You First, Stefan

Just do it, Steven. Trust me. You will not be missed!
Just do it, Stefan. Trust me. You will not be missed! What’s holding you back, Steve? I am so sorry that you can’t follow through on your words. If there’s anything I can do to help you commit suicide, please email me and I will see what I can do for you. Ok?

What do you know about Stefan Molyneux?

I thought he was very interesting at first because he’s so groovy and with-it nowadays, but this radical Libertarian website was linking to him, and I thought, “Whoa Nelly! Hold your horses!” I immediately became extremely suspicious of him, so I went to look at his videos and got even more confused and suspicious, so I went to Wikipedia. Turns out he is a very carefully hidden reactionary Libertarian fuck disguised a vegetarian, organic, holistic, New Age Leftist. He quotes Mao, Che Guevara, Bill Ayers, Micheal Aflaq, Enver Hoxha, and Saddam, and he’s about as rightwing as the Koch Brothers.

Clever, Stefan clever!

Just like the NDASP calling themselves “socialist” to trick progressive people into supporting a reactionary agenda! Way to co-opt.

He’s just another reactionary Libertarian just like all the rest of them. Why is this guy some special snowflake? Because he’s groovy and eats granola? Come on. Pull your head out, people.

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5 thoughts on “You First, Stefan”

  1. I was never under any illusion that he was anything other than a reactionary libertarian. He isn’t stupid, though. He does his research. You can (and I do) disagree with many of his conclusions, but I have to somehow integrate his research into my world view.

  2. Ah so you’ve found the infamous cult leader! I was turned on to him awhile back by some cohorts who swore it would open up my eyes to the evils of government and the virtues of volunteerism (he exaggerates the problems with government and just assumes the free market can free us all). He is essentially an ideological blow hard with amazing oratory skills. Watch his discussion/debate with Peter Joseph, as well as PJ’s reaction to get a real sense of what a douche this guy is.

    What’s scary is his brainwashed twat followers think they’ve swallowed the “red pill” by listening to his ongoing narrative. He on the other hand is probably making a decent living (through his various channels) as an online cult leader.

  3. His private ownership, no-government society crap is worthless but just about everything else he talks about (which is a lot) is right on the money.

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