, and who aren’t. Randomly killing people hits all sorts of people who don’t deserve it.

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