Biggest Lie Ever Told – “No Means No”


Truth be told, generally if they say no, I just lay off.

However, sometimes they got me all worked up, let me feel their pussies, made out with me really heavily, rubbed my ass with their hands, let me pull up their tops and feel their tits, and played all sorts of weird games which usually involved “accidentally grabbing my cock”.

Women do this last one a lot –  it’s happened to me more than once – especially young women about age 20-23 – they “accidentally” throw things or put things down right on top of your dick when you are clothed, and they have to “go recover the object” from your crotch. Nothing sexual implied of course! If you imply something sexual just occurred merely because she’s fishing around in your crotch area for no coherent reason, you’re a creep, a rapist, a sexual harasser and a predator! Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape. Watch out for teh rape!

Anyway, when they get me all worked up like and then try to weasel out of the bone when it comes down to it – this is known as Last Minute Resistance in PUA lingo, and it is as common as dirt – that tends to make me really mad. I either argue with them or more or less try to talk them into it via an argument, which I suppose is verbal coercion:

Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!

You’re basically cajoling her into bed, which is 100% acceptable, though it’s not optimal. Eventually you just wear down her resistance via argumentation, and she just caves and gives in and usually likes it.

But hey guys, don’t take this advice at all. After all, I am encouraging you to ape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape.

There was one time this total knockout babe got me all worked up, I got back to my place, I had her on the couch with her top up and I was feeling her tits (sexual assault for not asking permission). We had been at a rock and roll club watching a band.

She had been making out with me like crazy and playing “accidentally” drop objects on my dick most of the night. Then she followed me into my house at 2 AM, went into my bedroom, sat on the couch with me and let me feel her tits. Of course that’s not suggestive behavior or anything like that! To assume that would be rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape.

Anyway I was feeling her tits, and she says in this extremely wimpy, utterly unconvincing, little girl voice, “Please let me go home.” If she would have said it forcefully and gotten mad maybe I would have caved, but she was so submissive and wimpy that it didn’t sound convincing.

I got mad and I said, “No way! You’re staying right here, dammit!”

Ok supposedly that is “false imprisonment” or something, which might mean rRape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape, but as the cops say, she was “free to leave” at any time. I wasn’t going to stop her.

Well we went on and on about this for a while, and finally I just gave up.

I said, “Look baby. If you don’t want to fuck, that’s fine. I will just sleep on the couch here, ok? You can have the bed. See you in the morning.” I turned away and pretended to go to sleep. In less than a minute she was calling from the bed in that little girl voice, “Come to the bed…”

This is actually a very good tactic. When they pull this Last minute defense crap, a lot of times it’s best just to call them on it, “Oh ok? You don’t want to have sex?” (Guess what, she really does) “Well then I will just go sleep over here, you can have my bed and see ya in the morning, and then just totally ignore her. I have done this a few more times. Sometimes I even went into another room to go sleep on a couch. Pretty much 100% guarantee that if you do that, not too long afterwards she is going to go find you and tell you to come to the bed. I am not sure what sort of lunatic female psychology is going on here or how this works, but it actually does.

There have been some other times. One time I picked up this woman at a rock and roll club. I walked in the club and within 2 minutes, I picked up a woman. She came up to me as soon as I walked in and asked me to buy her a drink. I bought her a drink, put my arm around here just like that (sexual assault for not asking permission), and then it was on. We took off at one point to buy more booze and at one point, I had her in my car and I was rubbing her pussy while I was driving.

Later after the concert, for some reason she tried to weasel out of the dicking and said she was going home with her friends (Last Minute Resistance). I said, “Hell no you aren’t! You’re going home with me!” She smiled and said, “Says who?” I said, “Says me!” I forget what happened afterwards, but at some point she said, “Ok let’s arm wrestle.” We arm wrestled and of course I destroyed her. She started laughing and said, “Ok you win.” I guess this is coercion?

As I was speeding down the 5 Freeway at 3 AM with the lights still glowing in a few offices in Downtown LA, she lunged over, yanked down my pants like a madwoman and started sucking my cock while I sped along the freeway. And there our story ends.

Bottom line: Guess what? No doesn’t always mean no! What does it mean then? Who knows? When a woman says, “No,” it could mean:

“I have no idea.”
“I can’t make up my mind – you make it up for me.”

If they sound angry, forceful and convincing, then it really does mean no, and  you need to stop. I generally quit if she’s that forceful. I did it even recently, a few years ago. The next day she more or less thanked me for not raping her!

“Thank you for being respectful,” she said.
“Well, you know. I’m just not a rapist. I don’t do that.”
“Yes and I respect you for that. Thank you again.”

I haven’t the faintest idea what to do when a woman says no to sex. Bottom line is you have to try to figure out if she really means it or not, and if she doesn’t mean it, you just carry on, argue with her, get forceful, or do the “Oh you don’t want sex? Fine no problem! I will just sleep on the couch then! Night night!” which seems to work very well for some odd reason.

I don’t advocate being a rapist or even a date rapist. But still no doesn’t always mean no. The matter is tricky as Hell and there’s almost no good advice to give except you have to figure out what’s really going on and then act smart and try not actually legally rape her.

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0 thoughts on “Biggest Lie Ever Told – “No Means No””

  1. I had a friend, let’s call him Ryan. He was kind of a ne’er-do-well. I was in town visiting with his parents and brothers, when I ran into his ex-wife. I went home with her.

    In the course of things, she told me about how she and her girlfriend had been partying with Ryan. The girlfriend pretended to pass out so Ryan would fuck her. Ryan took a look at the “passed out” woman and left. His ex related this to me as if it were meant to be surprising.

    I don’t see what she was surprised about.

  2. From the perspective of an American man, about ten years ago, once a woman was making out with a man and letting him grope her, also she gropes him, yeah that was consent.

    Not so sure if this is the case now. You also have the prospect of the women having sex with the man, deliberately getting pregnant, and suing him for child support later (at greater sums than actually needed to raise the child), So not surprisingly you are starting to get the men shying away from casual hook-ups, not the women. For the first time they have more to lose.

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