The Problem with Feminists Is That They Are Wrong About Just About Everything

Feminists of course, and SJW’s in particular, are complete idiots about most any facts. You will almost never hear a feminist or an SJW state an adequate truth about any set of facts. This is one of the reasons I dislike them so much – because they are so wrong so much of the time.

The reason they are wrong is because they have to be wrong. In order to follow in accordance with feminist and PC theory, you have to explain the facts in erroneous ways, which is sad. The reason you are mandated to fail is that all “truths” stated by SJW’s and feminists have to be run through the Ideology Filter before they are stated. In other words, all feminists attempts to explain any facts must be run through the Feminist Ideology Filter before they are stated.

A vast amount of facts on the ground, if adequately explained, would laughingly devastate the tenets of feminist theory, shredding it to bits. Same with SJW’s and their pet Weirdos of the Month. The truths about these weirdos violate SJW ideology, so any conclusions about these facts on the ground have to be run through the SJW Ideology Filter before they are stated. All conclusions that violate the Feminist or SJW Ideology Filters must be canned as incorrect.

When facts on the ground violate feminist and SJW ideology, one would think that these ideologies are incorrect and must be amended. However, feminist and SJW ideology is sacrosanct, hence it cannot be adjusted. So if there are facts that violate the theory, then the facts themselves are wrong. The facts must be adjusted to line up with the theory. And this is exactly what feminists and SJW’s do continuously. They’re wrong. Most of their view about how the world works is incorrect because reality is viciously un-PC.

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