There Are No Honest Seducers

I tried to be a seducer and be honest about it for a while, but it was a complete failure. I felt guilty because I had a girlfriend, and I would meet new girls and women and right away confess that I had a girlfriend.

And typically they would just dump me right there and scream at me and make me feel very guilty. I hated myself so much. I felt like that wicked witch melting on the ground. I felt like the scum of the Earth, and it didn’t feel good.

And for a long time, females always called me all sorts of names for cheating, using females, on and on.

“You don’t care.”

“You just use them. Guys like you use women. You are no good. You’re a bad person.”

“You rip them off. You rip women off. It’s just like stealing. Like if someone came into your house and stole money from you. It’s the same thing. That’s exactly what you are doing to these women. You’re on the same level as a burglar.”

“You are a predator. You prey on women. You’re like a shark.”

Due to females shaming me for the crime of having a sex drive and being a human, I started to feel guilty about my sexuality. I started thinking that there was no way that I could get involved with females at all without it being some sort of a failure. Either I would dump her, in which case, I would be a scum, or she would dump me, in which case, I would be a loser. You couldn’t win.

Females had been trying to make me feel guilty about, basically, wanting to have sex with them for a very long time. Now I realize it was just women shaming me for being a normal man and making me guilty. I turned shy and sort of quit dating for a while (actually I did date, but just much less) because I felt so bad.

This is just something that they do and most of them do it. You just have to accept that they do this and try not to let it affect you. Females do a lot of shaming in this regard, and feminism is huge in this way. Feminism is simply a massive man-shaming movement to shame and punish men for having sex drives and being human beings. The purpose of feminism is to try to stop men from having sex with women.

That’s what the whole “creep” and “sexual harassment” thing is all about.

A creep is a guy who is trying to start something romantic/sexual with a female, and she doesn’t like him. So he’s a creep for being a human and having a sex drive because apparently men with sex drives are evil.

Sexual harassment means the same thing. It means you made what PUA’s call an approach. You came up to a woman and said or did something in a flirtatious or seductive manner. Usually men do this with the eventual goal of  trying to start up some romantic or sexual thing with a woman. Sexual harassment means “men are evil scum for trying to start up romantic or sexual involvement with women. Men are vile and evil because they have a sex drive and are human beings.

In other words, the male sex drive is simply evil, and every time it shows itself in public, feminism demands that it be smashed down and shamed.

But that is all just lame. Finally I decided I will not listen to women and idiot men shaming me about my behavior anymore. I was just going to go for it and do whatever the Hell I want to whenever the Hell I want to do it and everyone else can just go to Hell if they don’t like it.

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