Another Incel Goes ER (Elliot Rodger), Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded

Breaking news right now:

Another young man, reportedly an incel like Elliot Rodger and George Sodini, has conducted a mass shooting. This shooting was done at a community college. He wandered through hallways shooting at everyone he saw. Cops came and he shot it out with him. He lived for a while after he was shot, and then he died. It is not yet known if he was killed by the police or his own hand.

The shooting happened at Umpqua Community College in Oregon at 10:38 AM this morning. 7 people were killed, including the shooter, and 7 more were wounded.

The shooter has been identified as Chris Harper Mercer, age 26.

He hung out on a 4chan site called Robot9000 or RK9, which is where a lot of young men who feel they are being passed over by society hang out and attack what they call “normies.” Normies are well-liked and well-adjusted young men.

They often make posts talking about how much they hate normies. There is a strong incel undercurrent with the site similar to PUAHate where Elliot Rodger hung out. Mercer appears to have been some sort of an incel. After he posted his warning telling his fellow Robots not to go to school in the Pacific Northwest tomorrow, a poster said, “Instead of doing that, why don’t you go talk to a woman!”

He, like many RK9 posters, fashioned himself as a Beta. Apparently “normies” may be the Alphas who are getting all the girls and fun. There is a lot of talk about a “Beta Uprising,” which is some sort of violent uprising of the male Betas against the Alphas who oppress them and the society that supports it. Mercer may have talked about and predicted this Beta Uprising.

“Going ER” is Internet shorthand made up by the SlutHate crowd which means “going Elliot Rodger” – for an incel to go on an Elliot Rodger type shooting spree. There is a lot of talk on Sluthate about who is going to be the next poster to Go ER. Here is the Sluthate post talking about the shooting.

Mercer made a post yesterday on R9K predicting this shooting, but no one did anything about it. However, people make threats on 4chan all the time. They come so often and usually don’t amount to anything so no one bothers to do anything about it. Also users say that finding threats and investigating them is the job of the police, not the posters.

After the George Sodini shooting and the Elliot Rodger shooting, I predicted that there were going to be more of these explosive outbursts by incel males, and I was right.

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90 thoughts on “Another Incel Goes ER (Elliot Rodger), Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded”

  1. The thing that annoys most about these whiny little incel bitches is that they aren’t pissed they can’t get a girlfriend they are pissed they can’t get an 8 or higher girlfriend. If they would settle for the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s they could get they’d have a lot more sex and be less whiny. Here is the dirty little secret a lot of the fatties and uggos are good in bed because they have to be.

    1. It’s the Internet porn fantasy that all these incels want, and when they can’t get it they go crazy. Porn should be censored from public view. All it does is cause frustration in the end.

      1. Highly unlikely. Most of these Incels look like three to fives.

        People keep saying they would be fine if they just accepted a three to five woman, but there usually aren’t many three to fives available, if at all. Even the below average women are totally taken up by the alphas.

        When people say that these guys standards are to high because of porn what their really saying is “why can’t all these three to six guys ( who are now 50% of the men on campus) share the land whales and ultra uglies”

        Since these absolute bottom of barrel ones and twos are only about 20% of the population there still wouldn’t be enough of them even by half to go around for the three to six males even if they took that advice!

    2. The problem with these MRAs, incels etc.. is they’re lazy. They don’t want to lift one weight, 😆 and they still expect women to fall over heels for them. It’s just simple evolutionary theory. If you can’t do one push-up, your not going to score with an 8 or above chick, or maybe even less.

      it’s not hard too improve your body, but they won’t even do anything.

  2. To Robert:

    who ran a Youtube channel called First Last where he went by the handle of Egg Man.

    “Robert Lindsay
    Hey bro. Tell Jesus I said HI!”

    Nice send off Robert…!

  3. The general media is really keeping a wrap on the identity of the shooter other than it was a male 20 y/o. I figured it was a white guy but these days you can’t be too sure. After watching his YouTube videos I wonder if he was on anything…like antidepressants?

    1. He was a mulatto.


  4. They are identifying the shooter as Chris Harper Mercer 26 years old and that is the totality of the reliable info out there so far.

  5. Beatrix, thanks for the advice.

    So where do you get “incels” mass murdering people solo. The US, obviously, the other English speaking countries to some extent, Arab countries (disguised as terrorism), Scandinavia.

    This is a fair smattering of countries around the world. Have we heard of anything like this happening in Japan or Korea (have you seen their porn, or even their “normal” movies?)? China? India? Latin America (alot of the place is violent and US influenced)? European continent? South Africa (very violent)? Nigeria (very corrupt, lots of alpha males). What gives?

    1. China, S Korea, India, Nepal, Japan, Germany, Australia, Rwanda, Belgian Congo, Uganda, Yemen, Venezuela, Mexico, Serbia, Columbia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Russia, France…

      What makes you think “incels” were involved in mass murders in those places? I mean there were mass shootings in those places, but who says the perpetrators were incels?

      I am aware of a number of wild rampages undertaken by single Chinese men in recent years. Often age 3-40, never had a date, never married, getting older. There are way more men than women in China so it’s becoming a gigantic cockfest. The theory is these guys going so long without a woman is what is making them blow up.

    2. One reason you don’t see this in Korea or Japan is because Koreans and Japanese are constantly working thier ass off. As I said in another comment, one solution for this stuff, is making college students work harder, getting rid of the C grade all together, so there are no more slackers with “self reflecting time” on thier hands.

      1. STFU nigger and go pick cotton all day long. you have too much free time it seems.

        Fucking inbred white trash 😆

      2. STFU nigger and go pick cotton all day long. you have too much free time it seems.

        I’ll tear off the head klansman’s face, and use it for a halloween mask,or maybe Mel Gibson’s head on a plate, under candlelight. Either will be fine. 😆

      3. Just kidding about the Mel thing if cops are out there. You just a sarcastic reference to Mel’s deviant political and religious beliefs.

      4. Ya know Jason Y, unfortunately, working your ass off is just not enough to get you a woman these days. Even when it comes to weightlifting. Women overwhelmingly are attracted to men with good social skills and/or artistic talent(ESPECIALLY musical talent). From what I know, Japan and Korea do not have shortages of women nor do they have the kind of hypercompetitive sexual politics that we have in the western world. George Sodini worked his ass off for almost 2 decades…..and had no women to show for it. Now what George could have done is try to audition as a sugar daddy and get a sugar baby. The trouble is, those relationships are just covert prostitution and usually the girl runs off once she no longer needs his money. Sorry to sound so grim but there really are no easy answers. Sexual politics has become brutally competitive and the expansion of hookup culture only results in “alphas” being able to have multiple partners and “betas” to get nothing. That’s what you have in the Islamic world and it makes those betas angry enough to carry out terrorist violence.

        1. OOmpaloompa VAN BUREN ROAD REMEMBERED

          After visiting Amsterdam at 20 I could be bothered to go to college meat-markets hoping to fumble with some drunk 19 year old girl in the dark. For $30 hot porno sex was available all over the world.


          I would walk down the road 3 blocks to a bus directly to Van Buren in the Phoenix downtown. I did this one a week.

          Once there women in their 30’s, pretty if a little worn looking, would approach you with a code “know what time it was”.

          Okay, they had a little mileage on them but anyhow you could have hot porno sex and actually women are sort of turned on by being f*cked in semi-public places. I’d pay $25 – $30.

          Then I’d return to my apartment and John the graphic artist would be moaning about “Krista”, the shallow and rather bitchy 23 year old Pet Store Manager he was dating. She was pretty and came from a good family.

          John took her to the Grand Canyon and spent blew his wad on her to get two days of sex in the dark.

          Then she cooled off on the relationship after he’d blown his wad-at 23 $1,000 is a lot of money in 1999.

          Mike my other roommate was feeling bummed out too because some “Crusty” chick, a slovenly girl in a t-shirt and dirty bob and studded wristband, drank all his beer but only gave him a handjob before sleeping it off on the couch.

          Meanwhile women in their 30’s on Van Buren were doing porno-quality sex acts for $30. Many were crack-whores but they were not being pimped or exploited. They probably made $3,000 a month.

          My point is that women when young are wired to be shallow and flighty while young men are broken-hearted.

          They fall in love with the Alpha male who tires of them after he’s nailed them 4 times and then moves on and they get pregnant and Beta males have to chase Alpha down to pay his child support for a kid he does not give a shit about.

          She gets bitter about men but is still attracted to Alpha’s anyhow.

          Women will blame this on “men” but their idea of a real man when they are young is rakish heel with the big muscles and the fast car who “kicks ass”.

          Or if the broads are middle-class it is some Frat Boy player.

          Most of these women, despite knowing better and common-sense logic, get “played” anyhow because it is a deep desire.

  6. Here’s the thing. There have always been men who haven’t gotten any, and there are many men around the world who live sexless lives. Shit, I once read somewhere that 60% of young Japanese men don’t even have a friend of the opposite sex, much less a girlfriend.

    And yet it’s only in the US – and to a smaller extent other Anglosphere countries – where these types of killings take place.

    (I confess, I haven’t thoroughly researched this issue in other countries, so correct me if I’m wrong)

    I think this country’s rabid individualism and Protestant Work Ethic ethos play a role. When you’re taught that you are completely on your own and that failure always marks you as a pathetic, worthless loser, then that’s bound to rankle people – especially men, since expectations for them are much higher.

    (come to think of it, I have never heard a woman referred to as a “loser”)

    Unfortunately, I already know how this is going to play out. Mainstream liberals will clamor for gun control; feminists will denounce the killer’s “aggrieved entitlement” and use this tragedy to denounce general misogyny; manosphere/pua types will push their “game saves lives” line; you’ll also probably get a few pro-gun/NRA types who will insist that if only the victims had guns, they could have defended themselves.

    But something tells me that very few people will actually recognize that American culture as a whole is utterly toxic. When you live in an adversarial society where Ayn Randism and anomie are the norm, then you can’t act too shocked and horrified when certain maladjusted individuals go apeshit and demonstrate little regard for the lives of their fellow denizens.

    And frankly, most Americans could care less about people being killed. I highly doubt that most lose any sleep – or even think about – the myriad victims of American drone attacks. I’m also pretty certain that they could care less about the millions of people in the Middle East who live lives characterized by violence and instability courtesy of Uncle Sam’s meddling. They’re just horrified when the violence hits too close to home.

    Until Americans (especially white Americans) wake up and recognize that the US is utterly sick and in dire need of moral and cultural reform, expect more of these types of killings to occur.

    1. China, S Korea, India, Nepal, Japan, Germany, Australia, Rwanda, Belgian Congo, Uganda, Yemen, Venezuela, Mexico, Serbia, Columbia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Russia, France…the list goes on.
      I didn’t know those were all extra States of America! The Bum claimed we only had SEVEN extra States!

      And remember, the Moslem terror attacks against the Civilized World, from Hebdo to random tourist traps, were also committed by incels whose celibacy left them open to being converted to the more immediately virulent strain of Moslem Cult (They only REALLY differ in how MUCH infidels should suffer, they agree we should die), and blowing themselves up! Terrorists only have to stop blowing their betters up for us to stop hitting back! They haven’t gotten it so far, they didn’t get it after the Gates of Vienna treaty, or the Treaty of Tripoli, so why should we stop hitting back?

      But seriously, I want to know how you believe we’re sicker than all these “States” that I used to think were separate countries?
      We shed our morality and culture in the 60s, in the name of “liberation”, and ironically, the very “reform” it sounds like you want to double down on!

    2. He was only shooting Christians. Can we say that’s a symptom of the new “Christianity Is Evil” morality?


      In Australia or other developed countries where minimum wage is twice as high and the rich are still filthy rich (Because all talk of regulation and higher minimum wage discouraging greedy people who want to create jobs to get rich is absolute bullshit paid for by whichever lobby or Wall Street cronies are backing the GOP rep) you see the following things:

      There are less prisons. It is not worth selling cocaine on the side of your day job if you make a decent wage, or doing burglaries.

      Violence is usually in bars. You’ll get into brawls in some Aussie bars but nobody will jump you in the wrong part of town for being the wrong color.

      Losers are tolerated because it is a penal colony and has a everybody is the same here attitude. Same in NZ.

      There are actually more jobs because there is not the “white flight” of the U.S.

    4. OOmpalOOmpa

      Young women in America these days from the middle-class are shallow and flighty. They hook up with the best-looking male in the bar, usually some Frat guy who will never bother to say hello after getting a blowjob or one 20 minute sex session.

      When middle-class women are young they are shallow and callow, mostly. They flit around making out with this frat boy or giving that Alpha a blowjob.

      Breaking some guy’s heart who lusts after them makes zero difference.

      They won’t give men sex easily anyhow and this is why poorer women who are not white are willing to provide an underground economy of blowjobs.


      Many Japanese young men enter porn for the sole purpose of getting sex. I read somewhere there it is so hard for them to get any sex that the easiest way is to sign off on their image and appear in a porn film. Now that is sad.

      Materialist and mercilessly competitive societies reduce male “loser” to bukkake participants and female losers to a public well.

  7. In a healthy patriarchal society, we wouldn’t see these kinds of shootings. Men like George Sodini, Elliot Rodger and this guy could find sexually inexperienced women to marry early in life, have sex with these women regularly, and they could start families with them.

    Naturally today’s corrupted feminist women don’t find this appealing, even though our spiritual traditions teach that we don’t live for ourselves and for our personal hedonism, and especially not women. You don’t have to believe in a god to see that these traditions recognize a tragic fact of the human condition that doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

    1. Wow…so…the Nuclear Family — an old 50s ideal — creates stability?
      Who knew the nearly magical Halcyon Days of the 50s would be so easily recreated?

      Good luck getting the corrupted “liberation” movement to give up, go home, and make their Men a sandwich. That’s an Internet/commercial joke because it doesn’t happen in real life anymore!
      And even in commercials, you can see woman putting down or even “playfully” hitting their Men.

      1. EPGAH

        I grew up in the 1990’s as Gen X (1973) and cynicism was at its peak: hip young middle-class women sneered at everything and bisex came into style and hooking up with black thugs.

        …but where are they now at 40, these hot co-eds of yesterday. Forty with mixed race kids or no kids or a bitter divorce. Not really gay so they cannot get off with other women but not liking men either.

        Their allure and looks are gone with yesterdays flannel.

    2. advancedathiest

      George Sodini grew up seeing his mother and father quarrel after which his mother took everything his father owned and divorced him.

      He grew up mostly with a bitter divorced mother who probably set the template for female rejection that followed.

      Women in Western countries have been the engine driving the endless incline of living standards because a man has to earn a certain amount to get any sex at all.

      The flipside are the loners who simply decide to substitute the penis for some other form of penetration-gun, knife.

  8. It is tragedy or USA to sink so low that people would go out there and murder for lack of sex.

    Long time ago, it is normal and virtuous for people to remain celibate for life and lead a priestly way.

    People who have sex with a lot of women have a lot of guilt, just that they need suppress it. Go ask a big fucker whether he would let 100 people cum into his daughter.

    Or you can ask others whether he mind cuckoo by his wife.

    1. This is true – my days of promiscuity were filled with guilt, it’s true for all men with a shred of insight.

    1. Yeah, thank goodness, more innocent students need to be shot on the way to class. Hooray!! 😆 Only a WN/MRA could think like this.

  9. The shooter at Umpqua Community college in Roseberg, Oregon, Chris Harper Mercer, had three hand guns, likely semi-automatics, and an assault rifle. He killed 9 people on campus and wounded at least 7, before he was himself shot and killed. He asked people their religion and if they said “Christian,” he said Good, you’re about to meet your maker and then killed them. The Christian Right in the US is a main support for the lobbyists who stand in the way of sane gun laws.

    I think the New Atheists like Bill Maher and Sam Harris have to take responsibility for their community (those who dislike Christianity) and issue an apology and condemnation of Mercer’s actions.

    Moreover there is all sorts of deviant group, such as gay, feminist, free sex…etc. These degenerates seldom attack Islamo but keep attacking mainstream Christian as hypocrite and self righteous.

    The Christian and all “rights” NGO in USA are in a big mess. They have forgo the teachings of Jesus. A lot of Christian are supporter of inequality.

    1. “The Christian and all “rights” NGO in USA are in a big mess. They have forgo the teachings of Jesus. A lot of Christian are supporter of inequality.”

      US Christians ans especially Evanjewlicals are the new Pharisees.

        1. Christians are getting SHOT by non-Christians, and we’re not allowed to fight back, or it’s a hate crime. Do you remember the guy who got jumped by 3 Moslems in a parking lot–and shot them all dead? Now HE’S the bad guy!

          They jump him, he shoots them…and they question HIS motives?

          Christians are not the Pharisees, that implies we have power, we could stop the Moslem bullshit. That’s manifestly not true, we’re the victims again. Christians to the Moslems! At least they’re not using lions anymore!

        2. If when Americans start asking MOSLEMS to stand up, then shooting THEM, I’ll believe Christians are “Pharisees” (Sort of)

          But until then, have you considered, we don’t need GUN control, but MINORITY control?
          This is starting to look like another Disgruntled Minority Massacre, like Vester Flanagan (The guy who took a DOOM-like first-person recording of shooting a reporter, remember?), Omar Thornton, Alton Nolen, the 2004 ConAgra shooting, or even the 1990s Chuck E. Cheese massacre!
          116 People, Mostly Whites, Have Been Killed By 18 Black “Disgruntled Employees” In The Last 40 Years!

          Keep out of reach of children and/or nonwhites who ACT like children, say, the lack of impulse-control we usually outgrow at age…6?

      1. When you say “the Bum telling Turkey we are no longer a Christian nation.”
        I assume you are talking about John Adams and by Turkey you mean the Bey of Tripoli and Barbary. Because that ship sailed in 1797.
        Fun quote from the Treaty of Tripoli ratified unanimously by the Senate on June 7 and signed by John Adams on June 10 1797.
        “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”
        The U.S. is NOT a Christian nation and never has been, it is a nation with a lot of Christians. There is a difference.

        1. Right, so our original founders weren’t Pilgrims, they were “Fodder for James Cameron’s Mean-Spirited But IMMENSELY Profitable Parody”?
          And the Treaty of Tripoli was meant to convince the terrorists we weren’t kicking their ass over religion, it was because they were stealing our ships’ cargoes and enslaving the crews.

          “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible”. – George Washington
          Our first President heavily IMPLIED that the Bible–a CHRISTIAN icon–was necessary to govern justly.

          Congress itself funded a production run of Bibles in 1792 to pacify the savages that kept attacking America! (It failed, we had to use guns, but it’s important to note, CONGRESS DID FUND CHRISTIANITY for a time!)

          And have you noticed that the less Christian, White, and Male-Heterosexual-Dominated, America gets, the worse it gets, internally and externally?

        2. Quote by Ep-gah

          And have you noticed that the less Christian, White, and Male-Heterosexual-Dominated, America gets, the worse it gets, internally and externally?

          Hmmm perhaps cause the problem isn’t racial but religious. Iv’e been saying this all along. The degenerate culture which people freely chose has done us in.

          How does this square though with Nazi ideology, where people don’t choose anything, everything is predetermined genetically?. An ideology where people aren’t even allowed to live cause they’re handicapped (I mean really handicapped not some scam job) or could possibly cause trouble later (due to genetic reasons).

        3. Pilgrims were among the early British settlers to the Americas, but were far from the only ones. Entrepreneurs, indentured servants, criminals, slaves and the lesser sons of the gentry and nobility were also among the early settlers.
          Fun Fact – The successes of the American Revolution was the major impetus for the Brits settling Australia, they needed somewhere to dump their criminals.
          George Washington never said that.
          Here is a link
          Tom Jefferson did cut up a Bible though.

        4. Could it be though that ep-gah’s ranting is hypocritical. I mean, we all like a little sex, drugs, and rock and roll, don’t we 😕

          People are human and who can blame them for wanting freedom from rules?

        5. Has anyone heard of Alleister Crowley? Some in christian circles say he was the “godfather” of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. His motto? Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

        6. Crowley was a libertine and is mostly famous today because Ozzy Osbourne has a song about him. The Marquis De Sade would be the most notorious example of a noble/upper class libertine and gave us the word sadism.

        7. If you wanna find a dividing line for today’s more openly promiscuous culture and the less promiscuous one of yesteryear try prohibition.
          Before prohibition drinking was done in male only saloons. Prohibition led to the rise of speakeasies which did not have the male only restrictions of the saloon.

      2. quote by hasdrupal

        The U.S. is NOT a Christian nation and never has been, it is a nation with a lot of Christians. There is a difference.

        I agree, but I don’t think gays should push thier agenda on children.

  10. Sexual revolution, feminism, individualism, urbanisation and gun-rights for everybody isnt very good combo, gotta say that.

    But taking guns away wont really solve the problem, here in Finland some crazy people tried to commit mass-murder using poison…

    1. The sexual revolution was for the women, not the Men. Even looking at women — or a plastic sex-doll, which USED to be considered an inanimate object — is now considered “rape”. Robert did articles on those a few weeks ago.

      TRIED to commit mass-murder using poison? Don’t drink the kool-aid indeed, but in China, someone actually DID commit mass-murder with a KNIFE…And one with sarin gas…Guns are rather flashy, cliche and “easy” but inefficient way, if you think about it!

      1. Yes they are that’s why armies arm soldiers with knives and poison but not firearms.
        Guns don’t kill people they just make it a hell of a lot easier.

        1. Guns don’t make the killing easier. My favorite method to view is first to poison into sleep everybody in a building (preferably through narcotic gas) and then to behead the people in the Muslim way while they lie about powerless using a machete and a knife. It doesn’t make any suspect noise while it is performed and it impresses most the populace when it is discovered too late. This method was one the favourite used in Rwanda by people who otherwise carried very heavy weapons.

        2. That’s idiotic. You have to have a working knowledge of chemistry as it relates to poison. Then you have to get the chemicals you need and mix them correctly without killing yourself. A gun is really easy to purchase and very simple to use. Stop sitting around coming up with exotic ways for an individual to commit mass murder that are rarely if ever used and claiming they are “better” than firearms. I know they aren’t because they are rarely if ever used.

  11. Oh great, I guess there will be even MORE security at my local community college I’m attending Now, since I’m a misfit, weirdo/loser, people will think I’m going to kill them. Oh my.

  12. I think a problem with these damn incels is they need to swich thier major. Myself, I’m so busy studying hard advanced math, I don’t have time to reflect on “petty things” like a social life, or lack of one.

    Social life is bullshit for college students anyways. They shouldn’t have one. At your really though schools like Harvard. I bet they don’t.

    I got another idea. Since Cs are worthless for your GPA and lead to a wasted college experience, why not eliminate them. In other words, get a B or A or fail.

  13. I could imagine a bullied person wanting revenge like that, but not someone who simply can’t get a skinny girlfriend. However, it’s hard to censor bullies without getting rid of freedom of speech. For instance, if a bunch of guys are joking around, and somebody says something stupid, then what? They can’t comment on the stupidity?

    I think the problem comes because bullies keep on bullying. They don’t stop with one attack. For instance, where I live some people like to call me chink lover. 😆 (because I dared to teach English in South Korea) They have never stopped for even 10 years.

  14. People with free time on thier hands, another example would be blacks who torched LA in the 90s, are more likely to do evil. College students whoever, need to work.

  15. Definitely schools are based on cliques. If your not in one, then your an outsider. If your an outsider, your not getting any sex from skinny women.

  16. One thing to take from this is the fact that innocent people are paying for someone’s frustration. Is that right? Surely, everyone killed weren’t assholes? Were they?

    See that’s how muslim extremists, WNs etc.. think. They want people to pay for thier gripe against the world. So who will pay? Some innocent grandma or 5 year old kid? Who’s next?

    Who will save us from these creeps? Superman?

    1. Don’t bother with him. Have you seen the typically smug, self-satisfied way he spoke about antisemites?

    2. Well, I’m sure some WNs are intellegent and reasonable. However, the mindset of WNs who want to dominate involves making the innocent pay, as they view everything in tribal terms. So what if a city goes up in a nuke, as long as the end goal is achieved. Al Queda thinks the same way.

      1. Come on Jason, You think WNs and Muslim extremist are the same. A more fair comparison would be between Muslim Extremists and Solipsistic Jews.

      2. What “innocents” have paid from White Nationalists? There is no “innocent” group with a lot of non-innocents in it. The Moslem terrorists are so frequent, you can’t really call them an “outlier” group anymore. A recent Pew survey says that even “normal” Moslems favor overthrowing legit Governments and replacing them with Sharia Law.

        Nuking them would be an improvement. Maybe they’d stop pestering the Civilized World for awhile? Remember, Japan hated us too, enough to start a war with us. Two nukes later, they’re our best friends!

        Indeed, as “Ed” pointed out, terrorists ARE the Beta Uprising you’re so concerned about.

    3. You lump White Nationalists with Muslim extremists? About about adding in black thugs to the mix? You can’t be serious – tell me about the white nationalist who killed a grandma or a 5 year old kid.

    4. Actually, innocents are suffering because LEFTIST principles, like Womens’ Lib and the Sexual Revolution, took hold, not WN principles.
      And without Leftist “Multiculturalism”, the Moslem Cult would’ve been kept out of most European nations…So would Mexicans. Black thugs would’ve been kept under control, and innocent grandmas and 5-year-old kids would be safe.

      You have the world you wanted, enjoy it.
      PS, in your “Savages Have Rights Too” world, Superman would get sued out of existence, maybe even jailed, for doing his job.
      Today’s newspaper featured a thug robbing a store, getting in a fight with a security guard. The thug sued the store and was awarded $750,000! THEY SHOULD’VE LET IT ROB THE STORE!

  17. What’s the big deal about this incel. He’s fucking retarded 😆 He’s learning disabled. Why hasn’t that been brought up? He likes to play GI Joe, but he lives in his mom’s basement, and isn’t in the Army, Come on. 😆

    1. So are a lot of Moslems, and MOST of the Black population, if not all.
      What do you want to bet they’re gonna be violent too?
      Oh, wait, they already are. This shooter was Mulatto, IOW BLACK!

  18. There is no mystery here as far as I can see. The Western nations are full of men like these shooters – for a reason. We had a revolution in this country in the 60s – got rid of all that bad white racist christian oppression. No longer was happiness based on community, hard-work, family, racial cohesion…….no way dude, life is about going after pleasure: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. “As long as it’s not hurting somebody, do it!”. Well, it’s not working out too well is it? Grown men play video games for hours a day – it’s supposedly normal; they spend hours on the internet whacking-off to porn – and are proud to talk about it; they think it’s an overall positive to have meaningless sex with some down-n-out single mom – I scored!. The funniest part about it is that they still whine about how repressed we are, how the Christian Right is keeping them down – hahaha – they not only want to have meaningless sex with single moms, they want their daughters too. Why would a righteous man even waste his time, and her’s, on a woman who doesn’t have the qualities to be the mother of his children – it’s fucking gay (as in, that’s how gay guys live their lives). Start being a little selective for the love of god. BTW, there are other outlets besides women (no, not porn and video games you pathetic libertines). A thousand years ago, men weren’t moping around and whining about how women didn’t like them or how women were mean – they had other things to worry about. They had other important activities in their lives – battle, art, literature. I don’t go out and pick fights but I do compete in individual sports, draw, build things, and read – try it. Idleness really is a sin, spend your time on useful pursuits and things magically get better.

    “The generations that lived through those times of hardship and discipline were not susceptible to extreme hedonism, but they raised a generation that was.”

    “Affluence, brings with it boredom. Of itself, it offers little but the ability to consume, and a life centered on consumption will appear, and be, devoid of meaning. Persons so afflicted will seek sensation as a palliative, and that today’s culture offers in abundance.”

    “Hard physical work is inconsistent with hedonism; the new work is not. With the time and energy of so many individuals freed from the harder demands of work, the culture turned to consumerism and entertainment.”

    Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah

    1. More blaming men for women’s behavior.

      Women would sleep with you if you didn’t play video and board games!

      Women would sleep with you if you had a demanding job!

      Women would sleep with you if you stopped looking at porn!

      All rubbish!

      Those statements about men not complaining about women or being hurt by them until the sixties is absurd to the ninth degree!

      Roman and Greek graffiti had themes of women’s betrayal and the mans desire for revenge woven into them through and through.

      Early Christianity and Islam utterly vilified the hypergamy of women in a way they never applied to men.

      Women were seen as the cause of nearly every social evil.

      Your a damn white knight!

      1. More blaming men for women’s behavior.

        Women would sleep with you if you didn’t play video and board games!

        Women would sleep with you if you had a demanding job!

        Women would sleep with you if you stopped looking at porn!

        All rubbish!

        Those statements about men not complaining about women or being hurt by them until the sixties is absurd to the ninth degree!

        Roman and Greek graffiti had themes of women’s betrayal and the mans desire for revenge woven into them through and through.

        Early Christianity and Islam utterly vilified the hypergamy of women in a way they never applied to men.

        Women were seen as the cause of nearly every social evil.

        Your a damn white knight!

        Guys who play video games all day are mamas boys 😆 Come on. They need to get out of their mom’s basement. Now, people are wondering why these certain “males” can’t get the top 20 percent of women. No the women are going after guys who act like men, men who work out, are trying to better themselves via education or working, or spend time developing muscle rather than watching TV.

        But of course, there are guys who are trying, yet still can’t get the to the top 20. I’m sure some nerdy college students work hard, but no respect, that is, until there making 6 figures and then they can just buy pussy.

        1. No the women are going after guys who act like men,

          I don’t act like much of a man apparently. People even used to think I was gay a lot. You do NOT have to act like a man to get women. Androgynes get so many women it’s not even funny.

          men who work out,

          I have spent some pretty long periods of my life not working out. You do not have to work out to get women.

          are trying to better themselves via education or working,

          I’ve never made any money my whole life and I still get goodlooking women. I am basically a lowlife scum who lives off women. That’s not really the way I want it, but that was my only choice if I am this broke. You don’t need money to get women.

          or spend time developing muscle rather than watching TV.

          I am so skinny that women ridicule me in an emasculating manner right to my face sometimes over it. You don’t need to be a musclehead to get women.

    2. One downside of hedonism is it makes soft men. Soft men don’t get laid. Maybe that’s why they can’t get any sex. The top 20 percent of men who aren’t playing video games like teenagers, are working and developing thier muscels are naturally getting all the chicks.

      1. Nothing ever changes the nature men at all!

        Women change their goal posts according to what they think they can get.

        Men today will fuck and marry the same women they would consider ugly 50 years ago.
        Women today are creeped out by men approaching them that would be considered good husbands 50 years ago.

      2. I am supposedly a soft man. I have a very soft voice and I act so soft that a lot of people used to think I was gay. Some people think I am gay even now, or at least that I act gay.

        And I have been skinny my whole life, never was muscled or built.

        I have had sex with more females than most guys will in 20 lifetimes.

        Of course, I was told I was very goodlooking as a young man and I am still being told that by women my own age to this day.

        You’ve got this all wrong. The top 20% of men are not the top because they are macho meathead hardasses who work out all the time. A lot of them are in the Top 20% because they have male model good looks. Females are way more into looks than you ever dreamed.

        1. I wonder how many successful men (doesn’t only mean wealth, take Charles Lindbergh) sat around playing children’s games and whacking off all day.

        2. And this is why I disagree with jasonY’s attitude towards incels.

          All these guys calling on incels to just man up a little and see how the girls start showing up are like pua guys who insist only behavior separates alphas from omegas.

          It’s like they just can’t emotionally process the idea that their success is anything other than a God given reward for their their righteous, hard earned masculinity.

          Telling them it’s mostly because they won the genetic lottery gets you the same reaction that telling someone who inherited millions of dollars gives you if you suggest they didn’t really earn their wealth because once you have money and power it’s pretty easy in our society to keep it, and that they aren’t smarter or more clever than blue collar types. Let alone morally better.

          It reminds me of the old canard of a rich 18th century businessmen saying that if the poor could just put down the bottle for a minute they’d be rich like us.

    3. I would blame the new shift in morals on technology. They didn’t have the internet and all the stuff in the 50s.

      1. It’s been all downhill since Ben Franklin invented the lighting rod and interfered with God’s judgement.

      2. Correction, there’s been terrorism AGAINST Christians for at least 1400 years. Look up the Moro attacks on British!
        As to Alistair Crowley that you brought up, it was a Satanist whose “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” sounds like a SUPER anarchist. Didn’t Lindsay have an hilarious article where he called anarchists “Anarcraps”?

        Libertarians have a “DO what you want IF IT DOESN’T HARM ANYONE ELSE”, but without a centralized State, what are you gonna do about it?

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