Why Hating Womanizers Is Preposterous

First of all I want to say that there are two types of players, womanizers, playboys, or polygamous men out there.

You ask most people and they will just say something retarded like all guys like that hate women. And that’s not completely false. Or it’s obvious that they don’t care about women very much because they are so cold and callous. And once again, that would be partly true. But the reason why I think people are morons is that they are half-right most of the time.

But half-right doesn’t cut it. When you are half-right, you have not adequately explained the situation. Further, you are claiming a full truth that is actually more of a half truth. That is a philosophical error. Truths should be the best explanation of the facts, as we see them now, in most cases, most parsimoniously. Few truths will be 100

If I wanted to know about womanizers, I suppose I would ask my mother, the smartest woman in the whole world. Also her generation is so much wiser than these later generations of women that it’s not even funny. I think feminism with its endless lies has really done a number on modern women to where they can’t think straight and simply do not understand the world.

For the longest time, since I was a teenager, my mother has been telling me her theory about this type of man. She said there are two types.

The first type pretty much hates women or at least acts like it, as they spout a lot of misogyny. Typical advice from these men is that the only way to deal with women is to treat them like shit. Also all women love to be treated like shit anyway. And if you don’t treat them like shit, you won’t be able to deal with them well.

A think a lot of players get cynical about women because they see the good and bad sides of women. A man who has dated say hundreds of women has started to learn quite a bit about the gender, if he had his senses turned on and was taking notes. The problem is that after you date hundreds of women you end up with a lot of experiences, good and bad. You have a whole universe full of some of the greatest experiences on Earth and a whole universe full of some of the most awful experiences you could imagine. They’ve seen women at their best and at their worst. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

Also they really understand women. And when you really understand them, you figure out that women are not sugar and spice and everything nice. There is a dark side to women as there is to men, and it’s not pretty at all. It’s ugly as all get out. What probably happened with a lot of these men is that they saw so much female bad behavior and had so many bad experiences with women, that they just don’t think much of women anymore.

About their notion that the only way to deal with women is to treat them like shit, unfortunately, this works because a lot of women are susceptible to abuse. And abuse works. It’s lousy, but it works. These men have grown callous and hardened.

Examples of misogynistic womanizers abound. The world of porn is full of sadistic, often dangerously misogynistic men who like to brutalize women. Male porn stars are always beating up their wives and battering them. Linda Lovelace’s porn husband beat her all the time.

In the PUAsphere, we have Roosh, Heartiste, a lot of the guys at Return of Kings, and Redpill on Reddit as examples of the misogynist type of womanizer. Now why men who hate women that much want to spend so much time around them, I have no idea, but they do.

My mother said there is another type though. This type really, really loves women, as she put it. Most people don’t realize this. Often this type was very close to their mothers, sisters, girl cousins or maybe even aunts. They often hung around girls more than boys at school. In college in beyond, you often saw them socializing with women more than with men. If you ask these men, a lot will tell you that they hate men, and they only like to hang around females.

So there is definitely a type of womanizer who loves women like crazy and can’t get enough of them. Because they love women, women pick up on this, feel comfortable with them and like these men. This makes everything work a whole lot better.

You might be surprised, but guess what? Women really like men who love women. If a man loves women, women can pretty much figure it out via energy flow, mindreading, intuition, etc.

Then my mother said, “They don’t treat them very well, but they do love them.” Most people will tell you that sounds insane on the surface, but actually that explanation works very well, and my experience in life has taught me that that explains the facts perfectly.

They keep doing studies on the dating sites. The 80-20 ratio keeps coming up over and over. Feminists say that the 80-20 ratio is a great big fat lie, but they keep finding it in study after study. For instance in a recent study on a dating site, they somehow ascertained that 80

A study of STD’s in the Black community found that a lot of the women were being infected by a small group of men, maybe 20

Now on dating sites, the top 20

Alpha: The top 20

Beta: This is the mass of men, and there is nothing wrong with being in this group. Almost all men are in this group. Betas are simply men who are found attractive by some of the women some of the time. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Why is this a bad theory? What’s wrong with it?

Omega: These are men who are found attractive by almost none of the women almost all of the time. They are totally rejected by women. Why is this concept false? Do we deny that these guys exist?

Also note that on that dating site, 80

However, life for men who are found highly attractive by women can be grand indeed. You would not believe how easy these guys have it.

Bottom line is women and girls are pretty much throwing themselves at these guys all the time, and these guys are supposed to “Just say no.” Well, men don’t do that. Men don’t “just say no.” That’s not in our vocabulary. If women and girls are throwing themselves at these guys all the time, why are they scumbags for going for it? That’s like letting a kid into a candy store, telling him he can take all he wants for free, and then calling him a thief when he does it.

Mostly back when I was younger (best of all in my teens and 20’s), before I turned old and ugly, females just threw themselves at me a lot. I didn’t even approach all that much. I wasn’t chasing females much because there was simply no need to.

They were coming to me instead so all I had to do was sit back and reel in lines when the fish came to bite. There was no need to “prey” on women (and some of these guys do that), especially vulnerable, wounded, weak or easy to fool ones because I never liked to do that anyway as it always seemed so sleazy and also because there was never any need to.

At the time, most of my friends were women and girls, and I spent most of my time hanging around with them because I liked their company and I like women a lot more than I like men, about whom the less said the better. People talk about friendzoning being horrible, but it usually wasn’t for me.

At age 18, it got rather bad because I was just getting friendzoned and it was like “friends with all, lovers with none.” This situation feels very bad, does a number on your self-esteem, and I do not recommend it.

But with me, Friendzoning has been a lot different. For some odd reason, women would only stay friends with me for a while, often a few months, before they would simply try to seduce me. They didn’t seem to be able to be just friends with me. I have no idea why that is, but that’s how it was, and I still cannot be platonic friends with women very long because my female platonic friends try to seduce me to this very day!

Also if you are lucky, your female friends are a great source of new females. My female friends and even relatives were always more or less throwing their friends at me.

“Hey Bob, you know my friend Laura? She says she wants to go out with you. She really likes you, and she wants you to take her out.”

And sometimes I would even get specific instructions from my female friends on what they wanted me to do to their friends. It was:

“Hey Bob, I want you to go out with my friend Sarah, ok? She says she really likes you. She told me to tell you that she wants you to take her out. So you want to go out with her?”


“Well if you do, I really want you to fuck her because she’s never been fucked and I want you to be her first one.

So sometimes my female friends would fix me up with their friends with specific instructions to have sex with them. They would tell me that they were going to check up afterwards and I better follow through on having sex with her friend otherwise they would be very disappointed.

And sometimes I would get a girlfriend(s) and females would see me with new girlfriend and then come up to me and try to get me to cheat on her.

“Hey Bob. Who is Lori? Is that your girlfriend? Are you guys close? Why don’t you go out with me too? Would Lori get mad? Anyway, you should be with me instead. I am a lot better than Lori, she’s no good. I’ll be a better girlfriend than she is. Try me, and you’ll see.”

So even when I got a girlfriend and tried to be monogamous, females would keep coming up to me and tempting me to cheat on her. They knew I had a gf, but they did not even care!

They would say,

“I know Tracy’s your girlfriend, but you should go out with me anyway, Bob.”

“Ha ha ha! You want me to cheat on Tracy? She will not be happy about that, you know!”

“Who cares about Tracy, Bob! She’ll never find out ! Anyway I bet I’m better in bed than she is. You should dump her and go with me instead!”

So when I had a girlfriend, other women would encourage me to be a cheater.

Even when I had a girlfriend, I stayed close to my female friends, who typically could care less that I had a girlfriend now because they kept trying to fix me up with all their friends!

I would say,

“But what about Rhonda? I am supposed to cheat on Rhonda with your friend Joan. She will kill me if she finds out.”

“Who cares about your girlfriend! Hell with her! She will never find out anyway. Here, go out with Joan, she told me she wants to go out with you. Joan’s better looking anyway. Rhonda’s cute, but she’s not as cute as Joan. And Rhonda’s a bitch! I hate the way she treats you. Joan will treat you way better. She hates Rhonda too.”

So my very own female friends were always encouraging me to cheat too.

I could go on and on here, but you get the picture. For a lot of these guys it is absurd to hate them. They have females after them all the time, and they are simply taking them up on their offers. These guys are evil users, predators, criminals, scum, etc, why? Because they refuse to “Just say no?” But why should they just say no? Most men won’t do that.

It is like if people were walking up to you handing out $100 bills all the time and saying,

“Here you want this? I think you are a really cool guy, so I am going to give you this $100 right now.”

Well you take the bills most of the time, right? ”

“Hey, thanks for the $100 man, you sure are nice.”

Then the people who gave you the bills would yell at you for taking them.

“You bastard! You just took that $100 from me. You are a user! You used me for $100! You ripped me off! You’re a criminal! You’re preyed on me! You’re a predator!”

You would say,

“You want it back?”

They would say,

“Nope! Keep the $100! But you are an evil man for taking it! You’re a predator scum! You used me like an object! You should have been a good person and just said no! You realize you are hurting people by taking those $100’s? You hurt so many people!”

You would say,

“LOL how do I hurt people by taking free $100’s? You guys are idiots LOL!”

He would say,

“Because reasons bla bla bla!”

Well you would just laugh and say,

“Screw you idiots! I am going to keep on taking $100’s, you lunatics! You give me $100’s for free and then you yell at me for taking them and say I should have just said no ! Haha! How stupid you are!  I don’t care if it ‘hurts people’ LOL! Who cares! Just give me your $100’s people! About those people I hurt by taking the money, hey I promise I will pray to Jesus for them!”

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7 thoughts on “Why Hating Womanizers Is Preposterous”

  1. Womanizers are class traitors. It is not women’s fault that they throw themselves at attractive men, they just need the State to beat them into submission and keep them in line. “Every beast is driven to the pasture with blows.” Le Bon was right, women are subhuman. Womanizers need to have solidarity with their fellow, less successful men. They should look inside themselves and attune themselves to the inner ethical impulses that tell them that what they do is wrong. If they do not repent, then they will be liquidated during the post-coup stabilization phase of the provisional revolutionary government.

    The ideological genius of ISIS(even though it is American) is precisely its Leninist character. The mahometan intelligentsia all desire the establishment of an Islamic state, but they consider it something to be left to the distant future. ISIS asks them, “do you want an Islamic State now?” The same way, in Russia the intelligentsia all supported the establishment of a socialist State, but they were all caught up in bourgeois liberalism and moderate social democratic reformism until Lenin asked them the question, “Do you want socialism now?

    It is precisely this Leninist genius which must be captured if Beta Uprising is to be made a reality.

    The sexual marketplace is a crime against love. In the sexual marketplace the Law exists to protect the private nature of sexuality, which means the control of sexual relationships by abstract quantities like sexual market value. Thus, Love’s ability to make itself manifest in a relationship between two people is violently aborted by totally extrinsic, abstract and impersonal quantities like one’s relative attractiveness compared to a representative statistical sample of the population around one. Hence, divorce. Since property is theft, a woman’s “right to control her own body” is rape. Every woman who exercises her bourgeois “right” to deny sex to men is raping them by preventing the formation of an ethical sexual community. All who oppose Beta Uprising are fascist rapists.

    Sexual inequality is no less evil than financial inequality. It is absolutely worth having a revolution over — and this revolution has been ordained in the heavens.

    How great are the forces driving a truly radical socialist sexual revolution? It is so great that they are provoking totally spontaneous violence even though as yet no revolutionary consciousness exists! Every spree shooter is a martyr, a witness to the truth. They do not grasp the truth, as it were, from the outside, intellectually, through the faculty of reflection. It appears to them from the inside, they feel it in their bones even though they know not what it is, and they are animated by this force. They are objectively revolutionary.

    First as farce, then as tragedy.

    “Today countless numbers of those who laughed at that time, laugh no longer. Those who are still laughing now, also will perhaps laugh no longer…”

    We should never forget the enormous human tragedy associated with the progress of socialism in the 20th century. However, that has never been a verdict on the truth of the revolution, for the revolution judges without being judged.

    “I demand that dogs gone mad should be shot — every one of them!”

    Beta Uprising Now.

  2. I do not hate womanizer. I have a lot of mix feeling, especially — admiration for them. Meanwhile I maintain a chaste life.

    However, I did notice them getting very angry when I tease them as below.

    1) What if your daughter get xxxxx?
    2) Would you be happy when your mother get xxxx and your familiy destroyed?
    3) If your sister get 100 STD or HIV from 1000 men her vagina are so infected and stink and you could smell them next door, what would you feel?

    The fear of such things happening to my love one make me trembles. I know I will not forgive myself for womanizing. So I decide to stay virgin.

    And I have good night of sleep.

    When I watch the stars at night, I know there must be creators, because I am seeing a heap of pulp. The celestial bodies and organized in such orderly manner.

    I feel peace because even I am not a good person, I tried my best. Hope God forgive my sin.

    God bless everyone.

  3. Robert is a laissez-fair libertarian regarding sex and a far leftist socialist regarding money. How convenient for someone who is successful with women but not so much economically.
    I do not blame you for it, but you should see some might find it a bit self-serving.

  4. Interesting. Yes it sounds Iike you were one of the [early] lucky ones, that is, with the girls. But the examples are mid-teens. Also, your understanding of Red Pill is superficial. And your definitions are not accurate. So, if half truths don’t cut it, fix it.

    Of course, just my opinion. (I’m not redpill, so we can skip that rabbit hole.)

    Mic Mac

    1. ROBERT On Folly & Womanizing: John’s Story

      When I was 25 my friend John fell in love with a pretty young woman named Crista. He would take her on expensive trips to the Grand Canyon and get some sex from her but after a few months she broke up with him.

      He was heartbroken. I was not getting laid much either.

      I went overseas just before my 26th birthday and started having sex in Dubai with Russian prostitutes who were hot and would suck and be willing to bent in all kinds of positions.

      This reinforced the realization that most youthful love is folly: you are probably not the man she will marry anyhow.

      Christa would be 40 years old today and is probably divorced and maybe picks up a 25 year old stud in a bar or bitches at her husband.

      But she does not care about the feelings of John Jarvinen at all.

      What is my point?

      If you leave the West and get sex action a great deal of the time however, the term womanizer has no meaning.

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