Should Men Ever Hit Women?

I say we smack them if they attack us first with punches, kicks, spitting in your face, throwing water in your face. I don’t know about throwing objects. No women ever threw an object at me. I understand modern women throw objects around like Major League ballplayers these days though. I guess that’s what being “liberated” is all about. Now you get to act like a psycho, baby!

I’ve never hit one who didn’t physically assault me first. I guess I could hit a woman who just provoked me by words or behavior, but I never have. I definitely feel like killing them sometimes when they do that, but I don’t actually do much, and it depends on what they say or do. A lot of times I start cussing them out when they get evil on me. If a woman bitches me out real ugly, I just swear at her. I never attack anyone’s Achilles Heels when I fight with them, and actually I seldomr even get personal because that seems like dirty fighting. That’s a bitch way to fight, women fight dirty. If you fight dirty, you’re fighting like a bitch, like a little bitch. I am a man, and I feel that you should fight honorably. And that means not getting personal and pushing people’s buttons. Every now and then I push a woman’s buttons if I am really furious at her, but I don’t feel good about that and I should quit because that is a moral failing and it lowers me down to other’s level where I should be above them.

I especially like to call names. I call them every name in the book. Especially cunt. That’s my favorite because it pisses them off more than anything. They go absolutely stark raving bonkers furious nuts when you use that word on them, so it’s a cool weapon. I will say though that it usually doesn’t seem to work well. There may be some good longterm effects from going to war with them real crazy like that, but in the short-term it just escalates the battle. Where it was a battle, now it’s all out war, and it’s all because I started calling names. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but calling names is not a way to end a fight. All it does it make a small fight bigger.

I suppose I could hit a woman just on verbal or behavioral provocation, but I never have. Have I felt like hitting women based on outrageous verbal or behavioral provocation. Oh Hell yeah. You would keel over if I told you some of the provocative stuff women have done to me over the years. Sometimes I think they were daring me to hit them.

I think hitting a woman who has not attacked you first is a pretty low descent. I am not saying they don’t deserve it. I read about the way modern women act these days, and I think, “God-damn, these bitches need to be knocked across a room for that.” But then I never do it. I just think it. Actually I wish more of these modern women did get hit when they acted absolutely outrageous in the most insanely provocative way trying to push people 100 miles past their limits.

They’re pretty much trying to get you to hit them at that point. Probably other men should do the hitting though and not me. I will just stand on the sidelines and cheer on the rounds. Part of me fantasizes that if we started knocking them around a bit when they do what I call “trying to get murdered,” maybe these modern women would get scared, and the behavior would decrease.

But I doubt it.

Modern women don’t have any of the wisdom that the women of my mother’s generation did. None of it. Not 1%. I never thought I would have so much respect for that generation of women until I starting meeting way too many women in my own cohort, and I started realizing how much better the WW2 Generation women were.

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  1. The comedian Bill Burr once made a comment to the effect that the reason why women act the way they do is because you can’t hit them. He then said that if it were socially unacceptable to hit him, he would be a complete dick; he’d trash everyone he saw.

    He was hardly advocating violence against women, but his point was that men by necessity have to learn how to mind their lip and show proper respect, lest they piss off the wrong person and get beat up.

    Women, on the other hand, are afforded some measure of diplomatic immunity by modern society. That, more than any evo psych argument, can explain the kind of female behavior that vexes so many men.

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