That’s what this idiot is. They’re called anarcaps, but I call them anarcraps.

This Stefan Molyneux is an anarcrap. They’re supposed to be groovy and granola and health food and hipster and cool and with-it because they have “anarchist” in their names, but the vast majority of anarchists hate them and won’t even speak to them, which is the right plan.

Famous author Neal Stephenson is another anarcrap. That is why I refuse to read any of his “great literature.”

If I had my way, I’d put all the anarcraps in Hell. No wait, they already are there. In that case, set them on fire, ISIS-style.

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0 thoughts on “Anarcho-Capitalism”

  1. Has it ever occured to Stefan Molyneaux, and all the other Libertards, that if they don’t want to partke in society and pay tax and have these ‘obligations’, they are free to leave?

    I don’t understand how so many people can listen to this dick weevil crap on about ‘unjust tax’ and not realise how ridiculous his complaint is, how asinine his argument that people want him shot is?

    Simply put, he is living in a society which runs on taxation. If he doesn’t like it, he can opt out. Who is going to stop him leaving? No one.

    These so called philsophers miss this gaping hole in the argument.

    My guess is, they don’t want to admit the alternative is worse, so they pretend it doesn’t exist and pretend they have no choice.

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