Seduction Is Lying, Lying Is Seduction

A female commenter writes:

I know almost all young guys lied at least once in their life to a girl to sleep with her, but it’s a criminal act, just like take advantage on a drunken woman. The trivialization of this behavior in our society must stop. Lying is not an act of seduction, it’s predatory behavior.

A man can’t lie to a woman, make them believe they are someone they are not, to obtain a consent for a sexual relationship. We have a law about it here in Canada.

Oh no, I lied. I lied all the time to girls and women, of course.

You must understand that all womanizers lie. They do not lie all the time, but they lie a lot. I would say most of them lie a good part of the day.

If you want to be polygamous, I would not tell new women that, at least not at the start. Most women do not want a guy who is polygamous. People act like being polyamorous is this groovy new thing that everyone is cool with, but really it’s not. It’s fringe.

I could go on a dating site right now and make a profile that says I am polyamorous and it will get exactly zero hits. If I could someone get some women talking to me on that site and I mentioned that I was polyamorous, she would take off in a New York minute. Boom! Just like that! Bam! Gone! So you never put that in a dating site, and I can’t imagine telling women you are dating that you are polyamorous or polygamous or whatever. Most of them will just take off as soon as they hear that. If you want to be polyamorous or polygamous, that’s just fine, but you are going to have to lie a lot.

Every time you start dating a new woman, remember, you’re always completely single and you need to assure her she’s the only one.

I would not even bring up the subject about other women when you start dating someone. If they don’t bring it up, just don’t discuss it. Leave it off the table. If they bring it up, now you have to start thinking.

One thing I don’t do a lot is confess to women that I am single. I learned a long time ago that this is usually a complete catastrophe. Bottom line is if you are totally single and there is no woman in your life, that means no women want you. The woman you tell that to looks at you and thinks, “Ok, no woman wants this guy. Well, in that case, I don’t want him either!”

So if you’re totally single, you just lie and say that there is a woman or two floating around your life. I would say you are just dating around, but nothing serious. But don’t tell her that you have some main girlfriend. That’s a terrible idea and I will get to that below. So you can’t be totally single, and you can’t have a main girlfriend either. It’s a fine tightrope to walk.

You can say different things:

“Well, there are a couple of women in my life now, just casual dating.”

“Well right now, I guess you could say that I have a harem.”

“I don’t discuss my sex life, haha.”

“There are women in my life from time to time, yes.”

“Women come and go in my life. I can’t keep track of this stuff.”

“Just a few women here and there or now and then.”

“Why do you want to know? And why should I tell you? No I don’t have a major girlfriend, that would be correct.”

This last one is very important. If you tell her you have a girlfriend, a lot of women are going to take off right there.

First of all, it means they are going to be Woman #2.

A lot of women will tell you, “No way. I am strictly monogamous. When I have someone in my life, it’s just that person and that person only.”

Or they might get completely outraged if you say, “Hey, I have a girlfriend.” They might flip out, hang up the phone, cut short a date, tell you to leave, walk out the door, start screaming at you, etc. Then they will go tell their female friends (who might be your friends too) that you made tried to go out with her and then you told her you already had a girlfriend. A lot of women (and some men) think it that is a completely outrageous and assholey thing to do.

Bottom line is if you have one serious girlfriend and you looking for other ones to add to your collection, it’s really best to lie and say you don’t have a girlfriend. Sure you can be honest and straight up with them and tell them you have a main girlfriend, but most of them will just storm out as soon as you say that. So why do it? Why be honest? What for? Honesty is stupidity. If you’re honest, you’re just going to fail, so it’s really mandatory to lie if you want to have any success at all in this game.

But if once you start going out, a lot of times they start asking you if you have any other woman, and you have to lie and say you don’t. You have to tell them that you are monogamous.

“Oh no. You’re the only one.

“There’s no other woman in my life.”

“I wish there was another woman! I should be so lucky! But no, there’s only you.”

“No, I only date one woman at a time. That is very important to me. I hate dishonest men. That’s taking advantage, and I don’t do that. It’s so sleazy!”

“I would tell you if I had another woman. I don’t like to cheat.”

“I am only with one woman at a time. I don’t sleep around. There are so many diseases out there. It’s scary. You can’t be too careful.

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7 thoughts on “Seduction Is Lying, Lying Is Seduction”

  1. Sure it’s a ridiculous statement. By that logic a woman who pads her bra or wears spanx could just as easily be arrested as the guy who lies that he monogamous or has a six figure annual income. Then again internet anonymity allows for people to turn the stupid to 11 or even create a strawman to argue with.

  2. What if everyone lie?

    If one man lie, the harm to society is externalize and someone must pay for it.

    India is a shit hole precisely because everyone lie. White man land is a good place because honesty is valued.

    What if you find out your girlfriend who keep making you believe she is a virgin is a whore, who got 100 STD in her vagina, and bored 20 bastard?

    When someone is honest, he get a lot of harm. This is a trial by God. Do you want to be honest and get shit, or do you want to lie and get good. Choose if you believe God exist or God does not exist.

    1. On the last question I’m with the latter.
      Yes in general it’s best to tell the truth if for no other reason than it’s easier to remember the truth than what lie you told which person.
      On the other hand embellishing a story to make it better or telling someone their new haircut looks good when it don’t are harmless enough lies and can act as the lubricant that eases interpersonal relationships.

      1. Honesty is still the best, but at our imperfection, harmless lies are prevalent so as not to hurt people.

        Think deeper, many of these hurt have roots in social evils and ego. The more evil the society and the higher the ego, more lies are needed.

        Give an example. In white man society, it is easier for engineers to feedback what goes wrong to peers and boss. In India or East Asia, you sometimes need to euphemism (bordering lie), beat around the bush, for message to get across.

        The better the society is, the more tolerant for honesty. The more society sucks, the more lies are needed. And if everyone degrade morally, eventually society will be full of fake prophets.

        1. Give an example. In white man society, it is easier for engineers to feedback what goes wrong to peers and boss. In India or East Asia, you sometimes need to euphemism (bordering lie), beat around the bush, for message to get across.

          Can you give me an example of what you are talking about?

        2. Just a general feeling that white engineers and engineering bosses are more easy to work with.

          Something not working, just fix it.

          In East Asia, we if cross our boss, he will get back to you next time, using all sorts of pretext. For example if I point out the mistake of my Chinese manager, he will just endure point the next day, he will fault me on my punctuality, team work…etc

          That is not to say white engineers and managers are perfect, but the proportion of white engineers and mangers being more honest is higher. I met a white female engineers who are extremely manipulative.

  3. I am pretty sure I just got out of a relationship with a polyamorus man…. I was supposedly his only one minus his penis slipping into things here and there. In my experience if you truly care for someone, go with honesty next time. I am now open to the idea.. . especially if we choose together. It actually turns me on. If we were so incredible together. I can only imagine the possibilities.

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